Friday, 5 February 2016

January Favourites.

January Favourites. 

Is it too early in the year to say how fast 2016 is going? January flew straight past me, I don't think I've taken a moment to do much other than working, which by the end of February my bank balance will love me. This month if filled with new favourites and some forgotten gems, so let's get to it before I bore you too much; 

Last year I lost my love for makeup, I lost the love of trying new things and it was something I wanted to bring back this year. So before 2016 started I made an order with Superdrug and treated myself to a few new things, went shopping during January and did a little more and was treated to some beautiful things for Christmas also. So with a new mindset on makeup it was time to get practicing, I've been spending evenings testing eyeshadows, morning swatching lipsticks and generally trying new things when applying my makeup. Starting with my new products I've fallen head over heels for my new palette; urban decay naked smokey and mac navy times nine. Both were gifted to me as birthday presents from my boyfriend and brother, both who I'm proud of for finding these for me. Another new favourite is the Marc Jacobs diasy eau so fresh, this was part of a gift sale that was on sale after christmas and I just treated myself because, why not? I've used this like crazy since. My newest addition to my makeup collection was the rimmel scandal-eyes eyeliner, it had one tip which has angled edge which helps create both thin and thick flicks. I'm realistically still getting used to the product but on those good day it's work out so well and eyeliner is possibly my biggest down-fall. My final two beauty products we're forgotten favourites; the Rimmel match perfection foundation has become very loved and repurchased several times over the years. Digging out my makeup drawers over the last few weeks I came across my old favourite mascara, the L'Oreal miss manga mascara. It helps me have the longest lashes with so much volume, I fall in love every time I apply this mascara.

tv, films and books. 
In my downtime I've spent way to much time in front of Netflix this month. Not only have I been binge watching tv shows I've also been watching films. Watching old gems like Aladdin, Mary Poppins and to mark the 10th anniversary I couldn't resist watching High School Musical. Found a whole new love for Saving Mr Banks and watched the new Zac Efron film Dirty Grampa after work with a friend one evening. Speaking of work I also watched The Danish Girl, Joy, Daddy's Home and possibly a few more, job perks are great! While I've really been loving films this month I've also been obsessing over tv shows; Gilmore Girls is coming back to Netflix so obviously a re-watch of the previous 7 seasons was inevitable. I started watching That 70s Show..which I need to get back into. Pretty Little Liars came back to Netflix, which I've got a few episodes to catch up with, so no spoilers please?! And finally I dropped everything to re-watch Gavin & Stacey, for all my British readers you know the love for this show and if you aren't aware of this show...please give it a watch and thank me later! And as for books my friend gave me this Don't Sweat The Small Stuff...knowing how much of a stress-head I can be I was thankful for this present, I've been reading snippets throughout the month and can't wait to find the film to fully indulge in this book.

everything else. 
January was a good month for my blog, I gained 1200 followers through Bloglovin which was such an achievement, I doubled my pages views and I felt proud of my blog. However near the end of the month that all went tragically wrong, but we'll ignore that part. Since focusing more of my time to my blog I've also been using my iPad a lot more, using it in bed, watching tv shows or even doing a little blog reading before bed.

January has been very up and down for me, personally it's been a challenging month while my blog has really increased in the way I've always hoped it would. I can't wait to see how February works out for me.
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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Insta-style: January

The Monthly Insta-style: January. 

I thank Jessie, from all things beautiful for inspiring me to do this style of outfit posts. Too nervous and self conscious to stand in public and take photos, taking quick snaps on my phone was the easiest option. I wouldn't say I have the best fashion sense in the world, but I like to give it a good go. I've taken these photos throughout January and due to already having posts scheduled worried that they'd get lost in my drafts and never used. So I've decided to start combining my outfit posts as a monthly roundup. Whether that be sharing forgotten gems, new favourites and some of my staple fashion pieces. 

1. At the beginning of the month I treated my family to a cinema trip to watch The Danish Girl (a must watch btw). It was a lovely evening after a lazy day in my pj's. As I'd spent all day in my pj's I wanted to dress up a little bit, I paired some jeans with my trusted owl pattern peplum top which I brought from New Look almost 3 years ago now. To give it that more relaxed approach, I wore this with my green distressed jacket. It's oversized feel makes it's super comfortable to wear with any outfit. Admittedly I ran out of time and ended up wearing minimal eye makeup, instead completed my look with a deep purple lip, which worked perfectly. 

