Sunday, 2 August 2015

CRAFTS || Scrapbooking & Project Life Haul

CRAFTS || Scrapbook & Project Life Haul. 

Hi Gorgeous, 

I hope these posts are boring you too much! but if you haven't noticed blogging and scrapbook seem to be my only hobbies in-between working. So if I'm not taking photos for my blog, photos are being taken of my life for my scrapbook and because of that I want to share with you the bits I've picked up during July, because I just couldn't help myself I kept going spending, oops! I'll be leaving all links to websites, and sharing as much information as possible. But with that, let's just jump straight on in. 

hey little magpie. 
I made this order at the beginning of July, I'd been good with my money last month and just decided BLOW IT, I want some scrapbook supplies (like I wasn't purchasing bits every time I went out, shh). Luckily all the items I picked up during this spending spree were on sale, so for a craft order this felt reasonably prices at £18. While I've got all the cards and my photos mainly fill up my scrapbook, I feel like I'm lacking with embellishments. So that's exactly what I searched for and I just fell in love with each pack I picked up. I've completely fallen in love with the INSPIRE card kits online and wish, wish, wish I had the core kit to complete my scrapbook. Fingers crossed for 2016. However I picked up 45 embellishments from the same kit. I also found these adorable cut outs again with 45 pieces from PINK PAISLEE and just without any thought clicked added to basket. Because two sets of embellishments weren't enough, I then grabbed these MAMBI STICKS, which I thought worked perfectly as my original theme of my scrapbook involved lots of black and white. And I bet you didn't notice the little beads at the bottom of the photo, I'd been scrolling the sale pages for agessss and amongst the last few pages were some beautiful colours of these pearls. I picked up the baby blue and grey colours. A set of 100 will work perfectly to add some detailing to my photographs. 

hobby craft. 
I shouldn't be allowed to step foot into hobby craft. We have to travel quiet a distance for my closest hobby craft and I HATE leaving empty handed. Sadly in the scrapbook department I find there to be very little I like. Thankfully the stores are beginning to have more and more AMERICAN CRAFTS enter the stores. Luckily I found a few pieces I'd been eyeing up for a while. The first thing that I picked up was the Dear Lizzy HEART LETTERS I love anything that can make my pages a little more appealing & something about creating words looks really cute so I picked up this pack and for 140 I couldn't say no! Though I'll never want to use them they're so pretty!! In the same brand I picked up some MORE embellishments, and yes another 45. I'm like the biggest child, and I found this pack of ENCHANTED stickers, I thought they'd be perfect to use, especially as we've just booked our holiday to DISNEYLAND!!! In the wedding section I found some CONFETTI and just thought it would look adorable in my book. And finally some bits and bobs from the sale section, I picked up some stamps for 50p and a block of alphabet letters...I'm not entirely sure I'll ever use these bits but it's worth having them in my collection. 
And finally I purchased a few sets of cards online. Sadly I can't link these as I purchased 2 separate sets from ladies through facebook. Thankfully because of these two purchases I now have almost 300 cards from the INSPIRE kit which I'm in LOVE with. Previous times before this I've picked up a variety of different sets and I feel so lucky to have such a wide selection I can choose from when creating my pages. 

I enjoy writing these posts so much, so much so I held off from using these products until I took the photos. Sadly I'm now a month behind on my scrapbook, so before my holiday and in-between shifts at work I may try my hardest to get July finished and August started. 
I hope you're enjoying these posts and if you're interested in more please let me know. 
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Friday, 31 July 2015

BEAUTY || Monthly Favourites; July

BEAUTY || Monthly Favourites; July 

Hello my lovelies, 

Y'know what the end of the month means, oh yes monthly favourites!? I can't believe we're over half way through 2015, woah! July past in the blink of an eye, if I've not been working lately I've been sleeping, so it's been a crazy month. SO I'm just going to get straight into it! 

