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LIFESTYLE || Starting A Project Life

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january || february || march || 
(I have a 3 month update post coming soon too) 

Well, it's been a sunny few days and I've spent most of my time indoors getting my Project Life up to date. I've either been too busy, not done many exciting things or just not had the 'dollar' to do my scrapbook and it's taken me so long to actually get it up to date & I'm still almost a month behind. But today, with little inspiration from my blogging friends yes you girls (emma, han, charli, sian & eff), every time I work on my scrapbook I like to send these girls my progress photos, in turn Emma has recently started her Project Life, while the others are so so close. So, heres my advice to them and to any of you. 

I got into project life around January, yes like many other bloggers, thanks Lily Pebbles
I've always been interested in crafty things & photographs and this just makes scrapbooking easier & a great place to hold all my memories and photographs and let me tell you, it's bloody addictive. So here's some amateur tips, useful websites and some answers to questions you may have! 
 photo PL Core Kit.jpg
Getting Started. 
The question everyone asks first it, 'IS IT EXPENSIVE TO PL?' I'll answer this two ways, YES AND NO! To get started it's rather steep in price, but you can find ways of doing this on a budget. To get started you'll need a PL album, page protecters and journalling cards. When I first started mine I brought my album (£20), two 12pk page protecters (£6.99 each) and a core kit (£30). I'd only be purchasing one album for the whole year, 24 page protecters lasted me 6 months and the core kit has over 600 cards, so all in all pricey but will be long lasting. However, if you're like me...I can't help but buy more. More journalling cards & all the little bits and pieces to decorate it, but I'll share more of that later in this post. 
Another worry on peoples mind, is the price of printing. Something I've always looked around for is free printing offers online, many printing websites offer free prints to new subscriptions. I've recently found out that prints cost less money if you have them printed during an hour service rather than using instant booths, I also have a printer at home which I use for my smaller printing needs. 
 photo WRMK Value Kits.jpg
 photo Cards Swap Kits.jpg
 photo Embellisments.jpg
Journalling Cards & All The Little Bits. 
I'll admit now, I had no idea what these journalling cards were when I first started looking into starting my PL, but now all I ever want to buy is more and more journalling cards. Which going back to price, does create expenses...but that's because I don't really love my core kit anymore and possibly have over 500 cards being unused. When I first got started, I thought the only store I could purchase PL was Hobby Craft and choices are limited there...luckily I've found many websites I'm going to share with you today:
Hey Little Magpie 
Craftie Charlie 

I do have some orders on there way to me as we speak, so if you're interested I'll be adding a haul post to my blog soon! Along with these websites theres also some local stores which hold some branded products, TK MAXX & HOME SENSE, yep, I was confused at first. But if you're lucky to have one close by, go have a rummage you may find some beauties. I found these WE R MEMORY KEEPERS kits for less than £5 when originally they'd cost me around £15. So where or not they'd have much in, it's worth a nose (plus, my local home sense is better for these bits than tk maxx).  
I also joined a few Facebook groups where some people sell sets of their kits for around £3, from time to time I've purchased a few of those which sometimes have over 50 cards, some certain kits, some have a large variety which I love! Oh oh, also download the Becky Higgins app, I think the app was free, however for more journalling cards it's mainly in app purchases (which is usually around 79p to download a mini kit, which you print off yourself).
Along with the journalling cards I love picking up embellishments. Paperchase, Wilko, The Range, The Works and other stores which do stationary are great places to check out, just incase. I like to find different bits and pieces I could use over time, washi tape, frames, pens, stickers etc. 

I always worry I'll loose inspiration along with motivation. How am I going to keep this scrapbook going for a full year, I'll get too busy and just give up! I've had break here and there but so far I wouldn't quit this little book half way through the year, but just incase you're worried you'll loose inspiration, here's a few ways you can keep it going. Before I purchased any of my kit I spent days on youtube, deciding whether this was something I wanted to spend my money on and when I realised for a week I just watch people doing PL progress videos, I knew I HAD to get my own. Youtube videos and blog posts are great to see how people lay out their albums and really keeps me inspired. As already mentioned, I'm signed up to a few groups on facebook. Many people write posts daily into these pages, with purchases and any discounts online. Other post their progress pages too...from time to time I've done exactly the same! It's like a little community for scrapbookers. 
And finally, the best place for any craft inspiration - PINTEREST. So many boards, so many pins and even a place for downloadable cards. 

  Some Inspiration For You.
I wanted to document almost everything I did during the year and with this scrapbook I've managed to do just that. I'm so excited to see how it'll look by the end of the year! For now here's a look at some of my pages I've done so far this year:  
 photo The Starts.jpg
 photo Birthday - Central Perk.jpg
 photo Drayton Manor.jpg
 photo BHAM Pride.jpg
 photo Blogger Meet .jpg

If you've reached the end of this post, thanks for sticking around for this lengthy and photo heavy post. If you're interested in starting a Project Life, I hope I've in some way helped and given you the inspiration you need. But please if you want to know more feel free to leave a comment or even send me a little tweet, I'll do whatever I can to help you! 

