Monday, 5 October 2015

September Favourites


All the monthly favourites, so I've mixed August and September together for this post as I took a little break at the end of August. 

There's a fair few beauty products this month, plenty I've boasted about for months on my blog and a few new bits and pieces. The first being makeup revolutions FLAWLESS palette. I'm obsessed with the colours available in this palette, I can create anything from a simple neutral look to an experimental smokey eye. A forgotten favourite made its way back into my life during August and is still having that love it deserves is the RUSSIAN RED from mac. This is beyond perfect for those days when my energy levels are low but I still want to look like I've made the effect, so a simple cat eye and a bold red lip works perfectly. Now benefits GIMME BROW & max factors FALSE LASH MASCARA have officially become staple items in my makeup routine, I love the effect both of these give to my brows and lashes and I can't see myself using anything else any time soon. My final two beauty products are lush products, both were first time buys at the beginning of August and I've been in love since. I've been using ULTRABLAND to clear my skin a few times a week, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and refreshed, the COMFORTER has finally been turned into a shower gel, which is a wonder for us folk who don't have the pleasure to use the sweet scent of the bubble bar. 

TV, Films & Books. 
While I was away in August I took my all time favourite book away with me and during all our busy plans I still managed to complete my book. WHERE RAINBOWS END is my ultimate book, and last year they turned it into a film LOVE ROSIE, so clearly it took me a few days to read the book and as soon as I was home it was a must to watch the film and I'm in love with both as much as the other. I've been re watching some of my childhood favourite films this months, a whole lot of Disney in preparation to my Disney trip in November. And on the other end of the spectrum I took my dad and my boyfriend to watch Legend last week and we all found this film amazing!! But bringing back the Disney talk, I massively missed out when I was younger..,I never watched BOY MEETS WORLD, terrible I know. Well, I started watching GIRL MEETS WORLD on Netflix only last week, I've already caught up on those episodes and onto season 3 of BOY MEETS WORLD. Oh how I love Mr Feenys life lessons and how Cory Matthews grew up to teach his daughter the same lessons, so perfect. 

everything else. 
Being as this is a two month favourites, it's a little difficult to remember everything I've been up to. During August I went on my first holiday in a few years, myself, my boyfriend and a few family member shared a week in a lovely 3-floored home. We ate food at Rick Stein's resturants, Sky-Wired across Eden Project & watched Bastille at Boardmasters festival, so much happened which I can now tick off my bucket list. I had such an amazing time away & I posted a few photos, here. Me and Tom also booked our first holiday together and we're off to Disneyland Paris in November, eeeek. I worked plenty of hours and slept a lot in-between it all. We celebrated my Dad's birthday and I treated the family to cinema tickets and snacks (with a little help from the perks of the job). A eat a little bit too much food and I've constantly watched Disney films. You can keep up to date with everything I do on my instagram, here.  

And you have it, my very busy two months, I mean even this post was published later than I'd liked. I have one more shift before a much need TWO days off. I've been working non-stop for almost two weeks now and my body can't handle it anymore, so I feel sorry for everyone who gets in my way. I hope you're all well & I'd love to hear your recent favourites too? 

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Insta-Style #2: Welcome October

Insta-Style #2: Welcome Autumn

Good morninggg October, it's lovely to finally see you. It's suddenly gotten colder, I can feel it in the crisp air. It's hit me that it's officially Autumn, the beginning to my favourite time of the year. I'm in love with the warmth of over-sized jumpers, thick scarves and thick socks, It's time to throw all my summer items in the back of my wardrobe and I'm excited to get to the shops for more winter clothing. 

