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See The Stars - PRIDE


Sunday Summary #7


Night Out Wishlist: Hen Weekend

Night Out Wishlist: Hen Weekend

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Oh it's been so long since I've created a wish-list, so much so I really enjoyed creating this one. In two months time it's my best friends Hen weekend. I've never been on a hen weekend before, let alone have I had a friend getting married before, so as you can imagine I'm filled with so much excitement. Because of this I want to make the most of this weekend, I want to dress up and feel pretty for everything we have planned. 
We're heading to Nottingham for a few nights, we're having a girls weekend away with a slumber party vibe before being adventurous at Go Ape. After all that craziness we couldn't go away without a night out which I'm hoping includes some tasty cocktails. While I'm going to use the majority of this weekend to do some shopping, I'm thinking new pj's will be essential too! I wanted to look at my options for evening wear, not only have I not had a night out in a while I haven't had an excuse to buy a lovely dress for a while either, so stalking the internet until I get to the shop is my only choice. 
I'm obsessed with floral designs right now but it's difficult to find something in colours I like, the one of the left is right up my street, such a subtle design with a splash of bright colouring with the pinks, it's also a skater dress so it'll really compliment my figure. With the same style I adore the one on the right, this time it's more a blue and white china plate design.(and yes that's my best description for it). I think compared to the more figure hugging styles I've picked, these two would definitely suit me more, although I find the other styles a little more safisticated which makes those something I'm leaning more towards. 
I'm very undecided on which styles I'd prefer to pick up, I'll definitely have to make a shopping trip soon. Thankfully I've got until the end of July to stress over this dress decision...and thankfully my dress is already chosen for the wedding as I'm being a first time bridesmaid, exciting stuff! 
*this post is in colloboration with quiz clothing, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own*

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Floral Bloom; Next Fragrance

NEXT Fragrance Floral Bloom - See The Stars Blog
NEXT Frangrance Floral Bloom - See The Stars Blog
NEXT Frangrance Floral Bloom - See The Stars Blog

Floral Bloom; Next Fragrance. 

I don't think I'm the only one who loves unexpected finds, I popped into NEXT with a friend a few weeks back and while he was trying on some clothes I came across the perfume section. Originally I was having a sniff at the infamous teenage choice of Just Pink to see if the scent was still the same {side note: it was}. Nostalgia aside, once I started I couldn't help but whiff them all and well Floral Bloom was the day's lucky winner. 

Fragrances in NEXT are available in a few different sizes, however 100ml & 30ml are most popular. I picked this up in a travel size 10ml, which I think may only be available in store. This small size worked out perfectly for me, I'm forever forgetting to pack a perfume in my bag and with this one being travel sized it's found it's place in my work bag to keep me feeling a little fresh before, during and after work. 

I'm still unsure whether it's just the bottle or it's the scent that reminds me of the Daisy range, but it gives off that Marc Jacobs vibe. That being said it sits well with the rest of my perfume collection, which yes, is pretty much the entire Daisy collection. As the name suggests it's a floral and sweet scent and I've always obsessed over the fruity scents similar to this, which is possibly why it instantly became my favourite. The 10ml only cost me £4 and it's been the most ideal product for me. I'm going to be heartbroken when the bottle runs out but thankfully it wont break the bank to repurchase. 

I highly recommend that if you're looking for a cheap and cheerful perfume that this or anyone of the NEXT fragrance range may be something to interest you. I'd love to know what's your favourite scent? 

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