I planned to do a bit of a 'Pinch Punch, First of the Month' post, however because of busy days and plans, I hadn't yet gotten round to making the post... So here's something spring related a day later than I planned.

I started looking into writing a spring tag post after reading a few posts, and here's my attempt at answering the questions, thanks to Miss Budget Beauty for leaving the questions on her post.

I ♡ Spring Tag: 

Favourite spring nail polish?
Right now, my favourite nail polish is Barry M 'mint green'. I asked my boyfriend to pick out a new nail polish colour for me, and this is the colour he picked for me, so points to him!! I find this colour so cute and such a lovely colour that suits spring and the current pastel colour trend. 

Must have spring lip colour?
I don't have a must have spring lip colour, or a lip colour in general. I'm still trying to find a lip colour that suits me, so any suggestions, let me know! 

Show us your favourite spring dress
I'm not much of a dress person, not usually anyway...but recently I've felt like a change and fancied buying some dresses for the warmer months (which isn't just yet). It was recently my birthday, so it was time to treat myself to a birthday outfit, this is now amongst my favourite dresses, and once the weather is better I'm sure I'll find any excuse/occasion to play dress up! 

Favourite flower
I'm not sure for my reason why, but I don't really have a favourite flower or ever buy them, I'll see them around and find them cute and would love some to take place in my bedroom, but I just don't. It's only been this year that I've had any reason to buy a vase for my valentines & birthday roses. 

Favourite spring scarf/accessory
I'm not always a fan of wearing scarfs and accessories. However, I have a chiffon style, light grey & baby pink skull scarf, which I love to add to an outfit! Also for my birthday, I was bought a geek glasses and moustache necklace which i'm planning on wearing as much as possible. 

What spring trend are you most looking forward to?
I've fallen in love with pastel colours and prints, and I'm really looking to spending my birthday money on new styles and outfits...time for a change and all that! 

Favourite spring candle
My all time favourite candle, is the vanilla cupcake yankee candle! I adore the sweet smell of it. 

Favourite perfume/body spray
I love the sweet and fruity smells of perfume, over the last few years I've tried out so many different ones...My absolute favourites are Taylor Swift- Wonderstruck and Just Pink- by Next! But right now, again...for my birthday I was brought Jennifer Lopez - Live, it, just like the others has a sweet fruity smell...perfect for me! 

What is spring like where you live?
Well right now, spring is looking more like winter...the grounds slowly clearing up from snow. But I guess that's England for you! 

What is your favourite thing about spring?
I love the change in seasons, how the days become longer and the weather (usually) becomes warmer and the general change we begin to have...ooo it's so pretty!! 

Are you a spring cleaner?
I wouldn't call myself a spring cleaner, because I have clear outs all year round! It's always nice to move my room around, sort out my wardrobe and have a change, also helps clear my head from any stress i'm feeling. 

Any plans for spring break or upcoming vacations?
not right now. I think i'm too busy concentrating on trying to finish and pass my year at university, that I don't want to distract myself and I can't really afford to go anywhere I want to go! 

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  1. Love this idea of a tag! Might use it as well(:



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