I promised I'd stop spending...it's just not that easy!


 (Primark, river island & asos sales) 
from asos - river island, comic book skirt £6 (was £18) - primark, white floral cut out dress £9 (was £13) - 

I sound like I'm about to start a confessional...but this spending spree all started about a week ago when I decided to have a nose online for any sales, and for a few blog post ideas (I promise!!) and fell in love with the skirt & dress. A few days later and waiting patiently at the letter box, I was so happy when the post man came with my pretty items. I'm actually wearing the skirt today, and it's great! Just need to buy myself a few new plain items to wear with it!

- primark, brown handbag £12, polka dot make-up bag £3, purse £5 - 

I'm not about to make excuses for all these buys because I actually did need them all! As I'm back to university in a few weeks time, I needed to purchase a big enough bag to carry notebooks, books & my iPad for all my modules & the amount of work that will be thrown at me. This bag was exactly what I was looking for, it's huge & I can't wait to use it properly from 23rd September. 
I then bought myself a new make-up bag because I didn't have one at a handy size that I could carry around with me. This looked super cute & fits everything for simple make up looks altogether. 
and finally I then got myself a new purse, a couple of weeks ago my normal purse broke and I was stuffing all my cards, ID and money in my tiny little 'going out' purse, it was getting too much so this really was an essential buy. 

- primark, lita style heels £20 - 

I've been wanting Jeffery Campbell litas for years now, but I can never afford the beautiful shoes and a couple of days ago when I was in Primark I found these, grabbed a pair and tried them on. My mom was the person who finally convince me to actually purchase them, but I wore them out the following night & they were super comfortable. Being so short, I tend to wear heels on any special occasion so I don't look so diddy if photos are taken. 

- boots, got2b hairspray £3 each or 2 for £5. 

To finish my shopping trip I popped into boots to actually buy got2b glued hairspray. I'd used it two years ago & my hair did literally glue together. Recently my hair has developed a resistance to hairspray & I could spray half a bottle onto my hair & two seconds later my curls are falling out or my hair is suddenly flat. Remembering how much I loved got2b glue I had to go buy it and with the offer I thought I'd try got2b happy hour to see how well that worked...which I'll have to let you know. 

Overall the last few days have been successful with shopping but that's it now, except for essentials I'm trying not to spend so much money as the jobs I've recently got myself doesn't pay just yet & my student finance isn't due for a few weeks still. Oh the stressful times of being a student! I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I brought & feel my pain of resisting the urge to buy everything you see. 


  1. Wow you picked up some great buys! Primark is really on a roll at the moment. I know what it's like trying not to buy things..such agony! Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I adore your layout..so pretty! xx


    1. It's really hit and miss with Primark, but I think I did really well this time! It's really gutting when you find something you like in Primark but it's either the wrong size or you think it'll start in stock...but it doesn't!

      Your welcome, I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.
      Oh thankyou!!

      -sarah xo

  2. Love that River Island skirt, v jealous! x


    1. Thank you! It was abit of a random purchase, got to buy so much just to match it aha

      -sarah xo


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