Needing some floral in my life. ✿


Parisian Cream Floral Lace Shorts - £16.99 
White and Blue Floral Retro Hi-Tops - £19.99 -available in black. (print isn't floral tho)
Blue Floral You Me Oui Tank Top - £12.99
Parisian 32in Pastel Floral Jeans - £24.99
Black Floral Bandeau Maxi Dress - £19.99 -available in other colours and petite
Black Floral Lace Swing Crop Top - £12.99 - available in cream 
Navy Floral Print Retro Sunglasses - £4.99 - other styles and prints 
Blue Floral Demin Print Cork Sandals - £27.99 
Parisian Blue Pleated Belted Daisy Print Skirt - £16.99

Looking online for a new spring/summer wardrobe, I was looking at the trends on New Looks website and completely fell in love with the floral trends...I've not got much floral patterns in my wardrobe and I've been looking to find something new, and if my bank balance would agree I'd probably buy everything!

Florals something that always looks great in the summer, whether you're spending your summer in your home town or wearing these styles on a beach while on holiday...
Each item that I've picked could create at least 5 different outfits all together, making them casual with the high-tops or ready for an evening/night out with the cork sandals.
I'd definitely invest in the dress (I've been looking for a maxi dress for agessss) but being so short, I know that this dress would never fit me and it would spend most of it's time sat in my wardrobe waiting to be worn...until a few years later I'd probably end up throwing it out! I also think the lace crop top and skater skirt, with the cork sandals would actually work nicely, as there isn't an overload or class with the patterns. Also the tank top would work well as a way of combining the floral trend into everyday wear!

I think I'm looking for any reason to buy most of the clothes in this post...mainly because I've been looking for lace shorts and some new heels for a while now! I've also recently found some similar jeans to the ones in this post...however half the price from Primark! Knowing that I've got money coming through soon is such a torment, and I think it's time I treated myself to many new clothes.


  1. Aw, you're really pretty:>

  2. Amazing clothes- especially the flowerprinted ppants <3

  3. The dress and the jeans are perfection!


  4. flower prints are just so much fun in the summer and i need to get myself some new stuff for summer.

  5. I love your blog, and I actually am going to nominate you for the Liebster award, that post will be going up tomorrow since I have to nominate 11 people!


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