2. We all have that lazy day outfit don't we? Well the plaid shirt has become mine, I'm honestly obsessed with this shirt. I wear it alone or unbuttoned with another top underneath. While this was essentially worn as a lazy day outfit, I still wear this for everyday wear. It's just so lightweight and cosy that I like to wear this as much as possible. 

3. I purchased this oversized t-shirt back in the summer, I love the ombre colours with the astrology and hasma hand design. I wore this on my holiday back in the summer and it made it's way to the back of my wardrobe; since wearing it with my distressed jeans I want to make this a more worn item of clothing. A perfect t-shirt to keep my comfortable but with a design which gives it a little something. The day I wore this, I paired it with my Doc Marten floral boots and my leather jacket and went out with a friend for a milkshake, I definitely felt very 'rock-chic' in this outfit.

4. So far my month has been full of lazy attire...I promise you, I haven't been as lazy as this post sounds. When I'm working I'm in uniform so there's nothing to share, these are all from day off. Which many of them were spent either seeing friends or something I threw on while I typed away at my computer. The last outfit being a blogging day outfit. I think I spent the afternoon blogging and spent that evening with my boyfriend, but everything's become a blur I can't really remember. I was having an i miss disney kind of day, I never thought these feelings would be possible, so in an attempt to cheer myself up I put on my Minnie Ears and dance around my bedroom to some disney classics.

5. I'm obsessed with this t-shirt, I find it the most fashionable graphic tee I own. While others you can tell are tacky primark (I still love them), this one has another vibe to it and I'm obsessed. I've been wearing this quiet regularly, so to pinpoint the date I actually wore this is a little difficult. With it being a grey graphic tee, I tend to throw on my jeans and some comfortable shoes and it's pretty simple that way.

6. It's official, I've finally found my love for stripes. For years I've loved stripes in outfit but for some reason never felt entirely comfortable in them. This t-shirt again is a simple primark tee which has been in my wardrobe for just over 2 years now. It's an oversized/boyfriend fit style and at the time I loved it so much I brought it in blue and white also, but the love for this tee comes and goes. Last weekend I had a meeting at work and while I'm forever in comfys or my uniform when I go to work (comfies for while I'm watching the films...obviously) I wanted to put more effort into my style. I felt so comfortable and rock chic, it felt great! 

And that's January's style. I'm going to make this post a monthly thing, though I worry that some posts will have more or less than others, but it's okay..I'm finding my place in the fashion blogging world and this is my first little step. I'm also hoping to have a clear out of my wardrobe during February and to figure out my 'style' which of course also means shopping. So watch this space and I hope you enjoyed this little post. 
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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Prairie Charms Christmas Box

Prairie Charms Christmas Box. 

Merry Belated Christmas from Prairie Charms! I know the christmas season has passed now, but sadly this beautiful box didn't arrive at my door until the New Year, I took the photos straight away and have been excitedly waiting to share my thoughts with you. To create this box Prairie Charms wanted their blogging team involved, putting us into groups based on our interested. We got to help design and share our thoughts, meaning each item in this box is from a certain design team; I was in in Team Rock Chic, and I'll share which was our design further down. So without too much waiting around, here's all the beautiful bits I received. 

Antler headband & plaid bow. I'm literally in love with both of these hair pieces. I don't have many hair accessories and wished that this has arrived before Christmas so I could've worn the headband to my Christmas meals.  I'm obsessed with the glittery gold which is perfect for Christmas time but I also love the contrast of colours with the blues. I'm also in love with the blue/green plaid hair bow, I'd been looking for a bow to wear over Christmas but sadly never found one, what I like about this box is that I can actually wear this all year round and no-one question it. 

Personalised Notebook. I designed this!! Yep, me! As part of our Team Rock Chic group we wanted to design and create something that you could use all year round, many suggested were thrown around and during one of my many sleepless nights I'd come up with the idea for notebooks, every blogger needs one!? While the design is the same for everyone on the outside, the inside includes the most adorable quote along with the tag line 'this journal is for...'. This book is perfect to throw in my bag and to jot down any ideas when I'm on my travels.

Eye-mask and hydrating cream. Hats off to whoever came up with this idea! The eye mask is the most adorable thing ever, it's super soft and I keep using this at night...I have a little bit of light that shines at me through my curtains at night and I've now got something to stop that frustrating me, yipeee!? 

