Tuesday, 26 May 2015


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Woo, guess who finally made her first beauty box subscription. That's right, I did! I've been wanting to find the right one for me for years and most of the time I've never had the money to make the commitment. But this month, I did and I just couldn't stop myself making the order. Now I'm sure you're all clued up on how they work, and if you're not...well, you chose the subscription you want. You can either pay for a year, 6 months or simply just for that month alone. EASY! You fill in a beauty profile and Birchbox does the rest. Obviously many of the samples are what everybody receive that month, but one or two are specific to you're profile needs. 
And this month this is what I got: 

PARLOR: Sea Salt Spray // £17 
I honestly feel saddened to say I tried this product and just didn't like it! The scent, I found weird...I want to say it smelt like apples, but then it's said to be peaches and freshly-cut grass, erm nope! And it didn't give my hair the texture I thought it would. The sample bottle size, is something I'm not surprised by...it's the perfect sample size. However the product is worth £17 and is said to add texture and nourish my hair and I just didn't feel it did either of those things. I feel really guilty for feeling this way, especially as this is highlighted as the BIRCHBOX EXCLUSIVE! 

CAUDALIE: Tinted Moisturiser // £27 
I like this product. I really do! I haven't used it religiously since it arrived at my door, but I've tried and tested tinted moisturisers before and while not all worked with my skin (one gave me a rash before, ew). This one worked nicely, an coverage which evened out my skin tones, which I didn't realise till recently was different, hmm!

NUDE: Omega Treatment Oil // £58 
I haven't had the chance to test this product out just yet. I've had a busy couple of weeks lately & an extremely busy one just past...so potentially using this soon might be the best idea for me. Sadly, I find the sample size, TINY! So I'm not too sure how it'll work and how many times I'll use it before it runs out. But time will tell & we'll see. 

WAH LONDON!: Nail Polish // £7 
I like this colour and oddly I like the bottle too! I haven't had the chance to use the polish just yet, as I'm not too sure work would allow the bold colour...and I'm not about cleaning it off the night before, I leave a polish on till it just chips away, gross I know! 

Stila: Lip Glaze // £15 
So, when I first opened this birchbox, I saw the Stila product first and got all excited about it. But sadly I'm so disappointed. I know, I know, HOW?! Well, basically I'm not a fan of lip gloss...seriously, hate it! This product is just way too sticky, feels extremely thick on my lips and just doesn't feel comfortable.  Overall, I'm just not a fan! 

Liz Earle Beauty CO: Hot Cloth & Cleanser // £15.50
I've not always used or been a fan of skincare. Normally because the products I use either leave my skin feeling worse or causing a break out, so I've always steer clear. From time to time I want to try new products and I guess this will be one of those products. I haven't had the chance to use this just yet but I am looking forward to giving this a try! I always find the size adorable and I love how it came with a muslim cloth to use with it. 

Number 4: Reconstructing Masque // £36 
My hair is always in need of some treatment. I feel as thought my hair has been in terrible condition for the past few years. Everything I try doesn't exactly work. At the moment, I have a few bright colours in my hair...I'm going to wear this colour away before going back to the boring shade of my natural colour. I think then I'll give this little sachet a chance. 

And thats everything! Overall, my feelings are mixed. Sounds sad I know, I purchased my first subscription box and I'm just not in love with it. It won't stop me from purchasing a few more...the thought of receiving a few products each month does make life that little more manageable on those difficult days. And to receive 5-7 products in a little box for only £12.95 and the real prices of the products being so much higher well that's pretty great really isn't it! 

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Current Favourites

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Current Favourites

Yhew, who's missed me? I'm BACK! So you may be aware be aware I took a small blogging break. And just because I took a break didn't mean I stopped obsessing over makeup or all things beauty, so I've been keeping lists and jotting down notes like I never even stopped. So to come back I wanted to share the things I've been loving non-stop lately.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Taking A Much Needed Break.

Goodbye Blog...

I really do have a way of making things seem twice as bad as they really are. But the truth is, I'm taking a break from my blog, Time To See The Stars will be on a short hiatus. 
Maybe not for long, maybe for a while. I haven't yet decided. I'm not even too sure why I'm writing this post, maybe I'm seeing this as that last little push of motivation to write to you all. Sadly that's it, it's the motivation, I've lost it. Too much drama and fall out has been happening in the blogging world lately I've lost my love for something that kept me distracted from the real world, my blog, the writing and connected with so many other people has become my little bubble away from my real life. It sounds crazy because it is my real life, I'd never associate myself as a blogger towards friends or work colleagues but lets be honest, with friends I've made online and the people I speak to through my blog, that's exactly what I am. Everything I purchase, everything I love and anything that makes me creative I want to share online and I honestly want to be part of this community...but right now, it's time to take a step back and bring back that love I once had. I want to take more time to concentrate on improving my blog, my photography and reading everyone else's blog in my spare time. You may be aware that I'm currently working two jobs, trying to balance those, see my boyfriend in our spare time and have some sort of social life...being that blogger and having posts ready every other day has slightly become impossible. So for the next few weeks, I'll still be online but maybe not so much over here. You'll be sure to find me on TWITTER, and my TWO INSTAGRAM profiles...here & here

Hopefully when I make my come back I'll be closer to 1000, better photography, a little more vocabulary, a new schedule and maybe a new blog design. So keep an eye out and don't miss me too much, okay? In the mean time, any inspiration for posts or even post suggestions would really help bring that motivation.