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

BEAUTY || June Favourites

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 photo Flawless Palette_1.jpg
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 photo Victoria Secret.jpg
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June Favourites 

It feels like forever since I've done a favourites post, and with this one I want to start writing it with a different format than I've written it before. While I've normally added a little non-beauty products to my favourites posts, from here on out, each month I want to combine all aspects of my life into a favourites post...mix it up a little, y'know. 

SO, I'm just going to drive right into it! My ultimate favourite this month has been my Makeup Revolution FLAWLESS palette, 32 shades and slowly but surely each one is getting a battering! But as you can see I've mainly been using the copper, red & black colours. I've been having so much fun creating new smokey eye looks, literally I'm in love. (If your interested you can look at all my recently looks on my personal instagram, here). Back in May, I popped into Benefit for my first Brow Bar Wax...well my first ever wax & it was so much better than I expected. During May, payments went to charity and everyone was given a free GIMME BROW as a thank-you. I adore this little product & I'm glad I finally got my hands on this little thing! Now I bet you're all the same as me and you're in love with the COLOUR DRAMA lip pencils, well lately I'm bloody obsessed with the shade NUDE PERFECTION. Also, I'm sure every blogger on twitter got involved in choosing a product from Tesco Beauty, I chose the Max Factor FALSE LASH EFFECT and it's AMAZING! Honestly, I love mascara and I awaited this product with high expectations and yes, amazing! My final beauty product is the Victoria Secret body mist in PURE SEDUCTION, I picked 5 for £30 in Victoria Secret last month & I've been in love with each scent I picked up...& you've got the chance to win your own body mist as part of my GIVEAWAY - ending next week! 

tv, films & (occasionally books). 
I have so much love for tv series & films lately that I just HAD to share them with you. Some old favourites and some new loves. Now I actually wrote about many of these on a previous post not too long ago, my Netflix favourites - so you can find a more in depth report, here. It took me a total of 12 days to watch the first two series of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK & 2 days to almost complete season 3 (for some reason I put the final few episodes on hold because I didn't want it to end). With OITNB, I've also been sharing my time with watching ONCE UPON A TIME, both such amazing tv series. I also picked up the final seasons of ONE TREE HILL during this month and I'm yet to re-watch all 9 seasons, so while I've not watched it...there is still a huge place in my heart for this series and it'll be a favourite whether I watch it or not. I won't go into too much detail with the films this month as I'm writing a seperate post, however I've watch SPY, MR HOLMES & JURASSIC WORLD in the space of two weeks and I was obsessed. I also had a few sick days this month and binged watched Netflix films & fell in love with SOUL SURFER & fell in love with LILO & STITCH for the 1,000th time! 

everything else.  
So to my final little section. Everything else, the bit that's don't fit into other categories. I'm keeping this short and sweet this month. My scrapbooking took a break these last few months & to bring back my love for my scrapbooking. So I ordered my photos (and already I have new ones to print) and picked up some new packs of journalling cards. For any scrapbook lovers, WE R MEMORY KEEPERS create fabulous little sets from 20 cards - 100. And the fact I can pick some of them up at a better price from TK Maxx makes everything the much more exciting. I CAN'T wait to put these to good use and make my scrapbook pretty! 

what I got up to. 
I guess I could say nothing too exciting happening during this month, then I'd be lying a little. While not much happened, I spent time with some of my favourite people...and you can never complain about that! So if you're unaware one of my part-time jobs is working behind the bar at a gay bar in Birmingham and this time last month was PRIDE 2015. So I started the month with everyone from work celebrating the achievements we managed during that busy weekend. I got to travel to Sheffield and see my blogging besties (love you girls), took Tom to the Zoo, watched many films at the cinema, travelling to Liverpool with work for a night out...and I got drunk a few more weekends in between, with old friends and new.

