March/Birthday Wish-list!


I've seen a number of blog posts about wish lists at the start of each month and I figured because my birthday is this month, why not have a search online and see what's around for me to want for my birthdayy!

I didn't have much inspiration at the beginning because I didn't have anything in mind that I wanted; but after search a few websites I started to find ideas.

I did say, I struggled at first, but then I remembered things that I've been wanting for a few years and thought I'd add them onto my list...again!

I'm not sure from the selection on the wish list, that you can tell I'm in my last years of being a teen or if that is completely obvious. It's like a mixture of 'i'm ready to grow up, i want grown up presents' and 'hold up, i want to stay immature forever'... which to be totally honest is exactly how I'm feeling at the moment.

I'm not entirely ready to grow up, but i'll give it a try with a few childish things in the process.

Most items in my wish list are available on more than one website online, but you'll probably be able to find them on; (mainly because I can't remember the exact sites I found them on...)

1. Disney Princess Plush Toys, £15: Disney Store
I already own a Rapunzel plush toy, and I find them so adorable. So if I was brought any others I'd be in love, plus I'm in love with all the Disney characters so I'd happily collect them all.

2. Disney Traditions March Tinkerbell Figurine, £19.95:
These are so pretty and definitely for the people that are in love with their birthstone or find the idea of a birthstone pretty! A simple figurine for disney lovers, each month figurine is different, I find them all cute but as my birthday's in march, thats my figurine.

3.Fujifilm Instax mini 7s, £52.50:
Being a bit of a self confessed photography lover, I've always been in love with the idea of having a polaroid for instant photos! However, every year I ask and every year my dad say's they're too expensive. My personal opinion is the price of the camera is reasonable, it's the film/lack of film in each pack which is always so expensive...but maybe i'll own one, one day!

4. Multi-frame 'Friend's photo frame, £16.50: 
Something that will become apparent throughout my blog, is my love for my friends and our memories together; so a photo frame like this would be perfect for me and for my bedroom (which is full of photos).

5.Remingtom Jumbo Curls Hair Rollers, £25.00:
I'm currently in the process of trying to fix and grow my hair after the past year of crazy hair dying! Laying off the hair dye and straighteners for a while I needed something for my hair that will give it a style because I get bored and really dislike my hair being up in a messy bun everyday! I've been told to look into curlers, I just hope if I brought some they would work on my mess of hair!

6.Ballet Girl Ornament, £21.99:
My hobby for the last 14 years has been dancing, and over the years I've really fallen in love with my ballet and pointe work, when finding ideas for my birthday I feel in love with this little statue and thought it would be something cute for my bedroom

7.Topshop goodies, Various prices
Recently I noticed on the adorable disney undies that were online, I did find cute little mermaid undies, but I think they were so popular they've completely sold out...sadly! But my favourite find were peter pan pants, which are a comic strip design. Also on my search through the website, found myself looking at the make-up, thinking it's probably time to give their make-up collection a try.

8. T-Bar peep toe heels:
I've been searching for a pair of these heels for months, I've wanted them for so long, and the best price i've found is on ebay, however since before christmas all the buyers on ebay have sadly been out of stock of every black, wooden heel shoes in a size 5! Every couple of weeks I check just incase and still nothing, but they look like the prettiest pair of shoes that will easily go with most outfits I'd wear on a night out!

9. Pandora Charms, Various prices:
Just after Christmas I used my christmas money to buy myself a double leather pandora bracelet and tea cup charm, I'm still finding my bracelet really bare and hoping that one day I'll be brought a few more charms, so maybe my birthday will be the perfect time to ask for some charms.

10.Urban Decay Naked Pallete, £36: House of Frasier
After seeing most blogs talk about Urban Decay palletes, I've really wanted to try it out! I'm really into smokey eye's when I do my make-up, but I think giving the naked pallete a go, to test out different make-up looks.

Now that it's march, I've become extremely excited that it's now just over 20 days until my birthday, hoping that looking online has given me a few idea, but knowing myself a little too well I already know that when asked what I'd like for my birthday, I'll completely forget everything I've found, oops!

I guess only time will tell if I have any of these items after 23rd March, ooo so exciting.


  1. I don't do a wishlist on my blog with pictures and so on, but I have a list on my ipod. After you started it, you can't stop adding new things !

    1. it's the problem isn't it, always finding something you want! then the bank balance doesn't agree haha.

      - sarah xo

  2. I love the fujifilm! My boyfriend just got that for me for my bday! I love it and been using up all the film...haha

    1. Aw you're a lucky girl! I've not spoken to anyone with the camera but I really do want one and love the idea of instant prints!!

      - sarah xo

  3. Love that polaroid, I really want one too!
    Great blog, I'm a new follower :)

    1. Polaroids just remind me of when I was little, my mom had one and I loved it so much hehe

      - Sarah xo

  4. Love the shoes- Number 8!

    you have a really cool blog-
    Please check out or follow me


    1. I really want those shoes and have been wishing for them for a while!
      Thankyou, i liked your blog too and follow you back :)

      -Sarah xo


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