Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sunday Summary #1

Sunday Summary #1

Over the years I've seen many bloggers share their thoughts with the world on a Sunday, something I once tried and failed to do. I've decided that my blog needs to become a focus of mine, to distract myself from the world of bad thoughts and work. So [fingers crossed] I can make this a weekly series and share with you the things that I've been up to, the thoughts I've been having and sharing some of my favourite bloggers! 

This week certainly has been a mix of emotions, while I've had some quality time with family and friends I've also felt so down in the dumps, it's heartbreaking to think that I sound so ungrateful for the time I've spent with people but I hope they understanding that's theres a little more too it and that's not the case. There's been a lot of tears and overthinking on my part. I recently posted a very personal post, here. About the struggles I'm currently having and the fear of battling them alone. I ws inspired by this post, here. Thank you Sophie, your post gave me the motivation to become a little more open about what I've been going through. But I've had so much support and want to thank every person who's left me comments and tweets, but I'll be mentioning those guys a little more later on. 

Along with some personal struggles with my mental health I've also dealt with anniversaries of deaths. It's been six months since out family dog passed away and while I'm pretty open about talking about him and how much he's missed, my family still aren't quiet ready; so I spent alot of that day thinking of him. Just a few days later was the 4th anniversary of loosing my nan (my step-nan), who was a huge part of my life growing up and I'll never forget that. There were a few issues between her and my family before she passed away, and hadn't seen her for a few months beforehand. While I understand and agree with my family reasonings, I'll always have that regret. 

With all this heartbreak I came across this photo of me and tom way back when. It's been 4 years that we've been together and it's been the most wonderful 4 years. When I came across this photo I remember how the day went & what brought along capturing that moment. He's been there for me since day one and had to deal with so much shit from me and never once has complained, he'll sit, listen and has definitely gotten used to me crying; LOADS. I just hope he knows how grateful I am for that. The more uplifting things happened this week; I popped some dye on my hair. In the space of a month I've gone from the girl with highlighted brunette hair, to bleach blonde to white blonde. It's been a massive change to my hair but I'm having so much fun creating a change I've wanted for so long, so I then went grey! Silver grey (kind of) which turned out more grey/green/blue! I'm not overly in love with the look but I'm toning away the colours and slowly falling in love with it. 

I watched Jungle book for the second time this week & then said goodbye to my social life from Thursday onwards. I'd ask if you're on #teamcap or #teamironman but I've heard so much about Captain Americas release I'm a little tired by it now. Working in a cinema is so great a times but super busy on weekends likes this, so I'm super grateful for my day off today. 

Although I have been a little busy with work; I've also tried to bring back my blogging bug. I don't have much spare time to do much blog related so finding an hour here and there is pretty difficult. With everything I'm feeling lately, I want to find the spare time to really concentrate on my blogging and make it my hobby again. Make it the distraction is first became and hopefully see it blossom to a blog I was getting it to a few months ago. 

And now to the bloggers this week; but boy there feels like so many to mention. Firstly this week I got involved in a couple of twitter chats which worked out wonderfully for me, I got to chat and get to know so many new bloggers and catch up with others I've not spoken to for a while. 

- Emmy's Beauty Cave; Emmy has been my rock for a while now, ever feeling down I can garuntee this girl will be a tweet away and she'll have all the right things to say and then we'll spend hours catching Disney and that makes her perfect! 
-Life Of A Thinker; Liam, is such a kind hearted soul. Whatever mood I'm in, Liam will always been around to make me smile. Though he's noticed how miserable I am half the time and has now nicknamed me Mardy Bum! He's got a pun for everything, so quick witted and will always be around to support me! 
-Princess Parasox;  Jenna has been wonderful to me these last few days! With my latest post I've been a little apprehensive to open up about my struggles and Jenna's has been cheering me on from every corner of the internet. 
-Sarah in Wonderland; Sarah's always inspired me when it comes to being open on my blog, she write so many perfect and personal posts. It's her blog and she's so confident with that, I'm definitely taking steps to be a little more like her. We've also decided we both want to open a home where we can be loved by puppies 24/7 and I think that should definitely go ahead!
-White Daisy Blue Jeans; I hadn't really spoken to Kayleigh much until this week and now I couldn't imagine now speaking. We've got so many things in common, I think we'd be a perfect match on a trip to Ikea? She's cheered me up so much this week and I can't wait to continue getting to know her and her personality. 