Snowy Mountain Hot Chocolate kit. I'm so excited by this, but I also never want to use it. This is the cutest little hot chocolate kit I've ever seen. It's own little mug would've been perfect. You can add the chocolate coins (and your own chocolate), you add the majority of the chocolate powder and use the rest for decoration at the end. To complete add whipped cream, the ski pole marshmallows and complete. 

Glitter bauble necklace. I'm in love with this necklace. The first thing that caught my eye was the silver bag it came in and I was desperate to find out what was inside. There were many different colours available and after taking note I was getting bored of pink, Prairie Charms remembered and I received the golden colour instead and I was in love, I popped in on the first day and should probably start wearing it again. 

Gingerbread & Candy Cane Melts.  These smell devine...just like the melts from my last box. Sadly I don't have a way of using this, and until I finally make that purchase these will sadly be unused. But they smell wonderful and they're super adorable.

Christmas Cards & Gift Tags. How adorable are these? I'm gutted I have to wait until the end of the year to use this, and by that point I'll probably still be in love with them that I won't want to use them...yep, I'm that person. Each gift tag has a different design; either with glitter, fabric and wooden embellishments, the crafty lover in my is obsessed! The cards are such wonderful and simplistic design which I'll probably use to send some best friends this christmas. 

And that's everything! Apologies that this post is so late, I wanted to write this along with all my christmas related posts throughout December but unfortunately it didn't arrive until afterwards. 

I've received boxes from Prairie Charms since the summer and I'm very much obsessed. Not only do they focus of created new themes for each box, they concentrate on making something different for each person; focus on their likes and dislikes, they take everything on board. They ask you questions about your favourite things and read your posts to get your reactions. I love working with Prairie Charms and I'm so grateful for the time and effort they've put into working with me and other blogger, I can't wait to see what collaborations we work on in 2016. 

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Innocent Collection Palette: Freedom Makeup

Innocent Collection Palette: Freedom Makeup Review. 

I get very excited when it comes to new palettes, more excited than I should admit. 2015 saw me changing the way I wear makeup and eyeshadows became a big thing because of that, near the end of the year I'm not sure whether it was lack of motivation or that I was far too busy but my makeup took a back seat and all that practicing and effort had all vanished. So when I received this palette free with my latest Superdrug order I knew it was time to get my skills back.

Last Tuesday I stayed in my pj's for the majority of my day, decided to take some bulk photographs for future blog posts and drag out the makeup collection. I've never been happier to see a palette arrive at my doorstep; my preferred shades, a variety of mattes and shimmers and it didn't cost me a thing, whoop!? It seemed to focus on my favourite shades; red, golds and browns were my first choices, once I began to create this look I noticed how these shades were all too similar to each other. All the pinks and red looked far too close in shade to the other pinks and reds, again with the golds and I really struggled to find a brown to use to give my eye that definitive look. I also noticed how familiar the pale shades were too. Everything kind of felt repeated...You may disagree and see a variety of shades but as I was applying colours to my eyes I couldn't really see much difference. That being said, once I'd selected the colours to use I stuck to them and I was obsessed with the look I created. Just like the deep red looks I've been creating throughout winter, but with a hint of darkness, this created a look that felt both subtle to wear everyday but also had the definition I crave for when putting on eyeshadows, it's safe to say that even with my doubt on the colours, I'd created a look that I hadn't achieved before.

My head definitely in two minds as to whether this palette will become part of my staple makeup routine, it's tough competition with the Makeup Revolution Flawless palette being my favourite for the last 12 months. I tried and tested this palette to give my overall decision, the look I created last hours; all day in fact and that's a plus for any of us, especially when we apply makeup for a day at work. All shades I used for this look were build-able, the silvers & lighter shimmers were practically perfect while the golds needed a little more work when it came to pigmentation. I can see this palette being the one I use to increase my use of mattes as they were never my go-to shades until it came to this palette.

A rather confused review I know; while I'm a little disappointed with pigments & shades and I'm overall impressed once I got the colours from the brush to lid. Taking a little more work and it'll take me a little more practice but I'll continue to use this palette for the next few months and maybe come back to you with a more definite review then. 

