instagram week #6


burger king, mid week treat - getting to try new maltesers 'teasers' - final neon outfit, Aunty's 23rd birthday
'throwback' with my little brother - deciding what to wear - bright neon socks ready for my night out. 
'throwback' baby paddywack - lounging in my tree hill jersey and a cuppa - quick selfie before a shopping trip. 

A week behind with this again...It's now just an update whenever I can I guess! 
The week hasn't really been that interesting, spent most of relaxing and celebrating peoples birthday. Since my own birthday two weeks ago, I've celebrated my boyfriend and my aunty's birthday all in the same week...with a few more mores during and still to come! March/April is such a birthday season. 
I also went on a night out with my aunty and all her friends, which was a weird experience as I hadn't seen half of them since they left my high school, however weird it was I actually had loads of fun and everyone was welcoming towards me and made sure I was alright throughout the night...even with my aunty giving us all free shots every half hour the whole night...waking up with a hangover was not fun! 
Me and my dad also spent the last week finding all our old photo albums and finding some of our favourites to scan to the computer, so we've got back up! During this time we found, baby photos of me and my brother and even our cat and dog, photos with my grandparents which I want to keep and photos that come along with embarrassing baby stories... As I've said plenty of times, I love looking back at photos and the memories that come with them, so this was a fun few days I got to spend with my dad. 

Not exactly the busiest of weeks, but I've enjoyed myself spending time with my family which I feel I haven't done in so long!

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  1. that dog is the cutest thing in the world! and you are so gorgeous! lovely photos! Love instagram! xx


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