And that's June. It's been fun but I'm excited to see what July holds.
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

BEAUTY || June Birchbox

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June BirchBox

Okay, I didn't think I'd fall in love with a beauty subscription box as much as I did!? While last months box was a little hit and miss for my first box, I still got extremely excited at the thought of opening this box up this month. Birchbox this month included limited edition box designs and shoe bag as part of this months theme and the floral theme sold me & I chose French Sole. First impressions? I like this box much more than my first one, while last month seemed to be a big favourite through peoples post, I just wasn't completely impressed.  
 photo IMG_7820.jpg

A few days ago I had a sudden urge to try some temporary tattoos and remembered I had some in my birchbox this month. I want to find the perfect reason to put these on, because sadly they're a little too big for me to comfortably wear them for no reason...does that make sense? They've got an adorable tribal theme to them and I think they'll be perfect when I go to the Board-masters Festival in August.  Think I may try and find some smaller tattoos in the shops in the next few days and add a pretty metallic design to my skin, even if it ends up hidden under a piece of clothing haha. 
 photo IMG_7833.jpg

Oh now we all know I'm terrible with perfume scents...I love them or hate them, but for the life of me I can't describe them. So have this, this smells DEVINE! Being as it's from No.7 it's definitely got that brand scent to it, a classic scent and something I'd always imagine the older lady wearing, but with that being said it's also got a fruity fragrance to it, which is always a favourite of mine. But hear me now, I'm 22 years old and I want this perfume for myself! Sadly the price range of £60 is just that little bit out of my budget. 
 photo IMG_7841.jpg
I squealed a little when I saw this, I LOVE lip products and I LOVE this shade. One problem, it's a lip gloss. Something didn't quiet add up at first, I read glossy kiss on the packaging but I never actually clocked on that it would be a gloss formula until I tried it on, stupid of me I know. So when I first tried this on, I assumed this would be a more deep plum toned colour however it's has a much deeper tone of brown within. I will continue to use this & test it out with a lip liner & other lipsticks in the future. 
 photo IMG_7845.jpg
I must admit I haven't used this yet but my hair is always in need of some good lovin' and from what I hear this will do the trick. I've recently re-dyed my hair so for the time after my shower which I remember, I'll add this into my hair routine. I may do a separate review on this as I need to find more hair products for myself, and reviewing them for everyone else feels like I'm helping. 
 photo IMG_7847.jpg
Something about this product got me so excited. By the way of this post, I'm in love with every product under the sun. But let me tell you this, perfume, lip products and BODY LOTION are my favourite things. I LOVE them all. It's usually down to the vanilla scents as to why I love body lotions, but this doesn't have that. While that's a little disappointing, this scent is still something I like. I don't know how to describe it's scent but I'm definitely excited to get some use out of this. 
 photo IMG_7849.jpg
Premae - Mild Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub // £25
The final product I haven't yet used, I'm getting more into using face and body scrubs lately so this does need to be tried soon! Something about it reminds me of a product my mom used when I was younger and it slightly puts me off it (but I'm not sure why, I think the product my mom used smelled funny ha). It's got what I can only describe as a milky texture but I'm pretty sure this will leave my skin feeling extremely soft. Oh I've got to test this out soon!  
 photo IMG_7810.jpg
And there you have it, this months Birchbox. A more of a first impressions post this month, but while writing this post I did play around with all the products and can honestly say that I'm happy with what I was given. Now it's almost time for next months box (I know, two weeks but still). I can't wait to see what Birchbox sends my way in July...Oh and if you're all wondering what I did with my shoe bag, it's the perfect sized bag to look after my ballet shoes. Now I get a little more excited about my dance lessons. 
Are you purchasing birchbox? Which was your favourite product of this month? 
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Sunday, 21 June 2015

FASHION || New Glasses ft Specs Post ||

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 photo IMG_7709.jpg
 photo IMG_7701.jpg

Clubmaster Glasses: Specs Post  

// 'Sankeys' original clubmaster glasses* - £30 // 

Hand's up if you're partially sighted? Hand's up if you LOVE getting new glasses! Just me? As sad as it sounds my favourite thing about my eye sight being so shit, is that almost each year I get new glasses, high five to my sight deteriorating each and every year! A couple weeks ago now, I received these new glasses. I've waiting a couple weeks to get used to them before sharing them with you all. 

I tested these along with a few others has part of a home trial thanks to Specs Post, something I did a few months previous with the company too (post, here). I love the concept of home trials, it makes life so much easier for everyone. Don't have the time to pick up new glasses from the local opticians, order some online. Life too busy to take that time out to go pick them up, have them sent to your door. It's honestly perfect. Though I do prefer more choice from the opticians but sometimes I struggle to get out the house and take a trip to pick up my new lens. Personally I love the style of these frames, still trying to get used to them on me. As I think that with them being a red frame, sometimes the colour and the semi-rimless washes me out a little...but then again I've been wearing thick framed black glasses for over 2 years, it was always going to take some time to get used to new ones. I wanted to share these with you because finding new glasses can be difficult, knowing which ones are going to suit you. And I'm saying this because my choice of glasses just don't suit my face shape. Everyone wants the perfect glasses for them, especially when they plan to wear for them for as long as they possibly can. In fact my Ray-ban glasses lasted almost 2 years, until I've weirdly bent the arm on my frames...I'll miss those glasses but I guess I've been lucky as I'd just recently had this pretty pair come to my door. 

