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late night uni work - favourite new snack - new dvd's for my collection
throwback, cleaning finds - twitter update - cat knows how to steal the dogs seat
hot chocolate treats - my mess of a room - after work selfie 

This past week has been reading week/half term, so I spent it as a typical student: being lazy or occasionally leaving my house to meet my friends. My week also involved, a trip out my mom and nan, a shopping trip and usually when I've got time off, I'll use my spare time to clear out my room and my wardrobe. 

1. only selfie this week, after my day at work, I came straight home to start making notes and trying my best to become the good student I need to be. 
2. Being as it was half term, I decided at some point during the week I really needed to clear out my room, this usually happens whenever I've got the time every couple months. 
3. m&s hot chocolate and brownie, after an afternoon of shopping with my mother and nan, which was lovely, even if I got picked on most of the afternoon! 
4. My cat caught on to what he needs to do if he wants the seat the dogs on, even if he's asleep as soon as the cats anywhere near him the dog will wake up freak out and run off. 
5. considering I was hoping for the week off, my two worst lectures were still on on friday, so I took upon myself to take the day off and relax for a while 
6. When cleaning out my room I found an old Busted scarf that I brought when I went to one of their concerts back in 2003/2004! It was part of my birthday present and I loved that day. Hopefully I never throw the scarf away...or loose it
7. After a failed cinema trip, I hit the shops and had some luck when looking for new dvd's in CEX. 7 dvd's altogether came to around £15, some old stuff and a lot of romanic and chick flicks, but sometimes i'm a sucker for that kind of thing.  DVD's include: 'Ratatouille', 'In Her Shoes'. 'Just Like Heaven', 'Chicago', 'Twilight: New Moon and Eclipse' and 'The Breakfast Club'. I've only had them a few days and already watched most of them. 
8. My new favourite snack, Special K cereal bars. Recently I've tried cutting out chocolate and crisps from my diet but I got my hands on these and I love them. I'm still trying to keep chocolate out of my diet, but if I'm having a bad day least I have these to eat instead. 
9. Because I had an early morning and wild plans after I got home from seeing my boyfriend; my saturday night consisted of a few episodes of Dawson's Creek and making more uni notes to catch up on things I'd missed during the week! 

Safe to say, this weeks been a bit slow, nothing overly exciting but not the worst week ever. 


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