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Shocking myself to write this post a week after my last *cheers & jumps for joy*, lacking a few photos compared to normal but hey ho, its a weekly post and i've finally made it weekly. yayy! 
001: Again another slow week, filled with early morning starts trying to find a cute and appropriate outfit to wear for 6 hours at placement working with messy children! (2 weeks of placement down, 2 weeks left to go). 
002: One of the evening this week, I helped my boyfriend and his brother when they were being crafty and making cookies tastier...and if it wasn't for my help it wouldn't of worked out (even though they won't admit to it) 
003: I've spent the majority of my free time, mainly before bed watching one tree hill from season one. Every time I forget how much I love this show, and fall in love just that little bit more. 
004: Having wednesday's off from placement, I get to enjoy date day with my boyfriend. We spent it at the cinema as usual and finally was my choice of film this week and we watched Despicable Me 2! Which was awesome. We then spent the evening at my nans seeing my family who I don't get to see too often. Day's like last wednesday and the days I love to look back on! 
005: Quick cuppa before heading off to placement, of course in my disney mug. Early morning starts are crazy, but two weeks left and I can be as lazy as possible!
006: I really do adore my lunch box, but for the last few weeks I've been hiding this thing in my bag during lunch. Sat around a room full of adults I feel like I need to hide my disney obsession...or I'll be sent to eat my lunch with the kids. 

I really am enjoying placement at the moment, but I really can't wait for it to be over! But once it's over and during the holidays me and my boyfriend are planning a ton of fun things to do, so that's keeping me going until the end of placement. 

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