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In previous posts I've mentioned a fair few times, how I always want to wear skirts rather than just on nights out. New Look recently had a sale and I (for once) hit lucky and managed to find some good deals... 
I'd been tempted to buy this skirt for a few weeks and found it a little cheaper, and thought hey ho why not! The materials thicker than most others skater skirts of this style, I'm loving the colour and have been really into my reds at the moment, but I felt very uncomfortable walking through town feeling that the skirt was too short and the wind of blowing it everywhere. But on the plus side, I found a skirt I liked and wore it which is new for me!
Also a few weeks ago I brought what seems to be the very popular 'Mickey Mouse crop top' in Primark. The colours from the top also blend really well with the skirt and I find the fit and oversized look of the top also suits well with the fit of the skirt at the waist. 

With summer being a complete mess at the moment, this outfit can be worn during the sunny/warm days and the cold/miserable days. I'm really happy with the colour match for this outfit and was very proud of myself for finally finding a skirt and being able to wear rather than it sitting in my wardrobe for the next few months. 

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  1. Love your skirt and top, such a cute outfit!


  2. Love the skirt and top together!

    Tanesha x


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