black xs- The first product of the month is almost a forgotten favourite. My parents brought me this for christmas after I'd been contemplating getting it myself for months. The scents from Paco Robanne are just 'wow'. This perfume has some undertones of the male Black XS and as I'm obsessed with that scent well this has just been perfect for me. It has such a scent which gives it that feminine touch and lasting wear of the scent is pretty impressive. (It's very early and I can't think of much vocab to describe this pretty little bottle)
witch blemish stick - This little beauty has been in my stash for some time & recently I've been having a few more breakouts than I'd like, so having this little stick to help control and get rid of those spots is pretty perfect!
vo5 heat protector - My hair is possibly the least looked after part of any routine I have. I some how forget the importance of looking after my hair. Thankfully the other week Superdrug had an offer on some vo5 products and I got my hands on this heat protector, dry shampoo and some strong hair spray and I've got to say I'll be using vo5 alot more as these products are awesome!!
b.defined eyebrow kit - I will forever be thankful to Eff for this little beauty. It took me so long before I started doing anything with my brows and I do just like to fill them in for more definition. I only use the shade I need and the gels and highlight in the set do see little use, but the shade I need for my brows is perfect, I've almost hit pan and I'll be terribly upset when I can't use it anymore!
pro fix makeup setting spray - I picked up this little gem a few weeks ago now, I'd be craving to text out some setting spray, wondering whether it REALLY did work. I can't say much for this keeping my base makeup in place, however I feel as those my eye makeup stays perfect, especially through an eight hour shift. Which is perfect for anyone working I think!!

tv shows, films, books & music. 
This little section this month is lacking in TV shows, netflix has taken a back seat this month. Mainly as I haven't had a spare minute to sit and watch anything. I'm currently trying to get my computer fixed so I can start watching ONE TREE HILL, which I desperately need that fix. That being said to fill the void until I get my computers disc drive working, I've had Spotify on repeat and listening to all the One tree hill playlists, finding my favourite songs from the series and some forgotten and hidden gems. I haven't had much spare time for the cinema either sadly, however I watched MAGIC MIKE and ANT MAN recently and loveddddd them both so much!! Now fingers crossed I get to watch Inside Out & Southpaw during August. ONE LINE A DAY is a book I got for Christmas (from tom, I think?) and it's crazy to believe I've been filling it in for half a year now. This little book excites me so much and I can't wait to complete this book and in 5 years time see the development of myself and my life simply through little stories in a book! 

everything else. 
I'm not lying when I say nothing really happened this month. My favourites are almost non-exsistent. I moved my bedroom around this month and re-created my little living space and I couldn't be happier. I like to make my room something I like to spend my time in, as I don't just sleep in this room it's my little place to escape and oh it just makes me so happy! 

what I got up to. 
I'm not lying when I say I can't remember what I've done this month. I recently upped my hours at work, practically going from part to full time hours. Thankfully it hasn't destroyed me and I feel I've proved so many people wrong by managing these hours. But it also means I have very little social time. However in those days between; I've played bowling THREE times. Toms family decided that a family trip out would be fun, frankie and bennys and a game of bowling and an hour in the arcades...this happened twice in one month. While the third time happened with some friends from work just a few days ago, I've adored those memories. I also spent an evening drinking with some friends from college, catching up on each others lives now and reminiscing on how things were back in college. I also spent a few days with a friend from work, lots of lunch dates and trying bubble tea for the first time. My parents also celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary, and they choose to spend their evening with me and Tom which was lovely. We drank and eat some yummy things.
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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

