time to start again..


Before christmas I had it in my head that I would spend my christmas holiday learning photography, refresh myself on photoshop and finally begin and get a blog up and running. It's taken me over a month to finally start on my little list.
To be honest, I'm glad I've finally started this, hoping that from now on I can use this to develop my skills and have this as a hobby. Giving me a break from my university life, which would mean blog posts at stupid o'clock in the morning. So I guess this will be my place to try something new and keep track of everything...

Since yesterday evening I've pretty much spent my time at home my computer attempting to understand the template layout on blogger, it's taken me until now (1:10am) to find an easy way out and to find some kind of quick fix to editing my blog, even after a module at college I still can quiet get to grips with html.

Time to think up ideas, take photos and be inspired to write about my life...

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