Instagram Update Week #4 and 5


St.Paddy's Parade with Sam - With Beth - Before Parade Selfie - Green peplum top & 'Love' necklace
Beth after dancing phone check - 4th costa in a week - Ed's Diner with my little brother - foot photo before shoppping
sunday night selfie - Dawson's Creek before bed - Lazy/Movie day - one year with Tom. 

This feels like the first blog post in ages and its probably only been two weeks! Lack of motivation, busy work load and general laziness are my main excuses.
My instagram update, is long over due as I haven't posted for two weeks, not only was in lack of motivation, I'd also failed to post enough photos in time for my weekly blog...So I waited a week until I had enough photos.

1. Going back two weeks ago, this post is a variety of photos of me and my boyfriend from the last year, and I posted this on the day we went out to celebrate our year together. (these are probably the only photos I have with him)
2. The following day, I ended up having myself a lazy day! I attempted some coursework but spent the majority of my day watching disney films.
3. Most nights before bed, I usually watch an episode or two of Dawson's Creek, wishing I wasn't 6 when the series first came out!
4. Sunday evening selfie; waiting to see my boyfriend and still feeling sorry for myself & tired after an 18th birthday party the night before.
5. My pretty studded boots, quick photo before going on a trip into town with my little brother, spending time together, which we haven't done in a while
6. The same day, ended up treating my brother to a meal at 'Ed's Diner', being the chef in the family, he spent most of the time trying to explaining and complaining about the food to me (but I loved it loads)
7. I've recently introduced my boyfriend to Costa Coffee, and in the space of a day, we have two trips into the week, I think I managed about 4 trips!
8. After our dance class, me and my friend Beth, we're taking instagram snaps to pass the time until we went home.
9. Sort-of, OTTD. The fact it was St.Patricks Day, I thought it was best I'd wear a little bit of green.
10. Selfie before going to the Paddy's day parade, green top and green eye shadow! We later brought more green/irish relate hats and accessories!
11. With one of my closest friends, dancing and drinking after the parade.
12. With another of my friends, taking a photo opportunity after we brought some accessories when watching the parade.

This post hasn't been that exciting this week, lack of motivation for writing is partly to blame! It's taken me about 3 day's to write the simplest of posts. Hopefully I'm more motivated in a couple days time...


  1. Your mermaid phone case is cool !

  2. great post! your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3keep in touch!



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