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After watching Fleur DeForce's valentines memory box youtube video, I was inspired to create my own memory box, collecting memories and photos with my family, friends and my boyfriend. 
I've already got bits and bobs collected all over my room from things I've done over the last couple years, so I thought making a memory box would be the perfect place to keep everything altogether, plus I love a good reason to collect as many memory objects as possible! 

All I needed for this box, was an old shoe box with a proper lid and some wrapping paper. I did go to a craft shop and was going to attempt 'Decopatch' however, the price was just a little too much for what you needed, so this was a simple option. 

I then found some old card making cork craft stickers that I've had for years, to add to the top of my box and to give it much more character. 

Too keep the inside of my box looking tidy, instead of painting or using more wrapping paper, I then stuck in some of my photos from the last couple years, and placed them on the lid and the base of the box. This way I'll be able to look through the objects i've collected and also look back at some photos and to remember those days of fun too! 

I've always been a bit of a sucker when it comes to cute memory things; collecting and capturing the moments that I'll want to remember for a long time, even when I've stopped spending my time with some people, I'll be able to look back and remember the good times we had and sadly miss them a little too much in the process! 

Content of the box: 
  • collection of cinema tickets
  • theme park tickets
  • small presents from friends, from christmas and birthdays
  • cards from my boyfriend
  • my old college ID 
  • ...and other more personal things 

If anyones got anymore ideas or better ways of collecting their memories or even ways to improve my little box, please let me know. 


  1. I have a storage box or two filled with things like this, I love looking through it every so often. I love the design of the roses on the wrapping paper, so cute! xx

    1. I'm so glad I finally got round to making myself some storage for everything, I've kept so many little things for years just never kept them in a safe place!
      -Sarah xo


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