Photography lovers...Im in need of help?!

So calling all SLR camera users, for the last 3 years I've been the owner of a Nikon D3000.
I've grown up with a passion for photography (thanks to my daddy), but I've never really taken it anywhere. Over the years it's something I've known I've wanted to do as either a hobby or career but sadly due to fear that I wouldn't succeed I've always put it off...but this is the year I want to change that and do something about it!

I've also grown up with my dads love for Nikon cameras, and being constantly told they are the best to buy. The sad thing is, I'm not too pleased with my camera anymore. My dad being the Nikon lover that he is, doesn't see my problem...but I'm really disappointed with the picture quality of my photos, the camera is designed for beginners, yet I seem to find changing the settings sometimes pretty much impossible (probably only designed to point and shoot), overall what should be easy seems really difficult on this camera.
However, in college we mainly used Canon cameras...and to my dads disapproval, I think it's time to make the change and look into buying a Canon as I know I understand them much more. I've now started looking into other options and which cameras are available at a decent price. The first cameras I looked at are from the Canon EOS range (Cameras for Beginners), and I'm really interested in this range...Sadly I'd love a camera with the moveable screen, but that's a little out of my price range.

..Anyway, this post is basically asking any SLR owners who own Canon or any other camera, could suggest a good quality camera or any UK stores that I can have a smooch around, online or in store to find a good camera.

(The Canon EOS 600D, is fast becoming the camera I'd want to own, even if it's just a tad pricey...however if anyone has any reviews of this camera please let me know)


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