And there you have it, my Sunday Summary. I'm hoping each week I can share snippets of the things I've gotten up to, share pictures and share some of my favourite bloggers. With that, I'd also LOVE to know about about you'll and what you've been up to this week. 
Hope you're all well xo

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Thursday, 28 April 2016


It's been a while since I've done a rambling post, for my corner of the internet I'm sure terrible at sharing some of my emotions and troubles, which I guess  isn't a problem when I'm enjoying writing about beauty products but I've never catergoried my blog as beauty only. I've always wanted to write about the things I've done, the things I enjoy and simple vent. 
So I'm taking that plunge, today might get really deep really fast. Firstly I feel I should apologise. Secondly, I hope this makes you feel comfortable enough to read through and relate to.
My heart beats really fast sometimes and my chest gets really tight, and all I want to do is lie in bed and watch Disney films until the pain goes away. Fortunately I managed to get out of bed and continue with my day to day plans, (and that's something I appreciate I can do) but some times I'd love nothing more than to call in sick from work and so FA for the day. 
I've never really been 'diagonised' with anxiety, but I guess you don't have to be to know your own emotions. I've always struggled with my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I'm a shy person and I have no self-belief. It drives everyone around me crazy and but it's never talked about as though it bothers me. It does, it really does. It's the biggest struggle, my everyday struggle and it's bloody frustrating. 
Today I'm home alone before heading to an evening shift at work, usually I'm really happy with these days. I'll wake up at 9am and blog until I HAVE to get ready and today; I barely had a full hours sleep, I've been having back troubles, I'm struggling to breathe because my chest feels tight and my head is in a million other places and is constantly pounding. With everyone at work, I've almost been dealing with this alone, I've cried a few more times than I should admit too.  
I feel worthless, I feel like I'm constantly letting everyone down; including myself. 
People want me to make a change to everything going on in my life, but I don't know where to start. I don't know what everyone wants to hear; I don't even know what I want to hear. I still want to curl up under the covers and hide from the world a little more. I want to feel comfortable to make my changes and I don't want to feel worthless or less equivalent because of that...I'm not even sure where these feelings are going anymore, all I know is there's many pressures, issues and emotions flying around my life and I can make changes to those and I don't want to feel this pain anymore. 
I wanted to write a post like this to take away that pressure, as though pressing publish would instantly take away the pain but let's be honest that wouldn't of happened. I'm still struggling the same way I was before; I've just put it out their for hundreds to read. I almost feel safe knowing that I have people that can relate, you might be that friends from the internet; the person who constantly sends me love through my blog posts but you might just understand me and that gives me great comfort. So thanks to the people who make me feel comforted, make me smile and keep me going through my corner of the internet. 
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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Pinterest Mood Boards; Bedroom Inspiration.

Pinterest Mood Boards; Bedroom Inspiration. 

I do this thing where I torture myself on pinterest, and I can probably feel safe knowing I'm not alone? I'll have a binge pinning session for about a week and then almost remove pinterest from my memory, and repeat. So thankfully I'm not torturing myself 24/7, 365. 

Recently I've felt in the worst slump, nothing feels normal but I don't really have the words to describe how I'm feeling and usually that just means I'm in a mood or that I'm worn out. Personally I know I'll move on, but there's something this time round that made me realise how I can make myself feel a little better and that's change up my living space. Still living with my parents means that there's only really one spot in the house that's truly mine, and that's my bedroom. Just over a year ago now I re-decorated my bedroom for the first time since I was 16, it was much needed and was time to match my room to my personality. My bedroom is so much closer to my personality this time round, but I was limited on funds last time and now I think it's time to finally complete my room. So I took to pinterest and taken so many ideas, that I'm more lost than when I first started. 

the bed space. 

My bed takes up the majority of my bedroom, so realistically makes sense that it's the thing that I want to focus on the most. I want to add more and more cushions, pillows and blankets for stupid amounts of comfort, but then remember how warm I get while I'm asleep and everything ends up on the floor anyway. I'm really out of love with my bed sheets and want to pick a few more up. I've come to the conclusion that I'm in love with monochrome for my bedroom, but I love just a splash of colour. While keeping my walls white, I could add the colour and patterns of choice to my bed through sheets and cushions, which through pinterest is where I discovered my love for boho decor. Boho, monochrome, copper and plants...these are all the things I want to include in my bedroom without it looking too OTT or cluttered. 

the desk space. 

My desk is top of the list for my bedroom clear up, it's drawer is filled with clutter and rubbish and it's just a little outdated for me now. I'd love to go into full blogger mode and have every piece of furniture white, and sadly my desk is a black which has become a little worn down. I've recently been searching Pinterest & other websites for some inspirational quotes to pop on my wall, I'd also love to find a unique memo board...which may result in me making my own. From looking through pinterest I've come to the conclusion that I'd want all pictures, quotes and little things like that hanging above my desk. Keeping everything like that in one corner of my bedroom will give it some focus instead of making it too spaced out. I also want to pick up a unique plant or maybe just some fake photos, to add that bright splash of colour to my room, along side a Earmes chair, which I think would just complete my overall clean look. 

