Instagram Update: Week #19


Another week has past, another week of laziness and nothing-ness. I kind of wish I had a more exciting life at the moment, but between seeing my boyfriend and writing my final assignment doing nothing has worked in my favour because for past week I've done nothing but think about blog post and take photos for up coming posts..yipee.
I really have spent my week laying low, so to speak, I spent my time creating tie-dye t-shirts for myself and my younger brother (blog post here). Searching through boxes of old photos and cleaning my room, finding old things from a few years ago and looking through good old baby photos. I also spent my wednesday afternoon as usual with my boyfriend watching the new Wolverine, and then spending Thursday afternoon curled up on the sofa with Tom before heading into town before his open evening for a course he's hopefully doing soon. However in this time, he left me to meet up with a friend where I managed to spend more money than I should've in the space of an hour.

I didn't realise how boring my week has been until it came to writing about i'm sorry for boring you! however next week is going to be lovely and I'm really looking forward to the plans I've got seeing my family up in scotland and finally handing in my assignment, happy days.

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