June: my favourites


Thinking back, this month I've treated myself to some new products. New make-up, clothes and stationary. I told myself this month to stop spending my money (thinking back, I didn't do a very good job). However some items were needed and I'm happy with my purchases...others were just my lack of willpower. 

1. Every month I try to buy company magazine. I love reading this magazine, the design layout is my favourite and most of the articles leave me inspired to blog more. 
2. For months now I've been dying to try an eye shadow palette, I was hoping more to buy the 'Naked Palette' by Urban Decay, but I found a cheap alternative in an MUA palette. With the Naked palette shades, this works so well and I'm loving the excuse to experiment with the new colours. 
3.  To prepare myself for my final year at university, I've already bought my diary to keep me organised. But that's usually more fun for the first few months until I loose all motivation. 
4. As I'm in the middle of placement I needed more professional outfits. With only 2 items suitable, firstly I brought two chiffon/sheer tops. One white with black flowers & the other coral with a coral, white & polka dot collar, both from Primark around £8/10 each! During my trip in Primark found the cutest print dress, with the vibrant 'summer' colours. I have no real reason for buying this dress other than it would probably be sold out by next week! Finally, I also found some burgundy jean style leggings. I've been looking for trousers of this design for a while and couldn't resist when I saw they were £7! 
5. The last thing I purchased this month was a collection of midi rings from New Look. I'd been struggling to find some for a while now and when I found these I couldn't say no. The disappointing thing is that the colours are already fading from the ring. boo. 

(excuse my messy nails...)

I've saved up some money since my birthday and working temp jobs over the last few months. I've promised myself that once I've finish placement and completed my assignments that go with that I can treat myself to a shopping spree, and to be honest it's the only thing getting me through the next few weeks. So because of this, next months 'favourites' or even blog posts may be filled with more hauls of how I spent my celebratory money.



  1. How much were the rings if you don't mind me asking? I love the infinity ring, and I've been looking for one like that xxx

    1. the infinity ring came in a pack of 4 from New Look, I think they we're £3.99...no more than £5 anyway :)

      -sarah xo

    2. Thanks Sarah! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award too, check out my blog for the details http://mynameis-meg.blogspot.co.uk/

      Meg xxx


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