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

10 Things To Do At Disneyland Paris.

10 Things To Do At Disneyland Paris.

Originally I wanted to list a few things that I recommend you do or see while you're in this magical place, it's now turned itself into a little list of things to do before you book, when your planning and while you're there. I just hope that everything comes across nice and clearly and that I can help if you're planning a trip to Disneyland Paris. 

1. Research everything before you book. 
I began doing a little research before we booked our holiday, but realised I didn't do enough. While I still had an amazing time we went between Halloween & Christmas, we'd just missed the Halloween parades and adventures and left the day the Christmas excitement began. I found it fascinating to watch the transition of the park, but wish I'd experienced more festive fun. Research is your best friend when it comes to these types of things, the official website, unofficial websites, blogs and youtube videos 

2. Check for closures, peak times and any special events. 
This connects well with the point above, I'd been sent this link from a fellow disney lover, where I could see all of the plans onsite at Disney. Closures, peak times, special events, opening times, restaurants and everything I needed. I sadly didn't read this until after our trip had been booked, we'd already choose to go on an off peak time so that we already knew. We weren't aware of closures and sadly 'It's A Small World' and 'Big Thunder Mountain' were both closed for refurbishments at the time. We also found out which park would be open for Extra Magic Hours and go to see the prices and menus for ALL of the restaurants; in Disney Village and in the parks.  

3. Walk along Main Street and admire it's beauty. 
This may seem like a very obvious or very stupid point! But seriously, just do it! Once you've walked in the entrance and you see the beauty that's Main Street and the Castle, of course. Just stand right in the middle and take it all in, do it particularly on your first day or everyday, whichever you'd prefer!? 

4. Make the most of extra magic hours. 
I made sure we did this every day, our breakfast tickets were for 7am. So we were up bright and early every morning to tackled the craziness that was the buffet breakfast. We'd have eaten and walked towards the park every morning to arrive at Walt Disney Studios Park for our Extra Magic Hours. If you're unaware, extra magic hours is given to those who're staying in a Disney Hotel, meaning you get given two hours with just others staying in the hotels; while it can still be busy from this, it's certainly quieter at 8am. Queue times were shorter during our whole trip, but with The Walt Disney Studios is aimed 

5. Go on as many rides as possible. 
This was easier during our visit as queue times were barely 10 minutes long. I became an adrenaline junkie during our trip and once we'd been on the ride once I was ready to go on again and again. Even after both of us felt motion sick from the rides, I was still desperate to get on them again. So if you're ever there during the off peak seasons and queue times are lower, make the most of it and get on the rides until you can't handle them no more. It's safe to say we went on every single ride that was open because of this. When queue times were longer we decided to use the Fast Past service or single rider services to limit our wait time. I miss Twilight Tower of Terror so much right now, my favourite ride of the trip.

6. Do at least one meet and greet. 
I say at least one, because sadly that's all I managed. If you're going with someone who is more up for this, then try and attempt as many as possible. I knew that meet and greets wasn't something Tom wanted to do and I didn't want to make him wait around for hours at a time to not enjoy himself. Luckily on our first morning in the parks, I spotted a meet and greet for Chip and Dale. The queue was short as it was during Extra Magic Hours, I waited less than 20 minutes. Had the most amazing time with them and wished so desperately that I could meet more. I watched many children meet characters such as: Alice, The Mad Hatter, Cinderella, Mickey & Minnie, Goofy and Donald Duck. I know on my next visit I want to dedicate a day to meeting characters.

7.Watch the parade and Disney Dreams at least once. 
Due to our plans and the amount of things we wanted to see we only watched the Parade on our first day. The show time was at 5:30pm, just as it was going dark and it felt too crowded for me. Specially to find a stop for a girl of my height to watch it and some of the families didn't care that someone was there, they'd barge in...and fighting in the crowds isn't for me. I wish I went again to get better photographs but we used this time to go around the park again while it was quieter. Another must see is the Disney Dreams display at the end of every park day. It's honestly the most beautiful firework display you'll watch. Connecting stories and characters with music and film scenes, along with the beautiful colours and fireworks all around the Sleeping Beauty Castle. We watched this 3 times in all, I think. But again the pushing from the families was a little off putting.

