Wreck It Ralph


For Valentines day, me and my boyfriend decided that the best option would be too go a day early, miss out the possible crowds of couples at the cinema and any restaurants. This went in our favour as everywhere was practically empty. This week my choice at the cinema, and being as we are possibly the least romantic couple, I thought it would be a nice idea to watch the new Disney film 'Wreck it Ralph'. 

When the film first started, I was worried I was making my boyfriend sit through a kids film and he's be bored out of his mind, but after a while I noticed how into the film we both were. The film really wasn't as childish as I first imagined, having arcade games from the 80's to our generation of games, letting the big kids enjoy and think back to their childhood of playing on arcade games. 

From the first time she came on screen, I instantly fell in love with Vanellope Von Schweetz. The cheekiness and innocence of the character was what I liked the most, and the fact that whenever some one tried to put her down, she became more determined to prove them wrong, also her passion to become a racer on her arcade game was something that I found really cute. Throughout the film she's known as 'the glitch' and unwanted in her arcade game. Every time she was made to feel unwanted and whenever 'King Candy' and the other racers in 'Sugar Rush' were horrible to her, I'd turn to my boyfriend with the saddest look on my face, I mean look how adorable she is...

'Sweet mother of monkey milk...' 

I always find myself totally captured and in love with a cartoon character, especially with Disney films. The way the character is portrayed and has such personality is just so damn cute. As silly as it might sound, she's a perfect little role model for young kids and big kid to be honest, the way she's so happy and willing to show every body that their opinions about her are wrong.

I've also never really paid much attention towards the voices when watching animations, not unless I recognise the actors voice. Throughout the film, I recognised 'Ralph's' voice and it wasn't till I looked that I realised who it was, and once you see who the voice is, you notice the similarities in the looks of the characters and their personalities.

The character that I instantly recognised and could see the similarities especially with another one of her character's 'Sue Sylvester' was Jane Lynch, who voiced Sergeant Calhoun. Some of the sayings and the way the which the character was seen as a tough woman, reminded me of how Sue is portrayed on 'Glee'.

Overall, when this film finished I left the cinema feeling like a big kid, happy with the film and the way it ended. Making it a perfect film to watch for valentines. SO, I suggest everyone who hasn't yet, to go and see 'Wreck It Ralph' you wont be disappoint. Promise.

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