July: my favourites


August came round way too quick and July went by in a blink of an eye. So it's time for favourites post and a what I brought this month. 

real technique brushes - £22 | colossal mascara - £7.99 | dream satin liquid foundation - £7.99 
color show nail polish - £2.99 | rimmel apocalips - £5.99 | kate moss collection shade 01 - £5.49 

I mentioned a few blog posts ago, that I was off shopping to treat myself to celebrate the end of second year at university and finishing placement. After a stressful start to the year, the last few months (including week long, 12 hour days at the library) actually worked and put my butt in gear. No way am I motivated, but I'm a lot happier when thinking about starting third year and hopefully graduating next year...I mean I haven't got my hopes up but I'm still happy! 

Now with the gushy side of the post is over; I treated myself...and I haven't stopped since (but I'm saving those for another post or three). Well I had money saved and thought the best time to spend it was to really treat myself after such a tough few months. I was hoping to spend most of my money on filling my wardrobe with new clothes, instead I came home with mainly make-up.  

I'd been meaning to buy some new make-up for a while, so I'm pleased with what I brought. I've been wanting to buy the 'Real Technique' brushed for some time now and always resisted due to lack of funds. I finally bit the bullet so to speak and brought them and I'm very happy. To be totally honest the 'buffing brush' and 'contour brush' are my most used but i'm loving the set all the same. 

Also in the middle of my lipstick craze, I went ahead and brought another shade of lipstick from the Kate Moss range and thought it was time to test out the Rimmel Apocalips and honestly they're so good. Smooth like lipgloss and stays on your lips longer like lipstick, so it's the best of both worlds really. And they're both different shades of red/pink so time for me to experiment some more.

I did hit lucky in the River Island sale and found some cute t-shirts both for £7 each. 
The crop top is two sizes too big but makes for a comfier fit and the t-shirt fits perfectly (which is always a challenge for me to find) 

I then of course hit The Disney store and purchased some super cute note books ready for next years lectures at university. At £5 each and with a disney voucher, I couldn't say no really. 

This was kind of meant to be a haul post when I brought everything and some how this never happened. And being as they were the only things I brought in July of course they were my favourites, and that's true I'm loving everything I brought. 


  1. I kind of struggle to get on with apocolips at the moment haha! Lovely colours but I need to get used to it i think haha xo

    followed on bloglovin' xo

    http://caitlinaaa.blogspot.co.uk xo

    1. I'm loving the colour and the lasting effect it has, but it always managed to make it smudge...i dont like that part haha

      nice, I'll have a look at your blog
      -sarah xo

  2. Clothes or makeup, both are great and enjoyable !
    I see the Apocalips again. I really need to find these !

    1. Oh they really are, the problem is once I start shopping I just can't seem to stop...oops!
      If you find them, it's worth giving them a try.

      - sarah xo

  3. Love all of your beauty products!

    Xo, Hannah


    1. Thankyou! It's still a case getting used to using them all haha

      - sarah xo


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