throwback weekend.


I haven't had such a enjoyable night out in months, and it felt like such a throwback in so many ways, I thought why not blog about it. This weekend was a throwback in two ways; 1. it was saved by the bell event at our usual night club. 2. I got to spend time with the people that I love the most.
Over the last few months I'd given myself a break from going out, spending the weekend sober and with my boyfriend; but I've been the biggest fan of saved by the bell since the day's I religiously watched it on Nickelodeon...when I was 6/7! Dressing up as a 'Bayside Cheerleader' also meant I felt like Kelly Kapowski for a couple of hours, which was all part of the fun.  I had the biggest crush on Zach Morris was I was younger, so any excuse to relive that memory too. Uprawr always throw memorial event nights, involving cheap drinks, awesome music and loads of fun, (so props to everyone that organises the nights and everyone who works there). They also played endless clips of Saved by the Bell and I used every chance to drool over Mark Paul Gosselaar, knowing he's gorgeous then and now...I swear I didn't realise how much of a crush I had on him back then, but any girl can admit how cute he is, surely!?!

Taking a break from going out, meant that I enjoyed this weekend more than if I'd been out the week before, I felt more refreshed and able to enjoy myself. However, I felt slightly nervous going out again, wondering and sending my brain crazy thinking of everything that could go wrong...but with all of the ideas that went on in my mind; being completely covered in every body's alcohol was never top of my list. Once this happened it brought all my worries back, although as soon as my friends cheered me up, reminded me to turn around to Zach's pretty face and I'd finally dried off, I couldn't really complain. Everyone got on throughout the night, we danced and went completely crazy over all the songs and honestly what a better way to start clubbing again than spending it reliving your childhood and being fools with the best people in my life...ah bliss.

...I also woke up with a clear head which is always an added bonus, woo!

Anyone who live's in Birmingham and loves an easy vibe and abit of rock/pop, alternative music, I honestly suggest giving Uprawr a try, oo always a good night it's amazing. 

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