Instagram Update: Week #18 & News.


Sadly I've been without my trusted iMac for the past week as my poor baby has been taken away from me to get fixed...I thought that a week without my computer would be horrible, but honestly I was doing so well until it came to wanting to blog. So for now, I've pinched my dad's laptop and terribly getting this written. I haven't used a PC in ages and every time I do my fingers miss keys and the computer just doesn't co-operation. So please Apple, fix my little darling and get her back to me (with all my music and photos files too, that would be great)

Due to my computer's meltdown, this post is late so I've got a lot to catch you up on. To be honest most of my time has been spent feeling that I'm melting in this sudden heatwave and surviving my days at placement. However, placement has now finished which makes me sad but everyone was so loving there and helped me the last couple of weeks so I'm happy. Due to finishing placement this week, last wednesday I treated myself to a shopping trip, spending some saved up money (post still to come), however it wasn't as successful as I'd hoped but I finally brought some new make-up and brushes so yay. I also spent last weekend doing a dance performance with my best friends at dancing and we all rewarded ourselves with 'Sno-tubs' which by the way, if you ever have the chance please try one. Such a nice treat!
I then spent the last couple of days dreaming of Disneyland and working on my K&Company scrapbook.
So although my computer is poorly and I'm not sure what to do with myself at the moment, the last couple of weeks have been nice and such a learning curve especially with placement.

**also I'd like to update everyone that I've decided to change my blog name, making it a little bit more personal. So instead of 'Time To See The Stars', this blog is now 'Sarah's little world'. I'll be changing my blog name and header, although my url won't be changing as it won't accept it. So sorry for anyone who's confused to see a new blogger name on their reader list.


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