Smash: Another way to scrapbook!


  • Each page is completely different from the next, allowing you to make it more your own!
  • Add photos or typography to a page, describing who you are/what makes you 'you'! 
  • Collect photos and tokens (like receipts, tickets, tags...those kind of things) to add to pages for memories
  • super cute, with different 'Smash' scrapbooks available 

('wish list' page: I hope to fill with things I hope to fulfil, either this year or over the years that I keep this book! Jotting ideas down as soon as I get them)

I've always been interested in scrapbooking, but I always seem to lack creativity when doing so. When I stumbled across this book, once I'd flicked through the pages I knew this was something I needed to purchase. (plus not only is it available in one style, theyres others to suit your one and baby books included!!) Also at a completely reasonable price of £12.99, the scrapbook also comes with a pen and glue stick combo pen, which is super cool! As well as the book, I picked up a few items to stick into the book, including:

  • top 10 list pad (30 sheets) - £2.50
  • special occasions list pad (30 sheets) - £2.50
  • grab bag (29 pieces) - £6..99
  • pockets (3 pieces) -£3.99 
I haven't got far enough into using the book to show you filled pages, but my minds in creative overload right now. Thinking the best ways to fill up each page and get the best out of the money I spent...however I always keep things as reminders just incase, so I've got plenty of things to fill this thing up.

If anyones got their own 'Smash' scrapbook, and has filled pages with creative ideas and their memories...i'd love to hear about it or even see if you've blog posted about it.

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