JUMPER || Primark 
SCARF || Primark

I purchased this outfit from Primark a few weeks ago and I've practically lived in it since. Last year tartan scarves became extremely popular and I missed out on picking one up. So when I found this white design, for £5 I knew it had to be mine. And the jumper is now one of favourites, I don't own anything khaki and I have a feeling this is going to be popular throughout winter, something about this jumper makes me feel so cosy. The sleeves are a little tight around the arms which gives you that cosy effect. I don't know, I'm just in LOVE with these two items and will continue wearing both until I can't stand the site of them anymore.
Eeep, it's so much comfort in one outfit. I've had an extremely busy week of work and another ahead of me, so right now I'm wishing I was in something this comfortable instead of my work uniform. 

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Lush Skin Care Routine

Lush Skin Care Routine.

If you know me well and you've been reading my blog for some time, you'll be aware my skin-care is terrible...practically non-existent. Until this summer anyway, I decided it was time to make a change and have a test with what works on my skin and what doesn't. I've kept it simple and stuck to one brand in particular. A natural brand, who concentrate on using the best products which always turn out to work great on my skin.  So I thought I'd share with you the bits I've picked up over the past few months and how they're working with my skin...and to honestly tell you how well I've stuck to a routine. 

Truth be told, this isn't a religiously kept routine but a couple times a week using these products have left my skin feeling super smooth, with my some what crazy schedule...I struggle to find the energy to stick with a routine at night time and I'm still half asleep by the time I FINALLY wake up. But here's the products I've been using to keep my skin feeling fresh, when I'm not. 

I like to use this once I've removed my makeup, either spritzing this over my face or onto a cotton pad itself.  It says it in the name, but I find this so refreshing it smells wonderful too. Makeup can be stubborn and some-times it just doesn't want to leave my face, using this wipes away the rest and yeah, it just helps clear my face straight away! 

I ADORE ocean salt. Before finding this product I wanted something like this without knowing what I needed. When my face is having a breakdown and a breakout I automatically want to scrub at it, just scrub it clean and I never had a product that would do that before. The salt in this citrus filled scrub (which is my favourite scent, oh so fruity) really gets into the areas that I feel need it most...and I'll tell you know, this has been perfect this week as I've had a weird breakout.

Similar to the toner water, this works perfectly to clear up my skin. As a cleanser it really helps to clear out my skin, of both makeup and anything that makes me skin feel uncomfortable. I love the feel of the cream, I leave it to settle a little and then wipe away with a flannel. However one of the ingredients is bees wax and something about that and the smell puts me off this product...but I continue to use this because of benefits for my skin.

So there you have it, a little review and a little insight to my skin care. It's still a little out of routine and I need to work out a way of remember to use all these product in the morning or before bed, but I'm just too lazy for that!
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Friday, 18 September 2015

Holiday Haul: A Few Disney Essentials.

Holiday Haul; A few Disney essentials. 

Did you know I'm going to Disneyland? Well if you didn't I'm going to do a lot of talking about it for the next couple of months. At the start of the month I got a little over-the-top excited, I'd planned my week away with the help of Sarah & Danielle (thank you ladies) and I did a little bit of shopping *naughty-naughty* and thought I'd share everything with you. Last week I posted a holiday haul from my purchases back in August and apart from these two I haven't posted a haul in monthssssss, not since last year in fact. So in an attempt to make my blog a little all-rounded here's a quick little haul. 

If you hadn't already seen everything, yes, this is a primark haul. 
As we're going to Disneyland I need a few disney pieces to wear when we're in the park, we're also going in November so I need warm clothing. I picked this khaki jumper first for £10, this is actually available in a few other colours (note to self: mustard IS NOT my colour) it's so soft and it's already a go-to jumper for the up-coming colder days. On a separate shopping trip I went only looking for a backpack [which I didn't find] and first picked up this beautiful red, green & white tartan scarf for £5. Which I'd been longing for since last winter. OOoh and on to the DISNEY bits!! The princess pyjamas I NEEDED in my life. I tried to hold off a little longer and wait until payday but I worried I'd loose out and for around £12 I couldn't resist. And these are going to be the perfect night wear in Disneyland. The final purchase, which I almost didn't pick up was the Walt Disney quote t-shirt, but for £6 and the quote being so true I couldn't!! It's a surprisingly good fit and will be perfect for an easy outfit for long days around the park. And it's true growing up is optional!? 

