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A Lush Giveaway; I Have A Surprise For You.

See The Stars - The Night Before Christmas
See The Stars - The Night Before Christmas Box Details
See The Stars - The Night Before Christmas


SURPRISE! If you've been following me on twitter, you may have spotted that I had a surprise for everyone who follows my blog...surprise! With the Halloween & Christmas range being rather limited and with me getting my hands on the products a few weeks before the release - I thought this would be the perfect giveaway. Honestly, I'd planned for this to end before the range was released and the winner got this even earlier but with being so busy this week and either running out of time to take photograph or going straight to bed after work - my little plan hasn't worked out. Anyway; I picked up the The Night Before Christmas gift box and one of you fabulous people could get your hands on it. 

Since starting my blog it's been this whirl-wind of posts; beauty, fashion and otherwise. Not only have I surpassed 1.6K followers on my blog it's also been apparent that See The Stars has almost become my diary; it's almost as though you've been reading my deepest darker secrets. Maybe not the deepest and the darkest; but this has been my place of comfort, the place where I can write down my thoughts and always feel that support (if I get a hate comment now, I'll cry). Sometimes it's a little comment here and there with one of you reminding me to keep my head up or being told someone understands the craziness inside my head - not only is it comforting it's rewarding. I'm telling someone I hardly know the tough things in my life or the things that I'm struggling with and you're always there to support me and I just want to say thank you. Like the biggest of THANK-YOU'S

Maybe this is just a small token of my appreciation but I just wanted to give a little something back. And as I've already mentioned being at the lush event last week kind of inspired me. There was so many gift-set's, if I wasn't careful I may have purchased one for every one of you {I mean, I wish that was possible, but sadly it's not}. I picked up the shoot for the stars bath bomb for myself - initially I think the bright blue and the glittering gold sold it for me, but this looks like it could be a popular choice for this years christmas range. It's a mix between my usual citrus favourites, with a touch of spice..I feel like it shouldn't work but it does! I'll pre-warn you now, just to take photographs the glitter got EVERY WHERE, so I'd be careful when popping this in the bath, be prepared to scrub down afterwards...but glittery baths are, just y'know? *heart eye emojis*. I've not used the snow angel bath melt so I can't really comment on this one but I read the words cocoa butter and I'm sold, and I'm hoping it would sell it to you'll too. I might have to pick up the bath melt October 1st when the Christmas range is officially released. 


There's a few things to mention before you enter this giveaway, so please consider... 

1. Complete the Rafflecopter form. 
2. The giveaway will run for two weeks. Ending at midnight on the 7th October. 
3. UK entrants only. 
4. One winner will be chosen; if there's no reply within 72 hours, I'll choose another winner. 

Good Luck everyone & once again, thank you for following & supporting my journey. 

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Sunday Summary #17: West Midlands Safari Park


*Why I Want My Driving Licence!


This post feels a long time coming; but something when inspiration strikes, y'know? One of my closest friends from college has returned home from a couple months in the USA with Camp Leaders...something we'd planned to do together at 18. Whilst I'm incredibly proud and happy she's managed to get there - I can't help but feel insanely jealous. 
But it's inspired a blog post, so silver linings and all that. 
Now I can't drive and I've always been a little nervous to learn, it's a scary thing for me okay? However, there's one reason I'd be willing to learn how to drive & that's to road-trip with my boyfriend, hi Tom! First and foremost you need to know, Tom is the most understanding boy you'll EVER hear about, he looks after me crazy amounts and knows when I'm not ready for things. With my panic towards driving instead of pushing me into it; he's made a deal with me. Rather than being made to feel that I need to drive now for my everyday lifestyle - we've made the deal that I have to learn to drive to do my road trip of a lifetime. 


Since the age of 16 (maybe younger) there's nothing I've wanted more than to see USA and to this day I'm yet to fulfill that dream - but the deal has been made. And it's a deal I'll happily abide to, if only I was very good at getting past my fears. I'm petrified of trying new things, I'm panicking just thinking about it, but I guess if I ever want me dreams to come true... Rather than making myself cry over a blog-post; I want to share the bits I want to see along ROUTE 66 because obviously I've always had this planned out. Route 66 begins in Illinois, Chicago and runs through until Los Angeles with some truly amazing sights to see along the way. 
The whole concept of Route 66 & my whole ideals of how the road-trip would look comes from Disney Pixar Cars, anyone else? That deserted road, the battered old towns along the way and something about that screams - perfect! 

From writing this post I got a little nerdy and did some research on Route 66, which spans across eight states : IllinoisMissouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Each I'd happily visit through ridiculous reasons like tv shows and films were based in the towns; or for the attractions I'd get to see along the way. This road has declined since it's opening back in 1920; the route was de-commissioned from the map, it's not sign posts through it's route and towns & businesses have closed over the years from the roads being bypassed - which I think is half of the charm, that rustic/deserted feel it has to some of the more build up States in US. The route would take over 50 hours to drive through with well over 3,000 miles of road - so you'd definitely need that perfect mix tape, right?
I think I'll be dreaming of this road-trip for a few more years but just the thought alone excites me! I don't think I'm ready to drive just yet - fear is a big factor, and isn't a factor that'll make driving any easier. I'm going to save up, continue to make pinterest boards and hopefully within the next couple months I'll have started lessons and will be one step closer to my dream vacation! This post was written in collaboration with BOOKLEARNPASS filled with all the information you'll need from your first lesson, theory and everything in between. A Website I know I'll be referring back too when I'm ready.  
*This is a post in collaboration with BOOKLEARNPASS. Links are sourced within the post for the images; however, all thoughts & written content are my own* 

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