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I have the biggest love for photos and the memories that they have and the loving feeling it leaves you with when you look back on them a few weeks/months/years later...
Because of this big love for photos, I'm always searching for the cheapest ways of getting my prints sorted! And you'll find that when you sign to some online printing they offer a certain amount of free prints, I've signed up to a few websites when I've been lacking money over the last few years.

My recent find was PrinterPix which at the moment have a 40 free prints when you sign up, which sadly I missed out on, as I didn't order my prints straight away. However I found that they print your Instagram photos, at a pretty good price too!
I read a blogpost a few weeks ago, and they linked a website for instagram prints, which wouldn't allow you to choose the photos you wanted and came to a total cost of £150! 

But on Printerpix, it connects to your instagram and allows you to pick the photos that you want printing. After impatiently waiting a couple of days, when they were arrived I was so pleased with them. I didn't realised that they'd be such small prints, however I was happy with the quality and the Polaroid effect they've got. From giving these prints a review id most likely say I'm going to be buying more prints in the future.

...I just need to find somewhere to place these photos now; my wall, memory box or in a new photo album... 

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