OOTD; collars and crosses.


I'm really not sure why but I was so impressed with my outfit choice the other day, making something so simple look so cute...this doesn't happen so often so yay!
The burgundy blouse was my go-to outfit for so long and lately I've found it a little boring but its comfortable and I was having one of those days where comfort was just what I needed. So I found a way to jazz it up using an extremely old baggy long sleeve shirt I brought from Topshop. I then paired it up with my trustee floral Doc Martens & added a collar clip to add abit more to the outfit. oh I did enjoy showing off this outfit, as I felt I paired something good together and wasn't left uncomfortable that everyone was staring at me.. go me!!

I've got plenty more OTTD post coming soon, so excited to show off some of the outfits and new clothes I'm finally putting together.



  1. I really like this outfit, I seriously need to invest in a collar clip chain (thingymabob) haha :) x

    1. Thanks Alex :)
      Oh you should, it's great when you don't wanna wear a necklace. They sell pretty cheap on eBay :)


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