blast from the past, learning curve of growing up...


*prepare for many picture of my face*

I've been looking at all my photos on my computer to find photo's to discuss and I really couldn't find much...until I stumbled across so many photos of myself back when I was 15 and the craziness that my fashion, my hair and my face went through.
Just from the ages of 16-18 I went through so many trial and error hair colours. I guess, it's something you test when you're that be honest, I'll probably be changing my hair again in a few months because I'm still not 100% sure about the current style.

I made this photo a few years ago, showing how much I'd changed over the years...from the easy and innocent choices that were made for me when I was younger, then a photo from each year of my high school and college life.

-For me the first few years in high school, I spent bare faced, my hair straightened every morning with straighteners that didn't work and pretty much spent 6 hours like I'd just woken up from a long long nap. For most young teenage girl, this is the hardest point about growing up, finding your way and going from being care free and in primary school, to a young girl who's finally learning about wanting boys attention and what's your life is going to evolve around for the next how ever many years.
You then spend every opportunity going to the shopping centre and buying make-up to look like the older girls, messing with different hair styles and trying out the latest fashion all to try and fit in at school...oh how I'm glad my teen years are over with!

I really struggled through high school to find my 'style', I spent most of my time convincing my mom to buy me the latest trend, which usually went out of fashion the next weekend anyway! Always wanting to fit in and always feeling out of place!

When I left high school, I was more comfortable with my makeup and still occasionally testing out new clothing styles and spent the next few years trying all different hair styles, I concentrated on my hair more than anything from the age of 16, cutting in a full fringe every few months, forcing it into a side fringe the week afterwards then growing it out. Even now, I've still not found a hair style that's for me...or a hair colour actually! 
I've been natural light brown, high lighted, bleach blonde, dip dyed pink and green, brunette and bright red...Recently returning from red back to brunette, out of all the hair colours I've ever been, those are the two I've been happiest with. 

Even comparing two photos, one year apart..I look completely different to what I looked like this time last year, going through the blonde stage, and still playing with different ways of wearing my eye liner. 
Right now, is how I feel most comfortable...
-I wear what I feel best in, knowing what suits my body shape and wearing colours and styles that I like the most, I've stopped following any sort of trend and buy clothes just because they look cute. I've managed to find a nice skin tone of foundation and I like the way I wear my eyeliner and with a test of different eye shadows every other day. but trial and error is always going to be happening isn't it, it's something we do best... 

I realised writing this, that every girl struggles with these aspects of their life. This is going to be something that every girl looses their confidence over, trying to keep up with trends and changing what they look like every two months...and it's probably not going to stop, even when we're happy with a style we're easily bored and are ready to try something new. oh the joys. 
Being a girl is so expensive with all this trying and testing, Ive already planned to buy myself a ton of new clothes in the next few weeks and test out some new make up, so wish me luck I guess. 


  1. I totally agree with you, I feel more comfortable with my make-up choices since leaving high school.

    Check out my blog?

    1. I didn't really realise until I looked back, about the way I felt about my make-up and choices..

      -sarah xo

  2. Great pictures! That's so cool that you found all your old pictures. It's nice to be able to reflect on the past. My old pictures are rather boring because I've never dyed my hair. So I pretty much look the same as I did when I was, like, 5, haha :)

    1. It was weird seeing how much I've changed over the years, but it was nice to see the difference.
      Ooo that's impressive, sometime I regret dying my hair but I get bored of the one shade.

      -sarah xo

  3. I think it's always fun to look at old pictures of us and see how we grew up.

    1. I didn't realise how much I've grown up since finding the photos...

      - sarah xo


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