BEAUTY || Eyeshadow; Palettes Perfect For Travel

BEAUTY || Eyeshadows: Palettes Perfect For Travel

Hello my lovelies & happy Tuesday,

I'm going away in just under 2 weeks, we may only be going to Cornwall but it's a holiday all the same. I still need to plan and pack what I'm taking away with me and with those thoughts comes my makeup. The last time I went away on holiday my makeup collection was almost non-exsistent. 4 years ago was my last BIG holiday where I didn't need to wear makeup and since then I've taken weekends away to visit family in Scotland where my makeup bag including foundation, eyeliner and mascara. Since then my collection has grown and grown. And since I'm going on a family holiday I've been given Nan has told me ONE suitcase and not much else as she's driving the car with all our belongings, so my biggest worry is...WHAT MAKEUP DO I TAKE WITH ME?
And while I'm deciding what I do and don't need I thought I'd put the decision to my blog and write the pros and cons to each of the 'smaller' travel sized palettes I own. 
E.L.F - Little Black Beauty Book || £3.99
Now it's possible, I've forgotten the price of this product but taken a guess at around £4. I picked this up last summer from TK Maxx and since then E.L.F is no longer available. So I do feel incredibly guilty for adding this to my post without being able to give you a link. However, this is a high contender for coming on holiday with me. Since I've been buying more palettes recently this kind of became a forgotten product. Thankfully I dug it out for this post and I know it's going to make it's way back to my routine soon enough. This is the WARM EDITION, and have a huge variety of my current go-to shades, 48 shades in total!? I do remember some shades having next to none pigmentation which I found difficult to work with but my opinions may have changed in the space of a year and I may fall completely in love with this product all over again. 
I did a little review of this palette last year, here
MAC - Cinderella Stroke of Midnight Palette || £38
Another palette which I can't link you back too, but this was a limited edition product which I lucky got my hands on for my birthday!? I'm obsessed with this palette and adore each colour, though you can possibly notice my most loved ones. If you love these shades, each except the dark/purple shade are available to purchase through MAC. Some have a higher pigment to others, and I find that I create the same smokey eye look with this palette each time. So while, I'm in love with these colours sometimes I like variety in my makeup and I couldn't cope with the same smokey for 7 days straight, though because it's so small I may pack it in my bag for an evening makeup look, y'know just incase we go somewhere fancy for a meal.
I also wrote a post on this palette, here.  
NOW, THIS, JUST, YES! I own Iconic 1-3 and this Iconic 2 is my FAV! You can possibly notice a theme within the shades here. All these palettes include warm & brown tones, but that's all I really need to create a simple makeup look. It's either boarder-line neutral or smokey eye for me and not much in between, so any palette with these shades work perfectly for me. So this palette was the last of the 3 iconics I picked up and now possibly the most used. I can make such a wide range of looks just from these 12 shades. I think all shades are shimmer, expect 3 which are mattes but I can use them all together and they work perfectly. I can create neutral looks using just the browns but then can instantly create a smoke eye by adding the darkest shades to the crease, yep, perfect. This is possible the largest palette in this post but the one that's more than likely going to be coming with me. 
Review post of this palette, here.

This is one of the newest additions to my collection and it certainly had a warm welcome. I find this very similar to my iconic shades, just condensed down, as though collection has noticed the most popular warm tone shades and put them altogether in one palette. I'm not complaining at all. This is still new to my collection and while I love in, I'm still falling IN love with it, so it's not very a big favourite. I find some of the shades a little too difficult to work with, as though I can't get any colour from some of the shades, especially the lighter shades. Again another mix with shimmers and mattes. The end shades being matte and the rest being shimmers, I always find this mix works well and let's me experiment as mattes aren't always my best friend for eyeshadows. 
I recently wrote a review on this palette, here
Models Own - Duo Shadows || N/A || POP - Trio Shadows || £15.50
Oh now it's finally time for the babies of the palettes, the DUO & TRIO palettes. I got both of these on separate ocassions. The Models Own Duo came as part of a goodie bag back in 2013 when I was at the Clothes Show and it's been this handy little item I've used since, sadly I can't find it online. So I'm not sure it's a sampler size of a full size product? I use this one regularly, it's perfect for a little definition to my eyes without using so many colours. It's simple the lightest shades goes on the base and the dark on I use in the crease of my lid. Now this without a doubt will be going into my makeup bag as its TINY! 
The POP is the newest addition and recently came in the post as part of my BIRCHBOX in July. I completely fell in love with the colours as soon as I saw the palette and new this would be perfect for me and instantly thought of it working with my duo palette...but IT DOES NOT! I just can't work with the shades. I still love the colours but they just wash me out, me and orange just don't work and that's the outcome I've had every time I've used this palette. So while it's still in my top makeup drawer it's not currently being used, which I find very sad. 

