Valentines Make-up.


This is probably a few days too late, but oh well, here it goes... 
For valentines this year, was my first time I actually did everything, so it was actually a cute day. Although, we spend the day together on our usual day out, on a wednesday. Which was easier for us, as everywhere we went was nice and quiet, so no crowds or waiting around. 
I did attempt to dress up for the occasion, but only a little bit. Simple legging's, vest top and cute chiffon top, felt fitting for the day out. Plus the weather was all over the place so it wasn't really worth it. However, my favourite and most important aspect of getting ready, is making sure my hair look nice, I'm happy to go out with no make-up and tacky clothes as long as my hair looks reasonable.

Most of the make-up I owe is cheaper products, and store brands because of the price of my brands and my fear of becoming too attached to a beauty product that I may not always be able to afford. 

Eylure, Lash Voluminous
£4.99 - Bodycare. 
At the moment, this is my life saver. I've never really been very good at applying eye liner and this liquid pen as been extremely handy. It's easy to apply the eyeliner on the top lid, and is also easy to add a flick to the edge of my eye the the style of the tip on this pen. For something so cheap, this is something people who can't afford all the expensive make-up to give a test. 

beauty uk. 
Christmas Present - Although I think it's bodycare. 
As soon as I was given this pallet for christmas, I was instantly in love. The mixture of colours means I can have a little play around and to create a smokey eye looks, which I've always loved doing. The purples also help give the smokey eyes much more colour and making my eyes looks more vibrant. 

So Susan, Fairy Lashes mascara
 Clothes Show goodie bag - £5. 
At first, I was unsure about buying the goodie bag from the clothes show, but after a few weeks of testing it out, I'm so glad I did. I'm the type of girl who likes having mascara which allows my eyes to look really full and to give more definition towards my eyes. This mascara does just that, which makes me happy that I brought it at such a low price.  

Using the eye shadow palette, I went from light to dark colours (shown above). Applying with a small eye shadow brush, from the corner towards the other corner of my eye lid, slowly adding the darker colours. 
Once I'd added my light colours, I then used a thinner brush to add the dark grey and purple colours to the corner of my eye, and then along the edge of my lid, where later I added my eye liner. When I was happy with my eye shadow, and the smokey eye look. I then used my liquid eyeliner pen, creating a small line, in 1/4 along the edge, towards to corner to create my flick, thickening the eyeliner once I was happy. For the final touch, then added my 'So Susan' mascara to highlight my eyes. 

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