Quick Haul.


I tell myself at the start of every month, to spend as little as possible...I'm a poor student and I'm running out of money. However I slipped up AGAIN this week and I've brought a few new things, but I tell myself, I'm a final year university student...and I need to look pretty for hours in the library! Vicious cycle, don't you think? 

But soon it's time to have a good clear out of my wardrobe, in some hope that it's a clear out in a different way, ready to start university again! (I need all motivation to keep me going for the next year...scary stuff.) Any kind of clearing & moving around really helps me have a fresher feel about things. Although the good news about this spending spree, is that I was lucky enough to find these items in the sale. yipee!

I'm really looking forward to a sucky day, when the weather is horrible and I need something to snuggle up too. The jumper is such a cute pattern and adorable colours, a thick wooly jumper and isn't itchy either...bonus, right? I then found this super cute skater dress, with big and small hearts print. I've already worn this out and got so many compliments, plus i'm sure I'll find lots of ways to style this dress, even during winter. My last purchase was surprisingly in Topshop and I was gobsmacked when I found these cute leggings for only £5. They are a thicker material and definitely something to be worn during winter, oh I'm so excited to wear these items already.  

Just to end this post, I'm going to apologise for the ramblings on that seem to have happened throughout this post. It's almost half one in the morning, I'm struggling to sleep and realised I've had lots of blogs planned for the last week and had no time to type. So here it is, I feel that it's a complete mess but I'm happy I've found the time to write and got to show you my new finds. And on another note, I'm feeling a little lost in the world of blogging & I'm hoping to find my mojo again and write some impressive posts for you all soon. much love. 

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