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This year, I want to be more adventurous with my fashion sense. Which means trying to wear skirts and dresses, especially with summer approaching. So I thought what better way to convince and inspire myself than having a search online, making a blog post and getting opinions and feedback from others. 

I seem to have a phobia of wearing skirts unless I'm going on a night out, for everyday wear I always worry that my skirts lifted up with the wind or that everyone's staring at me...so I need to get past the idea/fear! 
However I like the simplicity of a skater skirt and the fact that you can it dress up or down...which is perfect for all girly girls who love any excuse to dress up a little. I'm hoping that wearing a skater skirt may help ease me into wearing skirts, as they aren't too short, you won't looked too dressed up and you can wear them with all items of clothes, shoes and accessories...plus they suit all sizes, which is always a bonus! 

This is another New Look post, I think i've become obsessed with checking out their website...but I'm yet to buy any of the items as I'd rather try them on in the shops rather than risking buying them online!

Everyday outfit:
Wearing a skirt and Denim jacket paired with beautiful wedges gives the perfect summer look.
Creating a cute and simple look that can be finished with any style t-shirt. I think that depending on which style your wearing, a t-shirt can instantly effect the outfit! Wearing this outfit with a basic t-shirt is perfect for the basic look, whereas wearing this with a band t-shirt creates much more of rock chic vibe...which personally I would prefer wearing!

Night Outfit:
I love wearing my skater skirt on a night out, it allows me to look and feel dressed up...without feeling too self conscious that my skirt is too short! Wearing a crop top with this style skirt, works well and this pattern and colour works well with a plain navy skirt. Also adding a pale pink blazer add a more mature look to the outfit, and perfect for keeping warm during the evening! The cork style heels are now on my wish list, and probably going to be 'must-have's' for most people over the summer months...the cork and the colour really work well and have a very summery look towards them!

NewLook links:

*Navy Textured Skater Skirt - £19.99
*Turquoise Dream Catcher Ear Cuff Set - £5.99 

Everyday Outfit:

*Cream Lace Burnout Oversized T-shirt - £8.99
*Monochrome Leather Look Backpack - £15.99 
*Black Nirvana Smile Tank Top - £12.99
*White Twisted Strap Woven Wedges - £24.99 
*Light Blue Denim Jacket - £17.99

Night Outfit:

*Coral T-bar Cut Out Cork Platforms - £24.99
*Pale Pink Longline Waterfall Blazer - £24.99
*Blue & Peach Aztec Tie Dye High Neck Crop Top - £9.99
*Est. 1969 Black Studded Clutch - £24.99

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