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Even though this book series is old now...2009 kind of old, I thought why not give a review anyway. These are a list of books I've chosen to read and have not been essential university reading. 

I remember having to wait weeks to start reading this series, and once I got hold of each book I wouldn't put it down for hours. Bear in mind, I'm not a fan of reading books, this is one I really enjoyed. I found each chapter more interesting than the last, making me read on and each character had a background which I'd spend my time trying to connect to one of Lauren's co-stars on 'The Hills'. The book follows the life of a young girl moving too Hollywood and getting to grips with living in the Hills, when she's given opportunity to star in a reality show, following 'Jane Roberts' and other young girls bringing them together as friends and enemies, throughout all three books. Following five girls, in their everyday life, at work, with friends and even relationships. 

The main character in the series, is easily seen as the girl next door type, the girl who had all the luck in high school, and as I read on about her characters profile, I was imagining Lauren Conrad as 'Jane Roberts' throughout the series. Throughout the first book 'L.A Candy', each girl was introduced. Her best friend 'Scarlett' in the series had elements of both Heidi and Audrina. Along with fame hungry enemy Madison, who had the traits of Heidi in the later series of 'The Hills' and Hannah, who is Jane's work colleague helping her through her new job and lifestyle, who reminded me of the loving Whitney.
As I've mentioned more than once, this book was really enjoyable & as a Lauren Conrad fan, makes me proud of what she's accomplished during and since being part of 'The Hills'. Even though this is set out as a novel and we're meant to believe that the characters really aren't based on anyone specific, this is a great insight to the life in reality television, showing the truth and the lies that are created from the producers, for the story lines, audience and ratings. Top marks to LC who provided us some what nobodies from around the world to understand how it can be like living as a reality star. 

From this series, Lauren Conrad has also written a novel series, 'The Fame Game', which is centred around 'Jane Roberts' enemy in 'L.A Candy', 'Madison Parker'. I was brought two books from this novel series for christmas and yet to read them, so once I've settled back into university, It'll be time to start reading and give the next set of books a review. 


  1. Hi thanks for following :) I really admire Lauren Conrad, she has impeccable style and I've bought her book 'Style', it's so elegant and classy. I havent read these books but they sound like a fun read!

  2. Hey. No worries, thank for following too! I really find it hard to concentrate when reading, but I really enjoyed these books. I was given 'Beauty' for christmas, which I've loved looking through, and I've been thinking of adding 'Style' to my bookshelf. Which by the sounds, I might have to do that soon hehe.

  3. i really want these books, they look like a good read. Cute blog :)


    1. I found them really fun to read, I'd suggest giving them a go!
      thankyou, you too.

      -sarah xo


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