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I've recently realised that i've lacked shopping and buying new clothes; so I thought it was time for an online window shop before asking someone to spend hours with me shopping! I'd realised that I haven't had a proper look at 'New Look' for a few months, and thought it was about time I had a look; and I'm glad I did, finding some things out of my price range but still super cute items ready for spring/summer.

What I found were items of clothing I don't usually find myself interested in; having two dresses on my list being one, as I'm not one to wear dressed out as casual wear. Also finding the clothing with prints and very pastel and light colours really cute. 


1. Grey Cap Sleeve Skater Dress - £9.99 
 I'm not really one for wearing dresses. However, I found the simplicity of this dress adorable and could imagine wearing this on a day to day basis; wearing it with a cute cardigan and some patterned tights. Or dressing it up for a night out, adding a long chain necklace and a pair of colourful heels.

2. Te Amo Burgundy Stripe Heart Cut Out Top - £9.99
When I came across this I instantly fell in love, i find that most of my clothes at the moment are burgundy so i'm not surprised I liked it. The other bits that attracted me to this top was the stripes and the ways the colours look together in general, and the other part was the back of the t-shirt and the cut out heart at the back! this is another item I could probably both dress up and depending on what i wore it with and would be great for summer time!

3. Pink Cream and Gold Floral Collar Necklace - £6.99 
I'm a real sucker when it comes to collars, and this necklace instantly caught my eye. Cute & simple and would probably go with most clothes I own. I could also see it being wearable with some of the higher neck items in this post. Adding a little extra to simple and plain clothing or adding different colours to a print dress/top.

4.Yumi Cream Floral Camera Click T-shirt - £32.99 (Online Exclusive) 
For a lover of photography, and the idea of the simple drawing this looks perfect for me, and even the floral print just makes it even better. The back also has a bow design, which just add to the cuteness. This is something, that could be worn with light coloured legging's/jeans or even high waisted shorts in spring/summer time. However the price kind of puts me off a little...

5. Orange Stud Strap Satchel - £19.99 
I'm really into satchel bags at the moments, and i've always been a lover for studs. I like how the studs add more character towards the bag, and it doesn't look like an average brown satchel bag.

6. Black Chunky Double Ankle Strap Platforms - £27.99 

I'm a big lover for high heels, especially since I'm soooo short, I love anything that gives me a boost! I've been looking for platform heels similar to these for a while, and having had new look heels before I know that if I brought these I wouldn't be disappointed. 

7. Pink Lace and Guipure Vest - £16.99

I really find this top gorgeous, I really like the light pink and the lace. Giving it a really feminine look to the top, I also think that this top would go really well with the collar necklace above. 

8.Yumi Mint Green Boating About Print Skater Dress - £44.99 (Online Exclusive)
As I said before, I'm not one to wear dresses as casual wear, however I find the colour and print of this dress adorable, and could see this being worn on a summer's day to maybe a family party or an afternoon with my friends in the beer garden. Also could be paired with the platform shoes if you're one to wear heels during the day or even an evening meal or night out. Again a little pricey, but if I had a special occasion, I'd more than likely buy this.

Going on a shopping trip soon, I hope to find a few of these items. However, my bank account probably wont agree with me if I decide to buy more than one item from this list...Plus you usually come across more than one shop and more clothes when out on a shopping trip, and that's too much temptation. 


  1. I just included the new look dress to my own wish list, aha, I love the crop top, really cute x

    1. it's a nice simple dress and pretty cheap too!
      and I've fallen in love with the crop top, hopefully I get to buy it soon hehe

      -sarah xo

  2. i love new look sooo much. the minty dress with the little boats on is sooo cute.

    1. that dress was my favourite when looking online, it's just a shame it's so expensive...

      -sarah xo


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