instagram update: week 9 & 10


hey guys, I said a few weeks ago that blogging would be slow due to assignment deadlines in the next few weeks as I needed to concentrate on my studies, but it's past midnight, I've finished an assignment and sometimes writing helps me deal with everything.
The last two weeks have been hectic and stressful, I've spent most days over the last 3 weeks spending hours in the library and I'm still getting nowhere with my work. Anyway without sounding miserable, the good things that have happened over the last few weeks. I finally got round to buying some new charms to get some jewellery made over the summer. I also spent last weekend at Alton Towers, even with a 6:30am start I always enjoy a perfect day out! Me, my boyfriend, his brother & his girlfriend spent the day exploring the theme park and spent hours walking around. Compared to last year we didn't go on as many rides, but we saw more of the park and had to ride the dreaded sky ride, eckk nasty! After a longg but exciting day; we then spent 3 hours trying to get home, keeping in mind with only live over an hour times when you're about to drive to Manchester instead of Birmingham.
I also spent this weekend having yet another break from my assignments to enjoy my time with my closest friends...but I wrote more about that on my last post.

Other than the fun I've had this weekend with my friends and last weekend with Tom & his family, the rest of my weeks have involved bus journeys, long hours in the library and lots of tears and arguments. I swear university isn't everything you think it is, stressful times and I'm not even in third year yet!

Hope everyone else is stress free and feeling good!
I'll blog soon.


  1. Hey Sarah,

    I hope you are less stressed since this post :) a warm cup of tea and a book always helps me. Not to mention a girls night.


    1. Hey,

      thankyou so much, i'm feeling much better and back to blogging today!
      I couldn't agree more about the girls night too, so relaxing.

      -sarah xo


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