*Photo heavy post!*

I don't often get to see my family in Scotland, so when my nan asked me to keep her company on her trip there I pretty much started packing there and then. A 6 hour car journey, filled with sweets and sandwiches with my nan was surprisingly nice, having the chance to gossip and spend some time together which we don't always do! Spending Wednesday - Sunday at my aunt and uncles house, seeing my cousin on his 14th birthday and being able to see a comedy show at the fringe festival.
We always spend each day getting so much done and I enjoy that. I don't lead a very exciting life so doing more than 3 things a day is always fun for a couple of days. But gosh my baby cousins have grown up so quick, I keep forgetting they're 10 & 14 now. They get taller and more grown up every time I see I sound like a granny here!?! (But it's true, they now both tower over me in height). 

Day one - after our 6 hour drive from Birmingham to Edinburgh we spent the evening celebrating my cousins birthday with a meal at chiquitos. It was nice way to end the day of travelling and great to catch up with everyone. 

Day two - it was my cousin Mark's 14th birthday (I swear he's still 8), and we mainly spent the day how he wanted to spend it! Filled with golf shopping and walking round a shopping centre before a lazy evening altogether. 

Day three - where my family lives is a small town near Edinburgh, and every year celebrate a 'ferry fare', which involves parades, shows and rides. We spent this day doing something called 'window watching' where each shop of the high street place an unusual item in their window! We went round with my younger cousin to find the items, before going back to get ready to go into Edinburgh to see the Fringe festival. My aunty had booked us tickets to see Jenny Eclair perform. And as hilarious as she was I felt way too young to be in the room (remembering I'm 20...) and we ended the evening at an Italian restraurant where one of the waiters almost asked for my number...awkward. 

Day four - for our last full day, we spent the morning watching my uncle in the Ferry Fare parade (I got lots of lovely photos...below), which was really entertaining before they invited some friends round and we all got together and ate pizza. It was nice being old enough to be involved with the adults rather than having to sit with the kids!

Having the chance to spend some time with my family was great and also getting away and being able to clear my head was just what I needed after a few down days. I don't really have much else to say other than how much I enjoyed myself and how happy I was to see my family. I took a few photos I thought I would share with you as I love any chance to get out and take photos.

(first night, family photo)
(South Queensferry is so cute)
(lets start window watching)
(everyone gets involved)
(Cousin & Nan window watching)
(This place sells the nicest Malteaser ice cream) 
(me and my beautiful baby cousin) 
(The guy posed like this just for me...)
(Uncle doing his thing) 

I wish I took more photos when I was away but I'm still very camera shy, whether taking photos specially for my blog or just getting my camera out in general. Not everyone understands the need to capture all these kinds of moments, like myself and other bloggers... 


  1. Aww, looks like you did have a really lovely time! And you've got some lovely photo's to show for it :) x

    1. Thankyou! I really did, I love going to Scotland. Honestly I wish I took more photos hehe

      -Sarah xo


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