And there you have it, the perfect sized palettes to pop into your makeup bags for holidays. I thought it post would help me narrow down which ones I'd use instead I think I'm still at the conclusion that I'll probably make this a 5 minutes before we leave decision!! Thankfully I still have a little time to use this a little bit more and test out which ones I know would give me more options while I'm away from my huge makeup drawers. 
Though if anyone has any suggestions or which palette they love more out of this selection, I'd love some help with deciding! 

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

LIFESTYLE || Project Life Catch Up.

 photo Project Life Catch Up.jpg

LIFESTYLE || Project Life: Catch Up. 

Happy Sunday my lovelies,

When I first began my project life at the beginning of the year I made a deal with myself, I would photography everything, fill up my album and have posts on a monthly basis to share online the things I've gotten up to and my progress with my scrapbook. I know this may not be to everybody's taste and you'll possibly be bored after the first few updates but I hope that isn't the case & it's as enjoyable to read as it will be for me to write. I have previous months linked above, however I missed  April from this post as I was on a blogging break at the time & this post would be WAY too photo heavy that even I wouldn't like.

Friday, 24 July 2015

BEAUTY || MAC Craving & Alternatives.

 photo MAC  Craving .jpg

MAC Craving & Alternatives. 

Hello Gorgeous, 

I've found some pretty AMAZING lipstick dupes for you ladies and gents throughout my lipstick collection and I've been excited to share this post with you forever, but it's just taken me all this time to actually write out the post. *slaps my wrist*. I did a similar post this on Sian Marie's blog a few months ago & we'd both be eternally grateful if you were to check that post out, thanks in advance. 
 photo MAC CRAVING .jpg
I must admit it right away I'm OBSESSED with this shade, though my MAC collection is small since this shade has been added it's almost definitely the most used, I'm just THAT in love with the colour. I just can't fault this lipstick. A mauve plum shade with an amplified creme finish, although it doesn't last all day long, it gives a pretty good fight. Leaving enough colour in my lips for at least last 4 hours?  Which let's be honest, for an amplified finish that's bloody brilliant. I could seriously talk about this lipstick all day, just love, love loveeeee!? 
 photo KEEP IT CLASSY .jpg
So I know I just went OTT about how much I love CRAVING but I love Keep It Classy EQUALLY! The difference between the two is the formula. While Craving is an amplified finish, this has a much more matting effect, not 100& matte but you get me, right? It's also a pencil rather than a lipstick which I feel works perfectly for a more precise line on my lips. This pencil also has a much longer lasting time but I will put that down to the finish and formula of this pencil. I think this would be the perfect dupe for Craving but with UNDER £10 different, like BARGAIN!!! 
Ah, Keeps The Planet Spinning the cheapest of the three and at £2.50 aint nobody complaining. You can see from the images this is the least like Craving between the two dupes. But this is the most BARGAIN friendly alternative. The lasting time for this product is also the shortest, a much more sheen finish and quiet honestly reminds me a little of lip gloss..but if you know my dislike for lip gloss well I do still consider this a lipstick and love it all the same. I tend to use this for work, especially as it's a much more subtle mauve plum shade, it also doesn't matter too much to me if this colour wears off because it doesn't leave the stain to my lips. 
 photo SWATCHES .jpg
 photo Mac - Craving DUPES.jpg

