Instagram Update; Week #21


Update post just aren't weekly anymore, I'm not sure whether it's because I've been doing little or I'm very unmotivated to type away right now either way, I'm trying to get myself back into the routine I've getting my posts done as soon as I'm motivated to start.
My last two weeks have been filled with catching up with friends, shopping and kind of enjoying myself. I've distanced myself from friends for a while for no real reason, so for the past week I've finally been up to seeing everyone more and actually considering making plans this week.

I spent a few hours last week when spending the evening on my own flicking through old photos (which I do a lot from time to time), finding an old photo from my leavers party from primary school. It's crazy to think that it was 9 years ago, and the people in this picture were considered some of my closest friends and I've hardly spoken to them in so long and we've all grown up from the innocent 11 year olds we were.
I also met up with some college friends to catch up before one of them moved away before starting third year of uni. It's weird to think four years ago we were all strangers starting college and now we're a year away from graduating university...I mean, come on THAT CRAZY! However, we had a great afternoon together before treating ourselves to the tastiest Nutella - Ed's Shakes, yum yum. Well that was before my friend managed (as always) to drop her milkshake all over us and the floor.
And finally I spent 3 days with one of my best friends celebrating her 21st birthday, starting with a night out in Birmingham with her friends from university, and enjoying a good old fry up the next morning to cure the hangovers. Then a dinner with a free bottle of Pinot Grigio Champagne at Pizza Express and then being invited to her family party to spend the afternoon on the bouncy castle, eating BBQ food and drinking Champagne.

Overall this has been a lovely couple of weeks and I'm glad I've spent the time with the people I have. As I've mentioned before, I'm feeling a little demotivated lately and was hoping you'd comment and let me know what you'd like to see me post. I've got a few weeks left before University starts and I know I'll have time to keep blogging but my studies are very important this year and having posts lined up would help me lots.

*oh oh, ps. remember on Bloglovin' please follow my blog rather than my profile as you'll get the updates this way. thankyou!

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