instagram update week #3


I thought when I first started my blog, that these instagram posts would be so cute and a nice recap from my week, and as soon as I start making the posts I realise that I'm useless when it comes to posting photos. I'm one of those people, that can spam everyones news feed one week and the next you'll probably get nothing for days, however a few days late and I've finally posted enough for my post...

selfie before shopping - the day's cute outfit - miserable puppy 
birthday countdown - another sunday at wedding fares - middle of the night stressing selfie 
my new photo prints - clothes delivery - lack of sleep/middle of the night selfie 


1.So last week, wasn't the best as I was beginning to feel the stress of uni work again, so I started my week with a sleepless night watching tv until about 4 in the morning!
2.Even after lack of sleep I spent a day with my boyfriend and one of my deliveries arrived, however the dress I ordered sadly didn't fit, being such an awkward body size and height really isn't the best! So that item is ready and waiting to go to the post office to be returned.
3.The next day my printer pix photos were delivered and that cheered me back up again as I love getting new photos printed!
4. Another late night note taking session resulted in me taking selfies, while I was distracting myself from continuing my work
5. Another afternoon working at wedding fares, where I made a friend and got to eat cupcakes. Can't complain really
6. The beginning of march always gets me excited as I can start planning my birthday, so I downloaded a countdown app because counting down in my head is just too boring...
7. Spent the morning cuddled up on the sofa with my favourite little dog paddy, I usually spend most mornings watching television and getting cuddles of my cute staffy!
8. Tiny little ottd, I hadn't worn my leggings in ages and my new jumper just looked too cosy and went really well together as an outfit, also a sneaky shot of my claddargh ring which is my favourite piece of jewellery selfie of this week, taken before a shopping trip with my mother. Hoping to come home with a new dress for the weekend and came home with nothing...

I'm sure these updates are probably really boring, nothing really exciting seems to happen during my weeks at the moment...


  1. The pants that you're wearing in picture #2 are seriously sooo cute!! I love your blog! Would you like to follow each other?


    1. Thankyou, they've got a very summery feel towards them...
      Already checked your blog out and followed you :)

      -Sarah xo

  2. Hi, I'm new here and I can tell you that I instantly fell in love your blog. You're wonderful! :)
    Feel free to follow back if you'd like,


    -alicia. :)

    1. Aw Thankyou very much, I really enjoyed looking through your blog too!

      -Sarah xo


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