Recent day out and shopping Haul!


As it was my birthday last month, and student finance day last week, I decided it was about time to treat myself and spend some time with my we spent the day shopping in Worcester! 
At the moment on 'LondonMidland' you can get 50% off train tickets, so we took this opportunity to travel into Worcester for £4 return each, so I was pretty happy when I found this because it's usually so much easier getting the train when going to a busy city centre. However, we almost missed the train and I had to run from the one platform, across the bridge and raced onto the train, just before it left the station
 (I've not ran for transport in years..)! 

We came across a number of cute little shops, where I brought my iPad case and cute little plaque. 
I've been looking around for zip up case for a while, and was so happy when I came across a Cath Kidston case that was on clearance...I mean it wasn't so much cheaper, but I paid for it with my birthday it's more acceptable, obviously!?! The case perfectly fits in my iPad and my keyboard, so it's great for taking to uni with me..and it also has much more padding that the last case I owned, so I know that it's nice and safe! 
In another cute gift shop I came across a cute little plaque with the quote 'Good Friends are Hard to find Harder to leave and Impossible to Forget', I think the quote is so true and I've recently been covering one of my bedroom with photos and other cute things, that relate back to my friends and my memories with them, so this just fits in so well! 

I also went into most high street shops, having the most luck in Republic, and because of their recent sale, I got most of the items I brought at 30% or 20% off. I really liked the pattern of the cardigan, and wanting to be more adventurous with my clothing, for £15 I couldn't really say no! I've also been wanting some of the striped white socks, for ages now and even though they're not knee length like I wanted, I still adore them. I also brought the little purse which I thought I could use of nights out; instead of carrying around my bigger purse and I know I could fit this into all the bags I own! ...It's also covered in studs and skulls to satisfy the 'rock chic' side of me. 
...and of course, as always I took a trip into Primark, where I brought a pair of creepers. I know they'd been around for a while now and I've been wanting some for a while, so I finally made the decision to purchase some, they've also got studs on the heel...once again satisfying my inner rock chic. 

Also during the day I decided I wanted to be generous, and brought my family & boyfriend a few treats. Buying my mom a phone case which she thought was adorable. I got my dad a plaque as well which said 'All you need is love...and a dog' purely because he really does love our dog, I also got my brother a few t-shirts from Primark which he really did like, and finally I brought my boyfriend a selection of sweets from a cute sweet shop. 

After a sort of successful shopping trip, we then had to run for the train in the middle of a crazy 5 minute rain downfall, then to spend the 40 minute train journey home listening to a group of 10 year olds screaming, laughing and calling out random names, which isn't always as hilarious as they think it might be! 


  1. Lovely post dear :)

    Please check out my I love spring tag?


    1. Thankyou :)
      Ill make sure to check it out!

      -sarah xo

  2. Being generous always feels good when you do it to someone you love.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  3. Omg I want those shoes.


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