And theres a little inspiration for both me and you! I know so many of us pride ourselves on how our bedroom looks and we're all a little obsessed with pinterest. So if you're interested, I pinned tones more photos and inspiration for my bedroom, which you can nose at, here
I've moved around all my furniture and got everything in it's current place, it's now time to finish throwing everything out as well as getting my shopping shoes at the ready! I can't wait to FINALLY complete my bedroom, woo! 

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Coachella Inspired.

Coachella Inspired.  

A few days ago I took a risk and had my hair chopped off! While my hair has been short, I've never willingly chosen to have it cut SO short and for once I'm really happy with the results. It feels so healthy, the hairdresser did everything I asked for and I can't keep my hands off my head. And of course with a good hair day, you need a good makeup day. The sun was shining, my hair and makeup were looking perfect for this time of year and last weekend saw the Coachella Festival so while every one is still talking about it, a little lightbulb in my head lit up!

I went with the thought of full coverage but not too caked on, you know the way? My skin is usually very clear and lately it's been on it's game. Luckily I've had no troubles, so with a little coverage using my dream satin liquid foundation, and my dark circles concealed with wake me up, it was time for the more definitive details. I went in my cheekbones with the contour stick and added a little highlight using ultra strobe cream. I think sealed it all in with some pressed powder.  Some of these products are new to my everyday routine, so I'm still getting to grips with the products and can't wait to go into more detail soon.
I wanted to try a new colour for my eyes today and I chose to use deep pinks to brown shades, while experimenting I also decided to use a palette that had gotten lost in the back of my drawer. I grabbed the stripped and bare palette, which is advertised as 3 different looks in 1 palette. I find that majority of the shades are very similar light shades, filled with deep pink and brown shades, so I jumped straight onto using those colours. I created a soft fill colour with a subtle crease which is almost un-noticable and completed it with glitter in the inner corners to add that sparkle. Filled out my brows, added a little kohl liner for definition and added mascara, and my eyes were complete. I kept in tune with the nude colouring and added a nude lipstick from the colour drama range. 

Looking back I'm torn as to whether this is very coachella at all, but in the moment I felt inspired and I think this is still a perfect look for a lighter makeup look for the summer months. I think this would've been made perfect with some body jewellery, stick on gems etc but I didn't have the time to complete the look. When I think Coachella, I think boho chic, tassles, shorts and lots of floral accessories which is exactly what you get. With my beautifully bright floral headband from Prairie Charms, went perfectly with my light and short do.

Just a quick little post today, I wanted to post every other day throughout April and struggled terrible this past week. But I hope you've been enjoying my content recently, I have a variety of posts coming your way soon, I just need to get ideas from head to the computer screen before I can press publish, oops! 

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Kiko Haul.

 Kiko Haul & First Impressions.

I've seen Kiko as a rather popular brand throughout the blogging community. I've wanted to get my hands on their products from the first blog post I read about them, a store opened up in merry hill shopping center a few months back now and I've never had the chance to pop in the shop until last week. And let me tell you know, I've been in love ever since.

I'd popped in with a friend and I originally wanted to check out their base makeup as I was in desperate need of some foundation, and evidently was the product I didn't pick up. Instead I treated my eye's to some new shades and products, I've never been more impressed with a new brand. 

05 Long Lasting Stick. Eye-shadows are a big favourite of mine, but you already know that and when they come in the form of a pencil, even better! I completely missed these in the store, it wasn't until I found my friend swatching the colouring that they caught me eye. With over 10 shades available, a variety of beautiful shimmering colours, which truly are long lasting. I've been a fan of creme eye-shadows since first trying the maybelline colour tattoo pots, and this has an almost identical effect to those. I picked up the colour #5 rosy brown and its just so perfect for me. Unfortunately it's a little sticky on the lids but other than that, it add the right amount of colour and shimmer to my eyes whether I use it alone or combine with other shadows. Clearly I'm in love and will continue to pick up these shadow sticks in the coming months. 

271 Infinity Eyeshadow. When I originally swatched this I fell in love with the grey shade and glittery pigments, since purchasing and bringing home, I can't quite feel the same excitement. It's a very dull grey, I'm now wondering if I picked up the wrong colour, doh! This possibly won't be used as often as I originally planned but I'll find it useful, plus everybody needs a light fill colour for there smokey eye's and the more choices the better.

