Instagram Update Week 16


I'm sure I start each other of my update posts with an 'i've been busy...', but it seems so true! The past two weeks, I've finally started my placement (which I was meant to have completed 5 months ago...oops). So I've spent 6 hours of each day working in my old primary school, spending my lunch times in the staff room which was always out of bounds growing up and still finding myself scared of my old teachers. 

Either way, in my free time I've ate one too many take outs and restaurant meals. But I've also spent some quality time with some of my closest friends who I haven't seen properly for a while! Spending some of my free time filling in my new scrapbook (which I wrote  To be honest, it seems so long ago I've forgotten what I've done, although I remember watching 'Man of Steel', clearing out & rearranging my room and searching the internet for apartments which upset me a little! oops. 

Anyway comment, follow and talk to me. always makes me happy! 

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  1. lovely photos! you made me crave for french fries now.. haha :D


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