Love To Dance 2013 | Dance Show


*(My pointe shoes, photography & hand designed shoe bag)*

So last weekend, myself and all the wonderful friends I've made through the Dance School I've attended for 14 years were all preparing ourselves for another dance show which we preform the dances we've been learning for the last six months in front of our family and friends.
Our last rehearsal wasn't the best...but you know what they say "bad rehearsal, good show" and thats the way it went, with only a few mistakes and a few moments I got caught giggling, it's safe to say the show was a success. We perform our dance shows as a hobby and something for fun, our dance teachers and their family support us all every dance show, and every year we all become closer as friends and finish the dance show on a high, glad that another year is over and excited to start all over again.

It's amazing to think that I've been part of the same dance school for the last 14 years and performed 13 dance shows...I've made so many friends over the years through this dance school and happy to say that I've had and still have some lovely people in my life thanks to a saturday morning hobby that was introduced to me through a friend.
I seem to always get this happy yet emotional buzz at the end of every show, the feeling that we've all out done ourselves for another year, we've made ourselves and everyone that watched proud and it's nice to feel the stress fall off our shoulders and enjoy the time with our friends.

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