happy 20th birthday to me...


Usually the month of March, is by far my favourite...I always love an excuse to celebrate and my birthday is the perfect excuse! 
And usually that's always the case, however this birthday just didn't go to plan! 

You never know what to expect with the weather in the UK, yet I never thought I'd be having to arrange my birthday around snow...and not just a little snow, a couple of inches. I'm usually a lover of snow and all things winter, but when you plan to celebrate your birthday, snow creates the biggest complication. However I have some of the greatest friends, and they struggled through the snow to spend the evening before with me! 

Not only was the weather not on my side, the day before I had planned to go out with my friends, I came down with a 24 hour sickness bug! I probably spent more of that day worried and crying over the fact I couldn't celebrate with friends, rather than being upset that I was unwell! Although I was still feeling ill over the weekend, I continued to celebrate and do as much as I could without the weather or illness stopping me! 

I love birthday's and like to celebrate for as long as possible, so I started my celebrations on the Friday (the day before), having pre drinks with my lovelies before going into town and having the cheesiest night of our lives in Flares (however, we didn't get this far)... We ended up having half of us attempting the journey into town, while I stayed with the other half and walked to another friends house, on this walk it struck midnight and my favourite boys sang 'happy birthday' to me in the middle of the street! We decided to continue the party at a friends house while we waited for the others to join from the busy traffic jams coming home from town! We then continued to play drinking games until running home so I could sleep in my own bed and wake up in my own house on my birthday! 

I then spent my birthday feeling extremely miserable, still feeling unwell and the snow stopping anyone from coming round and also ruining my evening plans, I spent the day in bed feeling sorry for myself and waiting until I could see my boyfriend! We'd made plans for mine and my boyfriends family to meet and for us all to enjoy a big family meal together to celebrate both mine and Tom's birthday!  Although our plans didn't really work out, we took a trip up to the local pub and had an evening of food and drinks, while each family member at the meal took the time to embarrass each child that was that the table; including me, my brother, my boyfriend, and his cousin (one of my oldest friends). Even though I struggled with my meal and were embarrassed, this was a lovely alternative and cheered me right up! 

So as you can tell the last few day's haven't been amazing, but I've realised in that I've got some of the nicest friends that will do crazy things like treck through snow for me and the bestest boyfriend and family who get me the cutest presents, and from this I also realise that this has been a good few days and that I won't be forgetting my 20th birthday for a while... 

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