a some what 'review' of the last 6 months...


Finding something to do with myself today, I found myself realising how we are already six months into the year...six months in 2013, wow thats gone quick. I thought why not write some sort of six month 'review' on the year, filled with thoughts, feelings, photos and memories.
At the start of this year, I began filling up a jar full of the fun memories that I want to remember from this year...anything different, fun, cute or something I wish to look back on and smile. It all gets written down and popped into this jar. we're six months in and this jar is almost full to the top!

Like most years, the thought of 'it's been the best & the worst'...'it's had it's good and bad moments', are always the thoughts that occur, and in most senses this is the case. It's been tough for the most part, with loss and anniversaries of death in the family taking it's toll on a lot of my family members (including myself), plenty of fall outs and stress due to finishing off my second year at uni, and the moment when I've sat down and really considered who is & isn't my true friends. These past few months I've also been concentrating on my struggles and anxieties...But I think that's it for the bad so far, compared to previous years this has been the most gentle to me.
Then again, this year has been filled with some memorable moments. Although I haven't spent the most time with them, when I get to look back at photos or think back to the days and nights we've spent together I've had the most amazing times with my friends and realising who will always be there for me and loosing friends that haven't been worth my time (& proved themselves). This year I've also accomplished my own fears and worked part time through temp work. Even though this hasn't 'fix' my confidence issues it's allowed me to have some experience. I've also celebrated my one year anniversary with my boyfriend (my first anniversary), which was celebrated simple and just as hilarious as any other time we spend together...we're aren't the soppiest of couples, so the way we celebrated was lovely and a reminder of the first time we went out.

The past six months haven't been as exciting as I'd hoped, and the next six don't look too thrilling either...but my own struggled have become obstacles in my life and stopped me from wanted to go ahead with the most exciting moments. Hopefully I'll remind myself of this feeling and make changes and challenge myself over the next few months.

I hope everyone reading can look back at their own memories and realise the good and the bad from their past six months, and know that they've enjoyed every minute, learnt from mistakes and concurred troubles...just like I have.

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