After almost finishing my second year at university, and missing blogging...I kind of thought that it would be a appropriate chance to write a post about my time, experience and opinions on university.
Plus it's the time of year where people are finishing college and are considering their choice of going to study for their degree.

When I was in my final year of college, I wasnt interested in university and I had no plans to continue studying, I wanted to find a job and start finding something that I was interested in and could later take further...but due to my lack of confidence and everyone knowing this and making it clear I wouldn't manage to get myself a job, they all convinced me that my best option is to go to university.
In my opinion I think thats one of the reasons I've struggled so much over the last two years.
When I picked my university I didn't really have any reasons why, other than it was close to home...again another mistake, now I spend two hours each days travelling to and from university and jumping on and off 3 different buses, now that's one way to demotivate myself from doing any work.
Due to the travelling, I also managed to miss out on the social side of going to university, living at home stopped me from being able to go to every event during freshers and due to my lack of confidence I struggled to make friends. Recently I've really struggled and spent most of my days crying over stress, and the thought that I might've already failed this year, the friends I've made at university and others outside of university have constantly reminded me that if I've made it into my next year of study, that all this worry will be worth it and how happy I'll feel once I've graduated.

Over the last two years i've taken from my own experiences that when considering studying for a degree and going to university, that you need to really think about the choice your going to make and the course you want to study. Also whether you've got the confidence or not, moving out is probably going to be the best idea, even if your live close and maybe you can drive...try moving in for at least the first year, you then get to full university experience and you'll have made friends for the next 3 years straight away. Also what I learnt over the last month, go find yourself a comfy spot in the library and spend as much time as you can (especially in second year), instead of thinking you can work from your me the library is much much better!

I've learnt a lot especially after the last few months and I've missed a lot of opportunities. But now when starting my final year in September, I've learnt from my own mistakes and ready to find any way to motivate myself and make something for myself over the next year and hopefully be graduating in 2014, however if this doesn't go to plan, I'll be using that chance to start finding something that I enjoy and consider a career in that instead.

I hope this post helps anyone who's going to university, or you've just enjoyed reading about my thoughts and mistakes...let me know how you find university or if your considering university whether you're going to stay at home or move away, I'd love to hear from people

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