Instagram Update: Week #20


It's strange to say its been an eventful week...well 2 weeks actually. Spending plenty of time with my boyfriend, family and managing some alone time. Overall I'm feeling very happy about how I spent my time recently!

Spending last Monday with my boyfriend with a day of bowling and arcade games before I cook us food and enjoyed evening together but I went away. I then spent last week in Scotland with my family. Which involved lots of meals and drinks, days out shopping and exploring Edinburgh. Once I'd got home I spent an afternoon dog walking with my aunty Jenny when the dog got revenge after we lost her ball and lay in a puddle of muddy water. (Thanks Bear)! I also got the chance to spend a day alone where I watch countless amount of hours watching soaps (Hollyoaks & Neighbours) and films like 'the breakfast club' and 'she's the man', it was a great day and the first in a while where I got to be alone.  Also most exciting...Jim Chapman favourited a tweet of mine the other day and I feel we are now best friends and I felt I had to share with everyone cus I'm so happy and lame. And finally I recently bought 'the fault in our stars' and I'm absolutely loving it, only a few days and I'm almost half way through (go me). 

I'm very happy I've done so much yet felt like so little in the space of two weeks. But I'm always updating my twitter and Instagram on all the excitement in my life, so find me and follow...let me know you've done so & ill follow in return. 

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  1. Great post, Thanks for sharing!:)

    You have a lovely blog!<3

    Please visit my blog..

    Hugs, Brittany, xx


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