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Sitting in the sun, I realised I haven't blogged for a while so why not chill out in the sun and finally get round to finishing my post on my new favourite lipstick. 
I want to say I'm sat glamourously in the sun, cute floral and pastel coloured outfit, with oversized shades, completed with my hair and makeup but I'm not ...Im taking full advantage of a lazy day, but at least I'm in my new super cute floral play suit pjs (I know, I know, I'm being THAT lazy) 

Anyway I brought this lipstick, a couple weeks back now but wanted to try it a few times before writing a review. I brought this from Superdrug for £5.49, which to most is a good price for makeup, however I'm always looking for a cheaper find and found this to be a splurdge, oops. Shade 22 of Kate Moss's Rimmel collection, when I first picked it up, it was one of the only red shades in the store I went to. Although, I've noticed recently it seems much more pinky red than the vibrant bold red that I was hoping for. Even though it wasn't my first choice, I'm happy I brought it all the same. I had high expectations when it came to this collection, as so many bloggers have at least one lipstick from the collection. Even though I've mentioned the pinky pigmentation once on my lips, the colour is still bold and stays brightly on my lips for hours, which is always a positive point to shout about. 

I've mentioned before that I'm not much of a lipstick person, but recently been trying to find the right shade for myself. I'd like to think after buying this lipstick that I'll look into buying more in the future and I can get used to bright and colourful lips. So overall Rimmel and Kate Moss you've done me proud. I'm looking forward to buying more shades soon. 


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