Instagram Update; Week #22


Another calming week I'd like to think...that or I've completely blanked out on everything I've done that's not pictured here.
I started the week with a lovely day out with my boyfriends family, to come home to my Craft Box Co. parcel which I reviewed on my blog, here. I was very excited to review this box and plan to look into buying more in the future, and I think everyone should check them out too!
A few days later after having a catch up, a drive and a disney movie afternoon with one of my best friends, (which was just what we both needed), I spent my evening with my cousins, nan & aunty. We went to the Slug & Lettuce, which I've never been to before and the food was delicious and the cocktails were tasty too! I don't always get to spend much time with my cousins, and recently they've both been through so much & I'm proud of them both & so glad that vain runs in the family & they took a ton of classic booth photos with me.
Also this week I took a walk down memory lane and found all the posters I collected as a 16 year old and when those boys were plastered all over my wall...I'm also very tempted to stick them back up and re-live those memories. I've also been looking for a fancy dress outfit as it's my friends birthday in a few weeks time, I struggled to find an outfit but finally got round to ordering a Minnie Mouse outfit yesterday evening.
The last few days my little dog has been really unwell and he's spent the days clingy around everyone and mopping around because he's so upset. I hope he's better soon because he's puppy eyes just make me melt and break my heart.

Anyway that's it for this week, it's been more exciting than most weeks recently and I'm glad I got to spend it with the people I did.

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