Sunday, 29 November 2015

Enchanted Box ft Prairie Charms

Prairie Charms Enchanted Box. 

I'm always excited at the thought of this box arriving, normally because I feel like I've been waiting forever and a day. After a long day at work I'd arrived home to find this little beauty waiting for me and there was no holding back when it came to the unboxing. Prairie Charms stock the most gorgeous set of accessories, jewellery, hair pieces and so many more. Working on there boxes they always concentrate on adding pieces to make the box more personal to said person and adding more unique pieces which you can usually find online. 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

November Birchbox ft SKINNY DIP

November Birchbox ft Skinny Dip. 
I've really fall out of love with this subscription box, a sad and quiet confusing note to start on. However, I've been paying for this box subscription for the past 6 months and over the course of the months I've noticed the amount of products I haven't used and felt it was such a waste of money. I'm giving the box until the end of the year before I decide the scrap the payments all together. On the 5th of every month I still feel the excitement of knowing that a box will be arriving at my door and while delivery is always on time, I'm finding myself feeling disappointed once I've opened the box. 
This month was almost no different, I do need to double check my other boxes but I felt that I've already received each of these items before. If not the exact problem, something definitely similar.

| THUMBS UP: Rosa Nail Wraps | £6.99 |
While nail wraps may excite other people, they'll barely last 5 minutes on mine. While the design is adorable, my nail biting habits are just too frequent at the moment for me to even consider trying these on. I'm also confused as to why I got such brightly coloured wraps when its november, gimme something red or green...give me those autumn/winter colours instead!!

| NUMBER 4: Lumiere d'Hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect | £20 |
One of the many products I think I've already received? Just you're average heat protector spray. I've not felt as though this has made much difference to my hair and I'm pretty sure once you've tried one heat protector, you've tried them all? 

| BEAUTY PROTECTOR: Beauty Cream Body Lotion | £8 | 
Now this, I've definitely already got 3 bottles of. While the bottle is only small and if you like the product, receiving this time and time again may be a god send to some point. Myself on the otherhand, I've barely used the other bottles. I tried it the other day and while the scent is beautiful and the lasting power was pretty amazing, I feel as though my 'birchbox exclusive' product could've been something a little different. [but thats my personal preference]. 

| ABSOLUTION: La Creme de Teint | £35 | 
I THINK, this is a moisturiser but not? Maybe a BB Cream? While the colour perfectly matches my skin tone, I haven't given this a chance yet. Lately I've noticed how no makeup is giving me full coverage anyway, so I may as well switch up my routine and give this a try...I'll keep you posted!? 

| LORD & BERRY: Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner | £9 | 
I got extremely excited at the sight of this little product!! I've never tried Lord & Berry but I've always wanted too. Unfortunately I haven't used this product yet, I'd rather use the colour on my eyes as white widen's the eyes. But I've not owned a white liner before so I'm excited to see what way I use it and how it'll look. 

| TRILOGY: Make-up Be Gone Cleansing Balm | £19.50 | 
I'll admit when I first saw this product, I wasn't that impressed! We hear all the time about products that help clear away makeup. But I must say, it's bloody brilliant!? I use micellar water to remove the bulk of my makeup and use a few lush products too. Sometimes I'm a little too lazy to use all my products so using this with the micellar water instead of the two lush products actually saves a bit of time, so I can climb straight into bed!! 

And there you have it, this month's Birchbox. Clearly not overly impressed but I'll continue to use the products and digging out the old products from previous boxes and give the box until the end of December before making my final decision. 
Are you a fan of subscription boxes? Which is your favourite? Should I try that instead? 

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Friday, 20 November 2015

Disneyland Paris: Day One.

Disneyland Paris: Day One 

Since recent event's in Paris, I'm so thankful to be home. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't missing the magic that is Disneyland. I'd originally planned to write a little travel diary and hope to write a post about each day we were away. We stayed at the Santa Fe hotel for 5 nights, we spent majority of our time on sight at Disneyland and spending one day sight-seeing the beauty that is Paris...but I'll be sharing more of those in future posts. 

Technically our 'first' day consisted of travelling, delayed flights and overall tired-ness. We stayed at the Santa Fe hotel, which was one of the cheapest at the park. It worked perfectly for us though, only a 5/10 minute walk from the Disney Village. The bed was SO comfy and we had breakfast at our hotel almost every morning. Our flight was delayed (which didn't work well with my anxiety that day) but thankfully once we were in France finding the transfer bus and getting to the hotel, was SO easy. Once we'd checked in and dropped our bags off in our hotel room,  I popped my ears on and I was practically dragging Tom our the door. As we'd arrived a little too late to see anything in the park we just grabbed some food from the Sports Bar instead - though FYI, neither of us suggest you go for food. It had a lovely atmosphere and kept Tom on track of football all week but the food wasn't something we loved! We then sat and watched the bonfire and firework display, we was lovely and felt me feeling all autumnal and cosy! (these fireworks were nothing compared to disney dreams however). 