While I'm searching for more disney & winter appropriate clothing, please send all suggestions & website my way. Also any tips and hints for spending my time in the park, I'd love those too! 
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Monday, 14 September 2015

Prairie Pizzazz ft Prairie Charms.

Prairie Charms: Prairie Pizzazz Box 
prairie charms - pizzazz box £25*

Good Afternoon Lovelies, 
Can I begin with saying how excited I was by the arrival of this box!?...just incase that doesn't come across throughout the post. I was beginning to get a little impatient with the arrival of the box and finally after what felt like a forever and a day of waiting, the box arrived LAST WEEK!? I've made a couple of purchases with the brand, they've been working closely with bloggers for over a year now. So when they got in touch about being involved I couldn't say no. Prairie Charms are introducing Prairie Pizzazz subscription boxes and this month's theme is Luau Party, it's perfect especially for those who aren't ready to let go of the bright colours of summer just yet! I received the perfect combination of colours, jewellery and snacks. 
So I guess you want to hear all about what was inside? I'll start off with the jewellery. The first thing I spotted was the glorious flower crown, the flowers are a little too big for me, however I'll try to wear this before summers completely over. A gold speckled scrunchie, which I'll more than likely use on a day to day basis to throw my hair out my eyes. Another exciting hair accessory were the bright-coloured hair ties, one's pink and glittery which I think I'll be using on my more girly days...possibly even taking in my bag when I'm in disneyland. The other a teal shade with gold flamingos...this I feel fits perfectly for the Luau theme of this box. Did you spot the gold chain with the beautiful purple shade charm? At first I thought it was a necklace and I was in love, to realise it's actually an anklet. Thankfully that didn't disappoint me, I've not worn an anklet since I was younger and this is the perfect item to bring that style back. Some pastel pink and white speckles which are for nail art [which I probably won't use, but pretty all the same]. And finally, the cutest piece of jewellery and perfect for everyone who wishes they were a mermaid. Yeah, a seashell hair grip..there are no words except for cute!? (another item I'll be taking to disneyland). Moving onto the snack; The first thing I spotted was the bamboo style paper straws and the bright pink flamingo stirrer, I can't wait to use those. I received a Hershey's chocolate bar, some teddy grahams and a strawberry and kiwi Kool-aid which, combined with the stirrer would be a great way to add some flavour to some alcohol, an attempt at a flavouring to some vodka - a cocktail attempt if you wish. 
I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with this brand. With the introduction to there boxes prices are currently at £25 however items are at the value of £50+. If money weren't an issues I know for a fact I'd be purchasing there more winter-themed boxes. And there you have it, my Prairie Pizzazz box, I was totally in awe with this box and can't wait to see what theme is created next. Did you receive one of these boxes, do you love it as much as I did? 
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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Insta Style #1: Inspired

Outfit post take #100,103,627, maybe? So I need to thank Jessie for the inspiration. I've always wanted to venture into outfit posts, not only to help my wardrobe but to create new content on my blog. So thank you Jessie, I can now try something new without worrying about stepping out of my comfort zone and I don't need to worry about the fact the photos are from my phone, it works and I like the simplicity of it. 


We've just entered the month of September, which means we're all suddenly ready for Autumn...well I am anyway. With that I dug out my favourite wooly hat and tried to wear it on what turned out to be a stupidly warm afternoon, so as you can probably believe it didn't last long. To complete this outfit I wore my very worn out leather jacket and my also worn out vans. Me and my mom spent the day at the shops, I picked up some princess pyjamas, a new wooly scarf and some food for your average Sunday roast, a simple but lovely afternoon. I then spent the evening snuggled up on the sofa with my boyfriend watching the Smurf's and doing plenty more Disneyland planning, I must admit my first full weekend off from work was just lovely and the thought of work in a few hours saddens me.  

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