#OOTD; Stressed & Dressed.


So I've just rushed to get ready to be told I've got another hour to wait, cheers bab. So a post and one tree hill can keep my occupied, which is probably better anyway, right? I'm feeling extremely dressed up and for no real reason, it's just one of those days when I felt like pampering myself. 

My boyfriend's got an open evening tonight for a course he really wants to do, and being as I'm going with him I'm glad I look a little dolled up. I feel like I've mixed a little goth with a little girly and I really do like this outfit! Wearing a studded chiffon blouse, which is nice and floaty so it's also so so comfortable and with it being black, it's still cool to wear because of the fit. I paired it with my favourite aztec patterned pastel coloured leggings, and of course finished off with frilly socks and my trusty studded creepers. I've also packed in my back my favourite knitted jumper to throw on incase it gets cold on my journey home tonight, I'm not sure how well it'll suit but hey ho it's all about trying things out right?

I'm hoping to do more 'outfit of the day' posts as I love showing the styles I'm trying and the new clothes I buy. I've always been self conscious when it comes to trying new things but I've always got new outfit ideas floating in my head! Trying to break out of my comfort zone and blogging about it, might help do this...I feel showing others that enjoy fashion and trying things out may help me feel more comfortable. Right, I'm rambling and making no sense...oops! Please comment and let me know if you think outfit posts will help me and give me your opinion, so I know to wear this more or never again. Cheers lovelies x 


  1. Love this! Definitely do more OOTD posts!


    1. Thankyou!! I shall try and do more very soon.

      -sarah xo

  2. Looove your studded collar!

    Xo, Hannah


    1. Thankyou! I think this collar started my stud obsession..oops aha

      - sarah xo


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