8. Wait until later in the evening to eat in Disney Village 
Something myself and Tom highly suggest is wait until later in the evenings to pop to for food. Disney Dreams usually ran at 7pm, and as soon as the show finished everyone was walking through the Village for food or to get back to their hotels, so it gets very busy, very quickly. What we learnt was by 9/10pm most families were either sat down and eating or back in their hotels to get their kids to bed. So we'd spent a couple of hours in our hotel room, watching Disney channel, napping or taking a bath before going back out again. By this time the wait time for a table was almost non-existent and made the night last a little longer too.

9. Treat yourself to Park exclusives. 
While the selection of park exclusives is smaller compared to what's available in Florida & California, there's still a few items and gifts you can't buy from the Disney Store. If you're a little shopaholic like me you'll probably know what's exclusive and what you can get back home. I tried to pick up a few gifts I wouldn't find again; treating myself to a Alice in Wonderland mug, keyring and Tom even bought me the most adorable Mickey Mouse ring, with our March Birth's love!

10. Relax, enjoy and have the most amazing time. 
And simply, HAVE FUN. 
I struggled terribly with my anxiety during this trip, I think a first holiday without my parents and being somewhere new really took it out of me. Each day I tried to ignore the worry and the nerves that were trying to take over and just enjoy my time...maybe that's why I loved the rides so much, they kept my mind distracted. 
I had the most magical time in Disneyland and I'm desperate to go out soon. It's been almost 3 months since our trip and I'm already pricing it up to go again. 
Are you planning a Disney trip? When are you going? I hope my little tips help you at all. 

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Friday, 22 January 2016

What's In My Bag?

What's in my Bag?

I've been wanting to do this post forever, for the past three years possibly? I've always found the contents of my bag to be pretty boring, who want's to see my purse and phone? Since christmas, I've received a new bag and new purse...and I was inspired to share not only those items but the little bits and pieces that have taken home in my new handbag. I'd watched one of Lily Melrose's videos a few months ago and I fell head over heels for this bag, since then I think she's stopped using this bag but I thank her for sharing this with us and it now becoming my favourite every-day bag. 

The Essentials. 
The bag from ASOS has it's become my best friend since christmas day. Over the last few weeks before christmas all my handbags had fallen apart and I was walking round with my card and phone in hand, and that's never a good idea! I'm obsessed with the faux leather effect with the chunky gold clips, it's a double compartment bag, so I've been trying to separate my bits and trying to make the contents of my bag a little more of an organised mess. I'd also asked for a new purse for Christmas and send my momma a few cheeky links and on Christmas morning I'd opened a present from my Aunt & Uncle and it was the purse I'd asked for, so thank you both. I love the kharki colour with the gold detailing, the gold works well with the bag too. The purse buttons up and folds out, plenty of space for my cards and space for cash too. It opens out in a way that the width of the purse is a place to pop your coins. 

The Technology. 
I was given my iPod Classic when I was 16, almost 7 years later and it's always on me. While I haven't updated the library for a while as I use spotify the majority of the time, my iPod is perfect when I'm travelling into work or taking a little walk somewhere so I always need in my bag just incase. Of course my iPhone 6 would follow me everywhere, I'm lost without the thing. This 3 in 1, lens kit for my phone was another christmas present. Simply attaching the lens to my phone I can take; marco, wide angle and fish eye effect photos, so this stays in my bag for easy access if I fancy using it while I'm out and about. Another Christmas present was my Sony HX90 Camera, I'd been after a new camera for well over a year now and I'd fallen head over heels with this one. Myself and Tom went halves for this as my christmas present (yet, I've had it since out Disney trip). In an attempt to use this frequently it's kept in my bag, though unless it's a day out or special event my phone usually gets picked up first. 

The Beauty.
I'm not one to carry much makeup with me, I'd be carrying things for the sake of popping them in my bag. Once I've applied my base and done my eyes, my makeup doesn't tend to get touched, yet the days I wear lipstick (which isn't as often as I'd like) I like to throw the shade in my bag incase I decided to have a little touch bags are the first place I have to look when I loose my favourite lipsticks. 

And The Rest.
Ah, the bits of junk that find there way into the bottom of your bag, I've been using this bag for less than a month and already I'm collecting receipts. Luckily at the moment it's not too messy, rather a pen, cinema tickets and costa receipts from work. It'll soon get a whole lot messier, with many more cinema, bus and train tickets probably. 

And that's it, the inside of my bag. I'm completely in love with this bag and have been for a few months. I'm so grateful that my parents purchased this for me and I can now use a strong bag that won't break after a few uses. 

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