Are you on the hunt for new glasses? I recommend that you take a look at Specs Post, many bloggers are involved with specs post and it's nice to see a company work so well within the blogging community, so if you're a blogger and need new glasses, Spec's Post is the most welcoming place to be. 
*I was kindly sent these glasses in return for a review. However, all views and opinions are 100% my own* 

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

LIFESTYLE || Wanderlust #1: UK Weekend Breaks ||

Weekend's Away in the UK.

Ever find yourself strangely inspired to write in a morning. I don't know, it could be my dream I was having but I woke up and I really wanted to pack a bag and get away for the weekend. So while I've got to get ready for work in the next few hours, I'm going to daydream about what I could be doing this weekend instead...Though I do have an evening off and I'm spending some time with friends in the next few days, so all isn't too bad right now! So here it is, 5 places I want to visit in the UK, as part of a stay-cation weekend. 
 photo large.png
(image: source)
So this is the reason this whole post has come about this wonderful wednesday morning, I woke up this morning and just wanted to get on a train for London. Spot of shopping a some sight seeing, sounds perfect right. I've only been to London, three times in the past but sadly the last time I went it wasn't as enjoyable and since I've been a little put off. 4 years later and I feel it's finally time to try again. I think it's time to plan a weekend away with Tom, a nice little hotel in the middle of the city. Have my camera charged up and visit as many sights as possible within the weekend. Right now in my little imaginary world of an agenda I want to see: A show in the theatre, visit Big Ben & the Palace (just because that feels necessary), The Sky Garden, shop in Harrods and of course as of late Oxford Street  Lush. Also, hands up if you were once a Mary-Kate & Ashley fan? Ever watched Winning London, because right now I have the films soundtrack in my head and I want to visit all the places they do. 
 photo Brighton.jpg
(image: source)

Brighton is where I've wanted to visit for the last few years. I think there's something about the beach and the idea of the little shops around the town. If it wasn't for the fact it would cost me almost £80 in train tickets well I'd have already been and visited this lovely looking town by the sea side. I know Brighton is publicised a lot more online, especially through blog and vlogs and I guess that's made my want to visit that little bit more. But because of all those online posts, it's shown me the places I'll want to visit, the shops look very individual and it looks like I'll enjoy myself a little shopping trip and all the cute little cafes and restaurants makes me sure I'll know where I want to go and eat. 

 photo Scotland.jpg

I have family who live near Edinburgh so I've been around Edinburgh so many times since I was little. But during summer Edinburgh is always so much fun, especially when Fringe Festival is about. So much entertainment during the day time for everyone & the evenings include so much fun; including comedians and shows. Around 5 years ago I had my first fringe festival experience where we saw the park filled with entertainment, which was great for my younger cousins and two years ago I went on an evening with my Aunt & Nan, and I watched a comedy show. It was great to see the other side to the festival and ever since I've been wanting to take Tom and to explore the city a little more. I may have been plenty times before, but I don't remember much of the city and I'd love to spend a weekend really getting to know the place, because it really is beautiful! 
 photo two_pods.jpg
Camping Pods - Cornwall or Wales

While I'm thinking of weekends away, I think this would count as a long weekend. But what a fun long weekend it would be. Camping but with a little more comfort and look how cute these pods are! Honestly I think I came across camping pods through Zoella's blog a few years ago and for a while myself and my friends, we've all been wanting to go camping but we've never actually gotten round to booking somewhere to stay. I'd love to price these up, get every body on board and take a drive down to one of these sites. I'm pretty sure you can find many sites around the UK which have these, however I know Wales and Cornwall definitely have places and when growing up those places were where I spent a lot of time on family holidays so going close to those places again would be so much fun! 

 photo Sherwood new build  051.jpg
(image: source)
Center Parcs & Spa

A couple days ago, I had this sudden urge to book some time away and some how Centre Parc's suddenly came to mind. I'm not sure why and I'm not sure if this will happen any time soon. Something about getting away to centre parc's just sounds lovely, the peace and quiet in the woods, but the beautiful looking hotels, the relaxation of spas and all the indoor and outdoor activities they have on offer. Honestly, it wasn't until I was writing this post where my friend Hannah made me aware theres spa's at the centres. Oh I guess until the day I can book a holiday here I'll day dream of the things I can get up to here! 

And there you have it, a little insight to my list of places I'd love to see. Something about this year has really brought out the wanderlust in me. This year is the first time I feel comfortable enough and have the money to book places and get away, and I'd love to look back on my year and think of all the most amazing places I've been and all the great things I've seen. I'm not even lying, I'm so close to packing my bag and making my way to the train station and see what place I find myself, oh if only life were that simple ey! 
Where's the places you want to visit most? Or your favourite weekend get aways, I'd love to know about them? 
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