boys first drive to Stourport.


a few weeks ago, me and a few friends went on a little road trip. One of my friends recently passed his driving test and he's super excited to drive, picked 3 of us up and took us to Stourport (a small town 40 minutes away from where I live). We were all suffering from hangovers from the night before but we didn't let that get in the way of the day.
The summer in England has been crap to say the least and this was one of the first days it's been sunny in a while, so taking full advantage we ventured out to the closest thing we have to a seaside town...although it was minus the sand and sea.

As soon as we parked the car we planned our day, spotted what was around as we walked across the bridge. Firstly, we popped to the pub and had a quick drink in the beer garden before spending our change in the arcades (...mainly on the 2p machines). We then took a boat ride along the river, which was nerve-wrecking and exciting all together. I've never thought I'd see the day I'd be trusting those boys to drive a boat. We then completed the seaside feel with a cone of chips to fill us up, before finishing off our day by buying tokens and spending our last hour on the fare rides such as; the waltzers and a few other rides.

All in all, our day out was lovely, even if I was the only girl these boys keep me cheerful whatever way I'm feeling. They keep me entertained and always treat me like one of the lads. Our trip that weekend is one of those days I'm sure I'll keep as a treasured memory of 2013.


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