As you can see from the swatches, the colouring within each lip product is a little different, you can also see the difference in formula and finish but you also can't deny how similar these are. I'll be honest, for I find MAC products worth the cost (but only when I can afford them) and love to find alternatives for all the shades for when I can't justify costs. The colour drama pencil has been my most used of the three, but then again it looks more worn out before I don't have a pencil sharpner for it, doh. And the Makeup Rev lipstick has been a favourite of mine since the day I purchased it. I love the style of the bullet and the shade, so I'm not too fussed by the lack of lasting time. I couldn't possibly pick a favourite from these three, as each have their own purpose to me. CRAVING, is perfect for those looking to pick up a high end product soon, KEEP IT CLASSY is for those who are looking for a lip pencil to try and don't mind spending that little bit extra for it & KEEPS THE PLANET SPINNING is amazing for the price and Makeup Revolution is so popular right now you can't say no!
However, this post is created from just the collection I own in my stash and the similarities I believe they have! I'm always wanting to expand my collection and I know many bloggers are thinking the exact same as me. So here's a little post for you today, I hope I've helped you find new products to test out in the future, whether it's knowing KEEP IT CLASSY or KEEPS THE PLANET SPINNING are dupes for CRAVING or you now want to purchase Craving.
Which products do you think are good dupes for each other? Or which lipsticks do you suggest I pick up next? 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

BEAUTY || Smokey Eyes Uncovered

 photo Eyes Uncovered.jpg
 photo Eyes Uncovered - Nude Grey Palette.jpg
 photo Smokey Eyes.jpg
 photo Smokey close up .jpg
 photo Smokey eyes closed.jpg
 photo Nude Grey Palette Swatches .jpg

BEAUTY || Eyes Uncovered Palette 

Happy Tuesday my lovelies, 

Eepp, it's been a while since I uploaded a makeup look, but I plan on changing that, with this and many more coming your way soon! There was no intention to purchase this palette, non what so ever! I've been collecting a few too many lately and I told myself I wouldn't need more for a while. But this, this was on offer and cost me a total of £2.99 and for 6 shades, that's pretty AWESOME in my book. 
So I'm not very good on the reviewing thing, I'm not very good with tutorials's these sort of posts I try and write over and over again so bare with, if I don't make much sense. I picked this up with the idea that I could all shades to create one look and it worked wonders for me. As you can see from the swatches above, the colours have pigment to them. Four shimmer shades and two matte, which I believe works great together. Going from left to right the shades are; Parchment - Rubble - Under The Moon - Drift Wood - In A Nutshell - Eclipse. Now the exciting part, my attempt at a tutorial. I covered the base of my lid with the lightest shade PARCHMENT, then gradually blend the next two colours RUBBLE & UNDER THE MOON into the inner corner of the lid, doing this creates a highlight in the corners of my eyes. Using DRIFT WOOD I went to the centre of my lid to begin building the smokey effect. This blended with the lighter shades creates a great blend when I later added the darker shades. Using a slightly angled brush I used IN A NUTSHELL in the outer corner and crease of my eyes. I did this slowly and gradual so I didn't over do it this created the definition. Finally I used ECLIPSE on the outer corner, however when I use darker colour such as this one, I tend to only use a small amount and blend gradually again so it's not overdone. I just use a little on the lash line to create a cat eye flick effect with the shadow and continue to blend. To complete this look I smudge and blend DRIFT WOOD & IN A NUTSHELL onto the lower waterline.
For this particular look I didn't add any liner as I felt this worked perfectly, however some days if I wanted that fuller definition I possibly would add liner. 
...I'm almost obsessed with how this turned out, yes, definitely obsessed. 

And there you have it, my mini review/mini tutorial. I hope this gives you some insight as to how I smokey eye or inspiration to create a look similar to this. I'm going away in August and I've been told I can't overpack my bags, which means I'm already trying to narrow down the makeup I'll be taking. However due to the size and the selection of shades, this already made the cut and will be joining me while I'm on holiday. 
Have you tried any of the Eyes Uncovered Palettes, which is your favourite?