Tuesday 3rd November, was our first full day. Breakfast was at 7:30am, so we quickly ate and made our way to the Disney Studios for extra magic hours. Obligatory photos of Walt & Mickey were on the agenda first and before we'd gotten too far in the park I spotted the smallest meet & greet queue for Chip & Dale and seeing how much fun they'd been meeting other people I had to join in. I LOVED them, they fought over me and tried to take me away with them, and of course to Toms concern I didn't say no! Queue times were short in the morning, so we popped on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror & Aerosmith's Rock N Roller Coaster (which we went on at least 10 times throughout the week). We also did the studio tram tour, with the special effects and just some details about the majority of 'filming' effects, which the film/media student in me LOVED! It was a little short & a little slow but overall I throughly enjoyed it. We'd seen the majority of the Studios Park before 10am and knew we'd be going again for extra magic hours and saved the Toy story Play land and Ratatouille areas for another day. Excitedly around 11am I was raring to get to the main Disney Park and when we arrived we walked straight through to fantasyland (of course after more obligatory photos) - which is where my camera died, so I'll leave you in suspense talk more about the Disney Park in another post. 

We spent the majority of our afternoon in the Park, going on rides again & again...I'm sure we did Space Mountain almost 3 times that day. By 4pm we decided to pop back to the hotel room, freshened up, charged up all cameras and went to watch the Parade. Being the massive nerd I am, I'd read that getting a spot early was key for the Parade so we were sat down and waiting for 40 minutes. Granted it wasn't the perfect spot but I got up close and personal with a few characters which filled my heart with joy. Sadly due to the change in light, photos quality isn't at it's best. That was the one and only time we watched the Parade, I felt Tom would probably be bored if I made him watch it again. We then found our spot for the Disney dreams as I knew I had to watch them!! We found a good spot and waited again for another 40 minutes, Id left Tom to keep base on our seats while I treated us to hot chocolate & nutella crepes. I waited for 40 minutes for the drinks, missed the start of the show and lost my viewing if you noticed something in-between the firework photograph, yes, that's a lamppost. Disney Dreams was oh so magical and everything that I thought it would be. Everyone who watches the show will praise this show and they're right to. It's amazing what they've created. Once the show had ended we waited until around 9pm to eat. Which worked in our favour all week, we missed the busy period and were seated at all restaurants almost immediately. We decided on Planet Hollywood tonight, and we LOVED it! If you're ever going, try the burger and thank me later!! The night ended with us in bed before 11pm, alarm set and ready for our next day of adventure. 

I'm going to try and post the rest of my disneyland travels almost weekly, so keep an eye for disney posts every Friday for the next few weeks!

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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Winter Nails.

Winter Nails

Who knew the girl with the terrible nail biting habit would be writing a post all about nail polishes, I know I'm concerned myself, anyhow I've been really restrained recently and my nails are in considerably good condition and with that I'm really into putting some paint onto them. My stash honestly consists of these few darker and the odd golden shades while the rest of the hideous neon colours which I thought would suit me a few years ago, terrible. As I've already admitted I'm an obsessive nail biter so polish doesn't stay too long. Majority of these colours have been part of gift sets I've purchases at the Birmingham Clothes Show & others were simply £1 from Primark. That being said, there really isn't too much point be putting too much money into purchasing nail polishes when they last less than 48 hours.
It could be the christmassy colours and the festive feel from the gold specs but something about these shades fill me with that little bit of joy & happiness. The colours will easily work all year round and if I purchase more of these shades then I possibly will continue to wear them throughout 2016. Burgundy in particular is my favourite shade during A/W purely as it reminds me of christmas and all my favourite christmas films. I'm happy that my love for nail polishes comes around at this time of year, I feel as though I'm dressing up my nails. Adding that christmas glitter to everything always works wonders doesn't it.

While I've been a little on and off the radar when it's comes to the blogging community lately. I've decided that I'm going to end 2015 on a good note. Things have held me back this year, opportunities are coming my way and I've decided to make some drastic changes to my blog. So please keep an eye out for everything changing in the next few weeks. And with that I've also decided I'll be participating in Blogmas, posts are going round my head and I'm going to attempt to up my game with these posts. For now, it's a windy tuesday afternoon, I'm sat thinking about all things Christmas while sat in my christmas jumper...when in fact it's time to get ready for work.
Hope you're all well. 

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Friday, 13 November 2015

Lush Haul ft Halloween & Christmas Range.

Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul 

I had a mild panic last week when I thought I wouldn't get to Lush in time to pick up the new range, crazy I know. Halloween products was in store till the end of October & Christmas till the end of December, but last year I picked bits up barely days after the release! Anyway that doesn't matter, I had a spare hour or two before work last week and picked up some old favourites and some new treats. I haven't used all the products yet, so I'm going to do a little first impressions review. 

nightwing - Admittedly this is the only product I picked up from the Halloween range & honestly I'll be sad when it runs out...I wish I'd picked up a few more to last me the year. I first tried shower jellies this time last year and fell in love with them, for the fun of the jelly but also the scents of them all are amazing! I'm a little disappointed how easily they seem to fall apart, but we'll ignore that for now. Nightwing, for me doesn't shout Halloween as such but the scent is gorgeous! Before reading the ingredients I couldn't really pin point the scent, a mix between sweeties & coca cola were my first guesses. When in fact this scent is fruit pastilles, oh so yum. It lathers up really well & the smell is so powerful when being used, finally the fact it's in the shape of a bat is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. 

the magic of christmas - I've not been in love with a scent as much as I am with this one. If anything can describe the smell of christmas, it's this!! The smell also reminds me of every christmas Yankee Candle. This is a re-usable bubble bar, with scents of cinnamon, almond oil & orange, it's literally perfect. It's weird how the colour orange normally makes me think Halloween but the mix of orange, glitter, red and the little bell just make it the cutest christmas treat. I'm yet to get the bubble bar into the bath as I'm worried the scent won't be as powerful once in the bath and the magic will be a little lost. 

cinders - I think I fell in love with this bath bomb for two reasons, 1) cinders - cinderella (duh!). 2) it smells just like the magic of christmas bubble bar. With that I mean, the exact same scent...just it's got a softer touch to it and with added popping candy which I wonder what will be like in the bath. 

star dust - I found the simplicity of this bath bomb adorable. The softest vanilla scent just makes me fall in love instantly. Vanilla is like my downfall, I just can't help myself but pick up things with the vanilla scent. I mean, who's disagreeing with me? I also realise it's Vegan which I know to many people is an important thing. I can't wait to use this after a long days work & just needing that quiet relaxing time to myself, it doesn't seem over the top and to me that welcomes a calming vibe to it. 

snow fairy - Now, now, now, we've got to the best bit. As excited as I know everyone is for the festive launch, I know I'm not the only one who's buzzing with excitement to welcome back snow fairy. Thankfully I stocked up last winter and I kept a bottle for those desperate days but that didn't stop me from picking up a 250g bottle. Honestly, the sweet candy scent of Snow Fairy isn't something I ever associated with Christmas, I'm more for the apple cinnamon and the spices. Snow Fairy just has the sweetest smell that no one can really resist.

And there you have it, my short but sweet Lush haul. I originally went to order bits online from Lush last week but the order price of £40 was holding me back a bit, thankfully the following morning I had some free time in Birmingham before work & found myself sniffing everything in LUSH. Some scents I wanted to buy, I just didn't love enough and thankfully cut down that order of £40 & left the store with so many amazing bits having only spent £20, now that's lucky if you ask me!! 

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

A Little Life Update

Life really has been hectic lately & because of that my blog has taken the brunt of it. I started my blog to write about my life and the things I enjoy, I've always enjoyed doing this but sometimes my life and my love for blogging clash. It feels like forever since I sat down and spoke about my life and the things that have been happening. 
At the beginning of October, myself and Tom found ourselves having an impromptu date night. We were both just feeling a little peckish and popped down the road for a Carvery, but something about that night has stuck with me. We got to spend some quality time together with no interruptions and spoke about so many things, it just filled me with joy. Last month also marked the year anniversary to my graduation, an achievement everyone should be excited for. Especially for me, I felt this was something to mention. If you know me closely or even been a long time read of See The Stars, you may be aware of the struggles I had throughout my three years at university. To say I disliked my studies would be an understatement. I almost dropped out more times that I can remember, but I made some life long friends & now have the certificate to show for everything I managed. I'll always remember how challenging I found it but will always be proud of myself for getting to the finish line. 
Something we all can for granted sometimes is our friendships. Last month I spent some valuable time with my besties, met up with some old friends and finally got to see my closest friend for the first time in months. Now all you British readers will understand and appriecate the beauty of the 'Wetherspoons evenings' grab your friends, find the perfect sitting area, ordering a cheap beer & burger and drinking the evening away. Perfect...I'm pretty sure I've done this a few too many times last month and I'm not complaining!! 
Remember THIS post a few weeks ago? I talked about wanting to take the plunge and get my hair cut. I FINALLY did it!! Since these, I've added highlights to my hair, it's not perfect but it's getting there. I love having the shorter fuller cut, I feel it's suddenly given my hair that little bit more life it needed...yet, I'm still too lazy to style it every day, ha! 
One of the most heartbreaking things happened to my family two weeks ago. Our family dog passed away. Paddy was only 8 years old and a total energetic dog, we've been given details as to what happened but everything still seems a little blurry. He truly was the family's best friend and I can't even begin to tell you the pain we're all going through, we all admit we knew the day was coming but when it's so sudden it can really hit you hard. It's been a couple weeks now, his last day with us really sticks in my mind and I miss the little things about him being in the house but I'm also remembering the good things and to keep smiling for everyone else. And for everyone who think's staffies are bad dogs are truly mistaken. 
On from the sad to the exciting. Just a week after loosing Paddy me and my boyfriend went on a planned trip to Disney. Still feeling de-flatted from the week's sad news I still had the most magical time. Anxiety & sickness took place majority of the holiday which was a little upsetting but I still had the best time. I've got so many photos to sort out, so keep an eye out for up-coming posts. 

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