20 facts.


  1. for a few years, i wasn't keen on my first name. I've slowly come to love it. 
  2. I've followed in my daddy's footsteps in my love for photography, he just needs to teach me now
  3. i love being able to take photos, capture something, and keep a memory alive.  
  4. If I could I'd redecorate my room every few months, I probably would. but for now, i'll move everything around. 
  5. because of this I'm a believer in the idea of feng shui
  6. my ultimate dream is to travel across america and australia
  7. visiting disney world & all theme parks in florida are also on my travelling list 
  8. if i could be a disney princess for a day, i'd gladly accept 
  9. my granddad once told me i'd marry a rich man, so i've told my boyfriend he's gotta become rich to keep me (he happily agreed)
  10. if i could dance professionally, i would 
  11. my career goals vary from photographer to interior designer to clothes designer. 
  12. following a career goal, i one day wish to live in a studio apartment in new york. as cliché as it sounds 
  13. If i could move out tomorrow, i'd more than likely say yes 
  14. I need the chance to become more independent and grow up 
  15. one of my biggest regrets is living at home throughout university, however I would've missed out of becoming friends with the greatest people I know. 
  16. my friends are what keep me sane, half of the time anyway. but i wouldn't change them for the world. 
  17. i started making friendship bracelets in the summer & will try just about anything craft related
  18. i'm seen as one of those shy until you get to know me kind of girls 
  19. I dyed my hair 4 times last year, all because i'm easily bored. still regretting the decision to get blonde.  
  20. every year I convince myself this year will go better than last and so far so good. 


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