winter in spring...


If I could, and I probably will spend the next few weeks finding any reason to complain about the weather this month and how excited I am to finally see some summer weather and warm atmosphere. 
To be completely honest I'm a lover of all seasons, a person who gets excited at the thought of a new season and the change in weather, I usually love it right until the end when I'm excited for the next few months! ...And right now, i'm really excited for summer to arrive, where you spend endless summer nights out in the cool breeze watching the sun set after spending your afternoons reliving childhood memories of playing football in the park and many trips to the ice cream van. 

This is the week when that season usually starts, yet this year it just wasn't the case... instead we endured 3 days of snow fall, when everyones begging to start preparing for their tan to begin appearing...naturally anyway!  

In these two shots you get to experience both the view of rush of wind, moving the snow all over the place and creating such madness for anyone trying to keep their hair nice and in place on their walk just up the road.
And the other image showing the spring time sun, that you'd usually expect to find in the middle of March, and wouldn't it look much better if the grass was green, flowers were in view and no sight of snow...

I recently found this super cosy knitted 'Lee Cooper' medium/large mens jumper, which was only £11 and surprising I found in 'Sports Direct' of all places... Ever since finding this, it's been my simple go to lazy/cold winters day outfits.. and didn't think I'd been wearing it for any other reason that the fact I'm usually too lazy to find an outfit on early mornings. 
The cream colour of the jumper allows you to play around with other colours and accessories, with this outfit I'm wearing my light blue legging's which give the look of jeans, but are much comfier...however, not as warm in weather like this! 
-I also tend to wear this jumper with black, burgundy or patterned legging's - all nice and cheap from Primark. Also I don't always wear too much jewellery, yet wearing a chunky necklace works well to add more towards this outfit. 

As it's cold, its a perfect excuse to wear my topshop dark green beanie hat, which is so cosy and warm! This was brought for me as a christmas present, and ever since I've had so much use thanks to this indecisive weather the last few months. 

Also the comfiest coat I think I've ever owned is my green parka from Matalan, I got it a few months ago for around £32. It's really helped keep me warm over winter, early mornings starts, throughout the day, and night time walks home. However, I wish that the coat was a better fit as I feel that it's down to my ankles and not just about my knee... but I guess that's what you get when your 5ft something...tiny person. 

Finally, my other favourite for the winter season, have got to be my floral Doc Martins. These were also a christmas present as they've looked after my feet this winter, although they are really tough to wear in, they've helped keep my feet warm and dry, and have also stopped me from dropping on my behind several times in the snow and ice! 

Please excuse all photo quality, lack of photoshop or any computer editing software, has left me too edit these photos on my phone and may have lost some quality...gutted! 


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