Instagram Update; Week #23


Firstly I want to start this post with a 'I'm sorry', I've had bloggers block for the past two weeks. I wanted to write like crazy in my final week before lectures start but so far that hasn't happened, we've had a very hectic week & I'm feeling too lazy to get most of my 'to-do list' finished.
However I have a week or two of instagram photos and a nice little catch up to write while I find ways to become inspired. 

...So it's been two weeks now, but to start my 'week' off, me and my family spent the day in Birmingham walking along the canal, for a meal at a small pub and me and my dad went for a wonder to take some photographs. We did this to celebrate my dads birthday, which was nice. It was also my moms birthday just a few days ago where we went as a family (boyfriend & brothers girlfriend included) to an Indian restaurant for a meal before we stuffed our faces with cupcake and birthday cake I'd made earlier in the day. yumyum. I do enjoy birthday celebration. 
*Going back two weeks...* When in Birmingham we took the opportunity to visit the new library, which was beautiful but packed! Also it was so loud it has no atmosphere of a normal 'no voices library'. And the picture is the view from one of the balcony areas. I'm scared of heights (mainly being at the edge of a height), so I took this quick snap before running back inside.
Again back to birthday celebrations as it was one of my dearest friends 20th birthday last week and filled with lots of plans I spent most of my week with her and her friends which I loved so much. We started the celebrations at an adorable Italian restaurant (which I don't know the name or where it actually was), a week later we spent a couple days shopping and preparing before her Ann Summers party and a night out in town in fancy dress (I went as a pirate)...While out I was called the shit-ist pirate the guy had ever since. 

-- This week I went out the house & into town all by myself! woo, It sounds weird but for the last few months, for no reason I can figure out, when wanting to go out & meaning I have to go alone I get a little too worried to go alone...but I can go alone if I'm going to someones house or meeting someone somewhere! --

This week involved loads of funny moments with pets, including my granddads dog, my cat and dog! Which really made me laugh. Then Tom took me out (or I dragged him out, I'm not sure which is more accurate) we went for a carvery to spend some time together before I start university and I was really craving a good carvery, and oh it was so worth it.  And a couple days ago me and my mom were sent a 'thank you' card from her friend and her children who we both seperately baby-sat while they were visiting from New Zealand two months ago. They we're the cutest children and I really want to visit New Zealand to see them again, plus it made me feel really old knowing the last time I saw them, the 10 year old was probably 2 years old! 

-I probably put way too much detail into this update post, but I've actually really enjoyed myself. Spending quality time with my family, friends and boyfriend always make me happy and probably the best way to spend my time before becoming too stressed. 

I hope everyone else is having a lovely week and are up to great things, new post should be on it's way soon! I promise!

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