Review - Nail Paint by Barry M: Mint Green


I absolutely adore this nail colour and I really was pleased with the colour when first applied to my nails, you only really need one coat however two just fills out the colour...
And as much as I love the colour, I'm gutted to be giving Barry M a bad review! I'm a bit of a nail biter and I have to reapply my varnish most days, however the other day after chipping all my varnish off I noticed that my nails were stained from either the colour or the polish in general! So instead of having pretty mint green nails, I've got stained yellow tips like I've been smoking for the past 20  years...thinking back this isn't the only time I've been disappointed by Barry M nail paint, as the last few times I've brought some, most of bottles I've had, quickly began to dry up and left the varnish gooey and difficult to apply...however I've always gone back for more and more! 

...I think from now on its time to look for the similar colours however from different make-up stools, and probably for half of the price! 

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