Instagram Update Week 15


Another week has past, another instagram blog seems full of these recently (oops)
But the past week has been a 'crazy one' I'd say, starting with a glorious much needed girlie night out with one of my closest girls. Filled with drunk poses, cocktail glasses and hours of cheesy music, this was well over due even though we spent the next two days paying the price feeling worse for wears during dance rehearsals. I also spent many days this week, meeting up with college friends for catch ups and costa, as well as celebrating my friends 21st birthday with tasty BBQ food.
I also spent hours reading now one of my all time favourite books, anyone looking for a good read about love, best friends and all things fate and cute things like that...give 'Where Rainbows End' a read, I felt like crying after reading the book, but I held back the tears and wished I could carry on reading a few more chapters. It's not your usual book layout, instead you read emails, letters and instant messages, however once you read a few pages it becomes easier to understand.
Finally the last few days revolved around hours of practise, prep and panic before another dance show. The show went extremely well, after a few days of stress. You wouldn't believe after 14 years I'd still become so nervous before stepping on stage (little miss panic over here). A way of calming myself down, I got crafty and designed my own dance bag ready to show off when I get back to my dance lessons.

After such a fun filled and stressful week, I'm kind of glad than this week is much more relaxed. However, it's only tuesday and I'm already bored of endless hours of TV and doing nothing. oh boo.


  1. Can't be costa! The one near me had a buy one get one free recently, it should do so more often hehe!
    Looks like a hetic week for you :) xxx


  2. It's really cool that you dance on stage. I perform fairly regularly too, but on the piano. I think it's the waiting-to-get-on-stage bit that scares me most. Once on stage, it's just pure fun :)

    PS: Love your blog.

    Steph xx


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