212 Infinity Eyeshadow. (out of stock online) We all need an intense brown in our collection, and let me tell you I have many but that doesn't stop me picking up more. This shade is a very build-able, deep copper shade, I've been loving using this as my crease colour, to create definition to the eyes but it also works perfectly alone. I'm really happy with this purchase and for £2.70, it's awesome! 

Volumeyes+ Mascara. It takes me a while to try new mascara's, while I love the product itself I get comfortable with the products I own and will use til I can't no more and then I'll continue to repurchase said mascara until a new one draws me in. So picking up this one on a whim was a shock to the system, again my friend showed me the mascara's and once I saw this product it went straight into my basket and I'm so glad it did. This mascara states to create volume and I don't think it's lying, the brush is in a triangle shape, which is completely new to me. But this means I can get into the little corners of my eyes to get that fuller effect and I can also bring out the length with the wider side. This is best described as build-able, I could easily use this mascara for my everyday use, but I also crate that truly voluminous look without my lashes going too spider-like.

Overall I'm completely in love with the products I picked up from KIKO and will continue to purchase from this brand in the future, next time I'm hoping to try more of their base products rather than use for my eyes. I'll have to let you know how I get on with these products and share with you the products I pick up in the future. Any recommendations, please let me know?
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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Going Silver/Grey

 Going Silver/Grey.

Something I've wanted to do for years was to go white blonde/silver/grey. I'm rather experiemental when it comes to my hair and I haven't done anything drastic in a while, and I've finally taken the plunge and made a massive difference to my hair. I wanted to share this change on  my blog, because I know how popular this colour change can be.

{I want you all to be aware, I'm going to be sharing my own experiences and in no way do I think I know what I'm doing, honestly I'm blagging the majority of what I do to my hair}

I had my hair done as my birthday present from my parents and spent a total of 5 hours at the hairdressers. I've shared a before and after photos above, so you can see the difference. It took two lots of bleach and a toner and I left the salon with very yellow hair. It wasn't exactly the look I was wishing for, but I've stocked myself up on toners and non-permanent dyes to hopefully rectify my issues. Since then I've used a whole lot of these products for the last few weeks and I'm still working at getting to the right colour. You may be able to tell that I'm not yet completely in love with my colour just yet. But I wanted to share the products I've been working which is getting rid of the yellow and bringing in the grey. 

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Shampoo & Conditioner. I've been using this shampoo and conditioner since I had my highlights put in last year, it didn't do a great amount back then and I can't really see much difference. Both products have violet pigments to remove the brassiness, which frustratingly works in some sections of my hair but not in all, still I continue to use this to tone away the yellow and to just keep my hair healthy. Both products smell of parma violets, it's such a sweet scent and personally I love it. 

Directions White Toner. I haven't got round to using this product just yet, but 4 years ago when I first went this blonde, I used this toner to attempt to remove the brassy tones and sadly made not much difference to my colour. I'm hoping to use it this time round to gradually build up the change, but I'm not holding my breathe if I don't see the difference after a few uses. 

Crazy Colour Silver & Platinum. Personally I've always been a fan of crazy colours, I've got a mix of bright colours from my experimenting days (I once had rainbow dip dye, it was awesome). So I know how well crazy colours and it's always taken well on my head so it was inevitable that I'd be purchasing more from the brand. 

Colour Freedom Misty Grey. I'd heard good things about Colour Freedom, noticing that many people were picking up from this brand, so I made a special trip into town to pick a grey shade from the brand. They have so many shades available, so many pastels which I'm tempted to try soon. Sadly the grey didn't reach my expectations and I've been left disappointed with this product. Rather than my hair look grey, it looked rather green!? And more a moldy green than anything I could potentially work with. I'd really love to find a semi (or non) permanent grey dye and it give me the quick fix I wanted from this product. 

Jerome Russel Bblonde. I purchased this with no expectations and it's become my favourite product for the colour of my hair. While this isn't a quick fix, this is perfect to take away all the brassy tones and really give my hair that silver look I've been craving. I'd left my hair after using the misty grey dye, and popped this on my head and left it on for almost 2 hours rather than the 15 minutes it originally states. It took away all of the green tones and calmed down my brassy tones too, my hair is officially a white blonde and it's thanks to this product.

Now my hair is more white blonde and I've begun geting rid of the yellow, I'm so excited to continue experimenting. While at the moment my goal is to see how grey I can go, I'm thinking of experimenting with lilacs and pinks, so you may see lots of different colours and shades of my hair in the next couple of months.

Have you gone silver/white blonde before? What products are your go to products?

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