Instagram Week #7 & 8


Ooops, once again I've managed to miss out on a couple weeks on my instagram updates...due to the fact that I'm useless at posting on instagram everyday and also I've been lacking on my blogging too! Oh the joys of being at university...second year is almost over and summer will be my best friend for a few months until the fun of third year begins, but until then I'm spending most of my days sat in the library catching up on the weeks of works I've missed and getting my assignments started...yay me! 

Anyway, so the last two weeks have been a tad boring, I spent half of my time stressed and worried over uni related problems. But I also spent the rest of my time, distressing and distracting myself, with friends, family & you do! Finding Nemo & The Lizzie McGuire movie, were the perf disney films to keep me cheerful! I also took a few too many trips to costa the past two weeks and even enjoyed a trip to my belly's been satisfied. I also spent my usual 'wednesday date day' with my boyfriend watching 'Oz The Great and Powerful', which I'm still not too sure about... 

As I find myself doing most weeks, I spent my time flicking through even more photos, convincing myself how good the past was...and missing everything about two years ago! I also spent the last day of the Easter Holiday's shopping with my momma, we've not spent too much time with each other for a while so it was a really lovely trip out! Blog post for that day out > here!

Basically because I seem to be waffling on, I watched lots of disney films, drank lots of costa, went on a few shopping trips and spent most evenings cuddled up to my boyfriend, so all in all, I can't complain too much! 

Blog posts are probably going to be slow for the next few weeks, which I'm sad! But keep me entertained and happy during that week. Comment, Follow on Bloglovin' and all that jazz! Even follow my Twitter & Instagram for other updates. Now the shameless self promotion is over with... 


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