(p.s. the day I hit ONE THOUSAND bloglovin followers, I'm hoping to do the biggest and nicest giveaway I've been wanting to do for well over a year now.)
I hope you're all well and I'll be speaking to you again soon :)
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Friday, 24 April 2015

Cover & Conceal: ft Makeup Revolution

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Concealer Palette; Makeup Revolution

|| concealer palette - £6 || 
If you read my disappointing review on the MUA concealer palette, didn't well you can catch up, here. Basically, it worked for the basics but wasn't best for me. So a few weeks I FINALLY got my hands on the Make Up Revolution concealer palette. Something I'd been eyeing up for what felt like forever. I never seemed to have enough money to put through an online order, so forever waited until I found it in store and when I did there was no letting go of the palette...you know just incase someone tried to pinch it off me? 
I purchased the LIGHT palette, so all shades are practically similar to my own skin tones. I would've tested the medium/darker shades more for contouring but me being me chickened out and wasn't sure if it would work out well enough for me and my funds just couldn't justify spending money on a product that I wouldn't use. My one issue with my MUA palette was they hit pan pretty quickly, and while these certainly lasted a little while longer it's been used just over a month and I'm hitting pan on most of the shades now...not entirely the biggest problem in the world, just a tad irritating as I'll run out of my most used before the rest (but that's just a little too obvious isn't it?). Because of this I tend to focus my attention testing out all EIGHT shades. Using the lightest of the days my face needs a little lift and the darker shades on those days when I want a little, more like the tiniest amount of definition. Works wonders for just those reasons alone, but not just that, it does exact what it's  meant to and that's conceal blemishes and lately that the only reason I've been using this. As I've been extremely busy as of lately, using this daily for the extra coverage isn't possible so using just the one shade, I'll pop in the areas most needed [which is usually under my eyes and any spots] and simple, I'm done for the day. Primer, foundation and this product means I do have coverage throughout the day...this alone I couldn't tell you how long it lasts but for me it seems to last the length I need it and well that's good enough to me!

I'm on a serious need of a binge spend with Makeup Revolution soon, especially since it's payday weekend what better way to celebrate than make a big makeup order...so any suggestions, please send those my way.
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Sunday, 19 April 2015

MAC Cinderella: The Shadows

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MAC Cinderella - Stroke of Midnight Shadows. 

You may or may not have noticed I've recently taken a little step back from my blog, mainly because work took over and in my spare time I wanted to fill out my PROJECT LIFE scrapbook. I know I'm living the life of someone almost double my age...but I'm having so much fun. So yesterday I decided it was time to kick myself up the butt and get my blogging game back to the point it was. For work lately I've been keeping minimal, mainly the base and a touch of mascara...something I never thought I'd do now I'm so into my makeup. With yesterday being a day off, I dug out all my GOOD makeup and had a play around. I felt like the MAC cinderella palette had sat in my makeup drawers and gathered dust...lets be honest I received it three weeks ago, used it a couple of times and it stayed in my the drawer for a little while. It hadn't gathered dust at all, it was still practically brand new! The morning of this collection launch, I was up and waiting to make my purchase, quickly sent through my money before waiting only -two days maybe- before the product arrived at my door. Sadly from the 10th March, I had to hand the product over to my boyfriend and wait until the 23rd to get it back as my BIRTHDAY present. My boyfriend doesn't shop online and me purchasing it on the collection day meant I definitely got the eyeshadows I wanted, it's not weird okay?

I'm seriously in love with this palette. I'm also seriously in love with the cinderella film, so this goes hand in hand nicely for any DISNEY fan. 4 shimmers and 2 matte shades, this works well for girls who like both a subtle look and a girl like me who loves the smokey eye. The colours from top to bottom are - VAPOUR - PHLOOF - OMEGA - QUARRY - SATIN TAUPE - STROKE OF MIDNIGHT - and I ADORE each and every shade. Omega is the green toned shade, something I wouldn't naturally choose but within this works so so well. If you've been reading my blog for a while you may be aware of my smokey eye love and my deep colours, so you'll understand my love for this. Of the six, I can't say I have one favourite...so have my TOP FOUR: Phloof, Quarry, Satin Taupe & Stroke of Midnight will definitely become go-to shades. Phloof has this amazing highlight and glitter effect which really brightens up the corners of my eyes, while Stroke of midnight is the perfect glittery shade of the crease of my eye...also black with purple tones & lots and lots of glitter, bonus!  I'm sure you're all aware that of these six shades only Stroke of Midnight was new and made for this collection whereas each other can be purchased individually. Being as I'm just starting a MAC shadows collection this was perfect for me and honestly can see myself using all these shades until they're unusable anymore...[I want to slap myself for not taking my photos of this product before I started using it too, as I slightly water damaged some of them].

Anyone else pruchased this palette when this collection launched? Are you just as much in love and have you seen the film, I'm sure you're in love with the film too aren't you?
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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Trying New Things ft Prairie Charms

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Prairie Charms || Trying Something New 

 || floral crown £30 || limited edition necklace £18 ||
|| nail glitter £6.50* || hair ties £12* || 

Please tell me I'm not alone when it comes to being stuck in a rut? Doing the same old things, day in and day out...That's my feelings about everything in my life lately, and that even includes my accessories. I've not always been the biggest accessory person wearing them only when I feel they match my outfit or I'm feeling adventurous enough. So when PRAIRIE CHARMS got in touch with me about there products I jumped straight onto their website and noticed how everything was slightly out of my comfort zone and for once I didn't fear or hold back. I picked two products and made my purchase, with my purchases Prairie Charms also sent me two goodies too. And I'll be honest with you now, everything is entirely new to me! I've eyed up floral crowns for years and thought that wouldn't suit me, the necklace is something I've always wanted to buy and just didn't. The hair ties have always looked so cute I've just never picked any up and the glitter for my nails has always worried me slightly (not in I'm scared of it, more I don't know how well it'll work out for me). I didn't think it would excite me as much as it did, but the day these came to my door I ripped up the packaging and completely fell in love with EVERYTHING.